Welcome to our live coverage of the Pokémon Smash X & Y Special! We will be covering the episode live for our fans as well as providing a live stream and chat for everyone to get involved!  This week we’re expecting a fair amount of information on Pokémon X & Y (although it’s like a re-reveal of what CoroCoro showcased) and an appearance from Masuda!

Our LIVE coverage, stream and chat can be found below! Also, stick around in the chat once the episode has ended for an after-party discussion!

  • The Pokémon Smash X & Y Special is LIVE!
  • This weeks anime episode is Charmander — The Stray Pokémon.
  • Time for a Pokémon History Lesson!
  • Looking through all the games from previous generations.
  • Now looking at the protagonists for X & Y.
  • The Kalos region is getting a little bit of a run down.
  • Hosts and Masuda are talking about being able to walk diagonally and the ‘new’ Pokémon.
  • Smash has confirmed there will be new clips and new Pokémon  info weekly! (It seems likely this could just be information we already have, covering the new Pokémon and information we received this week, this does not necessarily mean entirely new Pokémon!)
  • The Eevee Friends section has revealed the Eevee 3DS XL.
  • Smash are currently looking the movie tie-in giveaway. See our post on it for more information!
  • Special feature showing revealing new NFC Genesect figurines for Pokémon Rumble U!
  • And, we’re wrapped up for the week!

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