New Worldwide X & Y Information!


The International names of Pokémon, moves and Region etc have been added to the update. All the information can be found below!

  • Gogoat’s English name remains as Gogoat. The Pokémon is Grass type and is able to learn Horn Leech, which was we reported on previously.
  • Erikitel, is to be called Helioptile in English. The Electric/Normal typing is a little unusual. It learns Parabolic Charge, which heals the user for half of the damage it deals to its enemies.
  • Yanchamu will be known as Pancham in English and is Fighting type. Pancham learns a new move called Parting Shot, which lowers the target’s Attack and Special Attack, then switches itself out for another Pokémon in the party.
  • Yayakoma will be known as Fletchling in English. It’s Normal/Flying  and learns the Fire type move Flame Charge. Could it be that Fire will be more prominent in it as it evolves…?
  • The new region in X & Y is known as Kalos we correctly romanised the Japanese name as this. As we suspected, it most likely comes from the greek word ‘kalos’, meaning ‘good, beauty’. The region is shaped similar to a star and is based on France, pulling many features and locations from the real-world country.
  • Lumiose City is the central city of the Kalos region, and is based on Paris. It features an Eiffel tower-like structure, little canals and even has 3D models of cars and maps.
  • Customization confirmed. You are able to get new outfits and accessories at certain points in the game. You are able to change your costumes when you ‘go back’, possibly to your home town.
  • Diagonal walking confirmed. No more 4 directional walking.
  • Xerneas is pronounced ZURR-nee-us and Yveltal ee-VELL-tawl

This also means that Pokébeach’s source was right, things should get interesting!

Click to check out the Kalos region in detail. Let the speculation of places and facilities begin!