New Worldwide X & Y Information!


The International names of Pokémon, moves and Region etc have been added to the update. All the information can be found below!

  • Gogoat’s English name remains as Gogoat. The Pokémon is Grass type and is able to learn Horn Leech, which was we reported on previously.
  • Erikitel, is to be called Helioptile in English. The Electric/Normal typing is a little unusual. It learns Parabolic Charge, which heals the user for half of the damage it deals to its enemies.
  • Yanchamu will be known as Pancham in English and is Fighting type. Pancham learns a new move called Parting Shot, which lowers the target’s Attack and Special Attack, then switches itself out for another Pokémon in the party.
  • Yayakoma will be known as Fletchling in English. It’s Normal/Flying  and learns the Fire type move Flame Charge. Could it be that Fire will be more prominent in it as it evolves…?
  • The new region in X & Y is known as Kalos we correctly romanised the Japanese name as this. As we suspected, it most likely comes from the greek word ‘kalos’, meaning ‘good, beauty’. The region is shaped similar to a star and is based on France, pulling many features and locations from the real-world country.
  • Lumiose City is the central city of the Kalos region, and is based on Paris. It features an Eiffel tower-like structure, little canals and even has 3D models of cars and maps.
  • Customization confirmed. You are able to get new outfits and accessories at certain points in the game. You are able to change your costumes when you ‘go back’, possibly to your home town.
  • Diagonal walking confirmed. No more 4 directional walking.
  • Xerneas is pronounced ZURR-nee-us and Yveltal ee-VELL-tawl

This also means that Pokébeach’s source was right, things should get interesting!

Click to check out the Kalos region in detail. Let the speculation of places and facilities begin!



  1. Yay yay yay for Helioptile!

    Lumiose, Kalos? I wonder what is the theme if there is one.

    1. Kalos comes from the same Greek word meaning “good, beauty”

      May be looking into humanity, moral values or some sort?

  2. “Your adventure in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y
    takes place in the Kalos region, home to beautiful skies and forests!”

    Okay it mentions skies there, is it so that we will get something lke sky battles or sky paths?

    And new region looks like it has variety! I love it! And lots and lots of rivers.

    1. Pokebeach’s source said there’s a new form of battling in the sky for Flying/Levitate Pokemon

  3. Is the guy leaking the names of Gogoat etc same as the one leaking the Fairy-type? If yes then Fairy-type is highly likely to be true!

    1. It’s not the ame guy who leaked Fairy first, but it is the guy who leaked this (thanks to Pokebeach):
      Fairy will be a new type. It is weak to Poison and Steel, immune to Dragon, super effective against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting, and Fire and Psychic-type Pokemon take half damage from it.
      Sylveon is Fairy-type. Some older Pokemon will be reclassified to Fairy, such as Mawile (Steel/Fairy).
      Mewtwo has two new formes, not just one. Both are activated via items.
      The professor’s English name is Patrice.
      The Starter final evolutions are Fire/Psychic, Grass/Fighting, and Water/Dark.
      The first Gym is Bug, the second is Fairy, and the fourth is Fighting.
      A few attacks will be dual-typed.
      There will be a new type of battling style that Flying-type Pokemon and Pokemon with Levitate can participate in.
      You will be able to see a Pokemon’s EVs at a certain in-game facility. You will be able to boost the EVs through mini-games. It will take about two hours to get one stat to max EVs.

      1. Even if the source’s information about the new pokemon names was revealed, this aspect of his “leak” still contradicts the information given out by Pokemon Smash in which Sylveon’s type is supposedly stronger than Ice.

        1. Smash could as well be trolling us. Have you seen the show? That Sylveon bit was pure randomness.

        2. Keep in mind that the leak played a Beta game of the games, not the finished deal, could GF have decided to make Fairy strong against Ice and maybe even change other stuff that the leak revealed it’s possible since the games were finished yet when he or she had a chance to play the beta.

  4. At the official website:
    “Before your adventure begins, you will first select whether you want to play as a male or female hero. Your adventure will be largely the same no matter what your choice.”

    O.o does this mean gender affects the story, by a little?

    1. Duh. You rival marry be opposite to your gender. Also, your clothes will be different

  5. It looks like the region is a not very large…
    There are places based on Brittany (Carnac Stones in the western area) but also on the Mont-Saint-Michel, Versailles, Paris confirmed. The South of France is missing though and it seems that there won’t be a lot of sea areas…
    Happy to see snow and orange colors of tree in the North. Can’t wait to see more!!!

    1. Gameplay may take longer though…. They don’t make the cities reachable within steps….. and there’re so many rivers, so Surfing or some sort may be required, much like Hoenn’s Mauville City.

      Anyway, I see an Ice gym!

    2. When you take a look at the video, you see that Lumiose is a pretty big city. The map may be small but the actual places most likely aren’t. And I’m willing to bet there are some islands or whatever other places.

    3. I would consider the fact that the regional Pokedex is separated into Mainland, Coastal, and Mountain sections. Maybe this is just a map of the Mainland?

    4. Notice that they merged the UK with the France-based region too haha! Stonehenge top-right. Thats crazy…

        1. Actually, it looks like both. It has the distinct Stonehenge formation, with the Carnac stones before it. Hype!!

    5. Maybe players will have the option to surf most of the routes later on. It looks like canals and rivers touch nearly every landmark.

  6. Yaaaaa!!! This game is looking great! I’m happy about being able to walk diagonally and from the looks of it the graphics look much cleaner, even the battle scenes

  7. I feel that the game will be a huge hit and definitively confirm the success of the 3DS all over the world. Don’t you agree?

    1. Let’s not forget: Luigi’s Mansion 2, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Link to the Past 2, all this year. 😉

      1. In my experience with LM: Dark Moon and PM: Sticker Star, replay value was pretty low. I’ve seen owners of FE: Awakening and Monster Hunter continue there games for a lot longer than I could with those two games. With X & Y and New Leaf, I think the library of must-carry-around-3DS titles will definitely make the 3DS a great successor to the DS.

        1. Nintendo must have sat down and decided one day “Let’s completely slaughter the Vita in 2013” or something, because with all this, the Vita is pretty much defeated.

    2. Anyone else feel this game looks TOO realistic as to the usual cartoony characters

        1. Usually i do not like the look of the box so i throw it away, but these two are well thought out. so i will be keeping the box just so i can look at it XD

  8. So if the guy who had some talks with Pokebeach true, does that mean Mewtwo will get one more new form? :(:

    My opinion only. 🙂

  9. Im so excited for X and Y!! I love the look of the new Region, I get the impression were only been shown a corner and that their are other parts yet to be seen.

    Im really excited to see what other news comes out >w<

  10. Looking wicked, and there are some really cool rumours being thrown around. I was kinda hoping there’d be at least part of another country in the game. I see we have a lot of rivers but I miss regions with large amounts of ocean. Could have had the corner of Britain or something as an island.

  11. Is it only me or is the most exiting part is that you can sit on a bench?

    1. I’m not alone !! It’s little things like that, that make me happy :L

    1. I’ll help ya!

      Helioptile: hee-lee-OHP-tile
      From Helios, the Greek Sun God, and reptile.
      The name seems to be incorporating the word heliophile, which is any organism that is attracted to large amounts of sunlight.

      1. P isn’t silent in the word reptile, why would it be silent now? The two words for helioptile is “helios” (meaning sun) and reptile. I assume it’s pronounce Hee-lee-OP-tile. Basically it’s a solar-powered lizard, and it’s design is compared to solar panels.

  12. I can tell that the starting town is the one in the lower center with the two triangles in front of it. If you look at this trailer you see male trainer sitting down in a city with green roofs and a fountain. This is the same city that he we saw as we passed by route 3 in the first trailer. If you retrace the steps (that being route 3, route 2 being the one before that, and the one after the town being route 1) you can tell that this is where we begin our adventure

    1. There is a good chance you’re right. What does that mean for our first gym if it has a Roselia fountain in front of it?

    2. “The mysterious Kalos region is shaped intriguingly like a star.”
      That’s the description of this pic on the official Pokémon site. Wonder what they’re possibly hinting at…


    3. I think you are onto something here. It would make sense that the starting town be in the lower middle, and then continue to the central city of Lumiose City. What could be an interesting departure from the traditional regions, is to allow you to continue from Lumiose City eaither East (Coastal Kalos) or West (Mountainous Kalos). This would allow “you” to really make your journey unique and allow “you” to complete the game with alternate Gyms/Badges…

      1. It could be! Thought I think we will go to lumiose then southwest towards the mountain going clockwise to the desert place, to the city above lumiose, to the snow city, the mountain, to the lake with the thing sticking out, the other snow city, and then the e4 (the castle to the right of thw city with the green roofs)

    4. I noticed that i cannot see any desert place like they showed us in the first trailer so it might be that the region is bigger en that this is just a part op the region(srry for my bad english)

      1. actually if you look at the place in the up left corner of the lumiose city you can see that place.

  13. Oh n I noticed as a person mentioned yesterday that helioptile is going to look like a frilled lizard n in the gameplay it’s ears open up in a way the frilled lizard would. Possibly electric/dragon for final evo???

    1. I really would like to see a fully-evolved Pokemon with Helioptile’s unique typing, but I think they could take it in a couple of cool directions like that.

      1. yeah thats true.But i wonder since it has electric/normal, that maybe it’d be a electric/fairy. Or they could split the evolution down the line and one final evo could have dragon and another with fairy?? you never know.

        1. I don’t think they can go wrong. It has a cool move, cool typing, cute design. It will fight alongside my Froakie.

    1. could be..
      would be cool to be able to interact with pokemon just in the streets of the cities like that .3.

      1. Perhaps it is only a gogoat male and a gogoat female (without horns), OR a male gogoat pre-evo with a female gogoat pre-evo. Wait and see…

    2. I’ll be damned!! i think it is a pre evolution. Like in Black And White. They showed Braviary in its final form and most people thought it was a final evo and then rufflet came along. So yes a pre evo for Gogoat.

      1. Same with Darmanitan and Lucario. They always have shown an evolved Pokémon.

    3. What I dont understand is how people dont notice the fact that he has ROLLER BLADES ON!!!!!!!! You can see the wheels!!!!!

      1. But they were already revealed in the first trailer, so people don’t freak out on them

      If you want details, check this (link to an HQ image of the POKEDEX of Kalos, you have to zoom):

      – Menu sprites have been conserved (yeaaaaah)
      – you can see the “menu sprites” of Fennekin and Fletchling in the Pokedex
      – you can also see that Zigzagoon seems to be a rodant that you can find at the beginning of the adventure, being just before Fletchling family in the Pokedex
      – There is a part of another menu sprite of another Pokemon which is difficult to identify (some say Mareep but I am not sure, i have checked the sprite of mareep and it doesn’t really fit)
      – The position of this Pokemon may confirm that Fletchling has 2 évolutions

      What do you think?

      1. I think it’s Mareep.
        After Fletchling there are two empty boxes, possibly it’s two evos. Then comes Mareep and two boxes after that, Flaafy and Ampharos. After those two boxes is another box lit up, signifying a Pokémon already seen. Most likely a basic staged Pokémon. Wasn’t Mareep shown in a trailer? Maybe I’m just imagining that…

        1. Although it does represent a pidgey and a mareep. It doesn’t. This sprite has a red bulb, and mareep has a yellow bulb. N it may like like a pidgey but the color scheme of a pidgey isn’t yellow

          1. Whaaaat? Mareep’s tail ball has always been red. Flaaffy’s is blue, and Ampharos’s is red again. Where did you get the idea that the tail was yellow?

          2. It’s more of an orange. From the sprites I’ve seen. Maybe these mareep are from early gens

    5. I agree. They don’t look like a bush; they look like baby Gogoats. If these were mere plants/bushes for decoration, it would make sense that there would probably be bushes on the end of the building as well; not just that one random corner and no where else on the street.

    1. Pokebeach said that the classified information will be leaked IF all of the information that source gave him was true, including the existence of a Fairy-type and its resistances/weaknesses/immunities in the type chart.

      1. ”I’m not going to post any of it until something more substantial than an attack effect is verified.”POKEBEACH. the English names were correct so although it wasn’t a heap of info pokebeach still might gradually release what they’ve been told, hopefully


      1. Yes to all of the above! I fist-pumped when Helioptile’s frill went all Jurassic Park. Oh PLEASE let his final evo be awesome, please please please!


    1. And is the fact that Chespin learns Rollout a hint at its evolution’s typing? It sure will come in handy against fire/flying.

    2. And the fact that Froakie is going to learn Quick Attack means that it is confirmed we will be having a speedy Water type instead of bulky, amirite? No other water starter learns Quick Attack.

        1. The bulky water type starter trend is about is annoying as fire/fighting, if you ask me.

    3. YES!!!!! And the fact you can move anywhere, no more straight lines :’D

  15. That snowy mountain in the upper right has me so intrigued…will it play a similar role to Mt. Silver? Can’t wait for these games!

    1. I hope to see snow, and other weather effects (+night day of course)in this area, but also particular pokemon! Ice type!

    2. Pretty sure that is Yggdrasil the tree from Norse Mythology which goes along with the idea that the ideas for Yveltal and Xerneas come from that.

  16. This gives some validity to Pokebeach’s source. I’m not too thrilled with Chespin being Grass/Flighting, but I’m not upset either cause I love Breloom who’s also Grass/Fighting ^_^ Was still hoping Chespin woulda been Grass/Rock or Grass/Steel. Other than that, the only thing I hate is dual-typed moves. That’s just something that seems too confusing and really no point to it.

    1. He actually admits that there was a mistake when posting it, and that Chespin is the one who’s Grass/Dark, while Froakie is Water/Fighting.

      1. Unless you’re referring to the small icon sprite thingers, then here:

        It’s Zigzagoon. 🙂 BUT the sprite on the bottom left shows what looks to be the tail of the Fletchling evolution. 😛

        1. Can’t be a flethcling evo, otherwise it would have to a 4 stage Pokémon.

          1. It took me a minute to realize each of those squares represents a Pokemon spot. xD

  17. Does anyone else realize that since Pokebeach’s sources was correct about the English names, than that means a Fairy Type actually exists?

      1. Spanish: “Voy a descargar toda mi energiá en este combate de alta tensión”
        English: “I will release all my energy in this high voltage match.”

        Tensión means tension, so “alta tensión” could also translate to “high tension” or “intense” in that sentence.
        Worldwide release, baby!

        1. Oh, I posted it cause the girl in the corner, who looks strikingly similar to the female protag (because she probably is the protag), has a ponytail and no hat. 😛

          1. Ohh. You should’ve said so. >:P
            Oh wells, at least people know what she’s saying.

      2. Please don’t link directly to 4chan. They block leeching and their images expire withtin a few hours anyway. Use an image site or just attach the file with disqus 😉

    1. Thanks for posting! Updated the post with a few other images we missed and those.

  18. Pokémon names and move names seem to have increased beyond the 10 & 12 respective character limit. France has called Pancham Pandespiègle which is 2 characters longer, while Parabolic Charge is 16 characters long.


  19. Hay I just re-watched the trailer and I noticed something unique. It seems we can move the camera in the beginning of the trailer, does that mean the circle pad pro or L and R buttons now have a use?

    1. Hopefully the L and R buttons. I don’t want to have to buy a CPP just to get the camera to move. :<

  20. Not sure if this is purely design or not, but I highly doubt that the little water drop looking thing on the top of the cars is just aesthetics. I pretty sure it’s based off of a pokemon. Maybe in the next update we’ll see something 😀

  21. 3D graphics. Diagonal walking. Riding Pokemon. Animated pokemon battles. Character customization. Mewtwo forme. Possible new type. One word: REVOLUTIONARY. (lol and we thought black 2/white 2 as direct sequels were revolutionary in the franchise.)

    The map makes me so excited for the type of legendaries we’ll get. I notice some sort of rock ruins in the west, an isolated tree-like object in the south-east, and an island cave on the north-west and an icy mountain/volcano in the northeast. I’m excited! 😀

    PS. the boxart is beautiful. That is all.

  22. From serebii

    The Kalos region is in fact so large, that it actually has separated its own Pokédex into three parts; Central Kalos, Coast Kalos and Mountain Kalos.

  23. There still seems to be places of the region not yet shown on the bottom and right sides, so this huge region could get even bigger. Also if you see in the trailer there is a tunnel leading out of Lumiose City with a 5, there appears to be 5 main paths in the region each one coming out of Lumiose City, which if you look closely at you can see 5 major roads coming out of a center circle.

    1. Just had the idea that the clouds to the south could definitely be covering up a Battle Frontier and the ones towards the east could be Islands.

  24. looks like few characters in towns/route…. anyway im still happy… loving gen 6 =)

  25. Did anyone think you can go to Sinnoh in this game ? I mean , The Top right seems to be blocking something , Maybe you can go to Sinnoh ?

      1. in pokemon world it doesn’t matter coz the places is connected 1st region 2nd 3rd 4th is connected.

    1. If you look in the bottom right, there’s a grassy area on top of the mountains. I don’t think they would just put grass in an area that would usually be mountainous for no reason, so it might connect to somewhere or have a role

  26. I noticed something kind of interesting.


    In this one we see the lass, and two other girls… Well, look at the girl in the back. That is the female protagonist.


    The Female Protagonist without the hat and glasses, AND her hair is different. This confirmation for different hairstyles as well? And maybe an expansion of the Multiplayer aspect of Black and White?

      1. nice find! i dont know if anybody else noticed but….that girl next to the player looks just like mei (girl from black 2)

        1. I actually remember one of the first trailers for the game with a girl that looked like her. Probably the same character. What was interesting about that was she was following the trainer, but not directly, and even turned at a different point, but still running along side him, so she wasn’t just a regular follower… Man, there is just so much uncertainty, Kinda want to wait a bit more before I just keep saying what I think things are XD

      2. Probably not, but maybe you can customize your character to take away the hat and glasses, and also add an open street pass connection world where you can see, talk to and even interact with other people playing the game

  27. I know that Gen 6 hasn’t even released yet, but the region being attached to more land to the east of it reminds me of the Kanto region in Gen 1 which makes me think the 3rd game installment or the possible Gen 7 (you know it will happen) games will connect with this region in a similar fashion to Pokemon Gold and Silver’s Johto region.

    1. Like I said it is WAY to early to start up Gen 7 rumors/ideas but I can’t help it!!!

      The next Gen region will either be NORTH of this region based on Great Britain, SOUTH of this region based on Spain or EAST of this region based on Germany!!! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!!

  28. Wait… if this is supposely based off Norse Mytholgy/Yggsidral, then where is the giant tree? I dont know if its the orange thing in the middle of the town with orange/brown trees in the map.

    1. I’m not sure but look at the town in the snow with the white colored roofs, below that is a forest and below the forest appears to be a big tree with big roots. That’s just my guess.

    2. There’s a fairly large chance there’s stuff hidden under the clouds. If locations are closely related to plot (as I’d imagine the tree would be) it makes sense to hide them.

  29. Directional walking may make it harder to move around the eyesight of trainers

  30. Keeps getting better and better. Hopefully we’ll get to travel on the water ways.

  31. i think the first gym is in the city next to route 3 (houses with green roofs), because when he sits on the bench you can see a gym symbol.

  32. Diagonal walking confirmed. No more 4 directional walking.

    Also, between 0:13 and 0:17, you can clearly see camera movement. Confirmed free camera movement? If so, with the D-pad or CCPro?

  33. If you look to the far left of the region, by the coast is a Stonehenge like area. Interesting…

    1. It won’t be based on Stonehenge since Stonehenge is near a city named Wiltshire in England. So it is most likely based on something else.

  34. C’mon PokéBeach just release your rumors already…that admin is a douche.

    1. Dude, chill. If WPM doesn’t want to release everything all at once, then don’t get on his case about it.

    2. Why she he release rumors that everyone attacked him for in the first place. A lot of people called him out for releasing to them an obviously fake rumor and bashed him for being so simple minded about it.

      But when it turns out his source was right, you wanna get on his case and insult him about not releasing rumors no one believed? Lol

  35. I have a some theories:

    1. What if the storyline has to do with energy? If you look at the desert part of Kalos, you see 5 different types of buildings. After taking a closer look, one of the types has a pit of lava under it (geothermal), another type looks like wind turbines, and another one looks like steam is coming out of it (possibly nuclear energy?). Going East, (past Lumiose city) we see a little town that has a “crystal windmill”, another form of wind energy. Going a little South East, we see another town (with some weird purple structure to the left of it), whose buildings look as if they have solar panels (solar energy).

    2. Throughout the map there seems to be oddly colored bushes (purple, pink, and yellow); What could these mean?

    3. If you look at the “ice mountain” and go down, you can see a castle. Could this be the Elite Four?

    4. If you look north of Lumiose city, we see a town surrounded by mountains (presumably), which I believe to be the starting town. It looks like the starting town from Gen IV and V, and there appears to be the lab to the north of it. Also there is a tree behind a house, and on it there seems to be a clock (?).

    5. In the lower right hand part of Kalos, there appears to be a Coliseum looking structure. What could it be?

    6. In the Southernmost part of the map, we see some more mountains, which are covered by clouds. If anyone remembers the Orre region (from XD/Coliseum), there were some mountains/hilly desert to the north, which could be the same mountains in south Kalos. Just a wild speculation c:

    7. Lastly (I know its a lot!), does anyone see the tree Xerneas was standing under? Maybe its shrouded in one of the forests, or is that tree looking structure in Southeast Kalos.

    Heres a guide of what im talking about on the map:


    1. 1. Very plausible theory.

      2. Probally just different colored flowers.

      3. I can it happening but I’m not 100% certain.

      4. I think the beginng town is the town near point 6

      5. I want to say the aftergame battle place ie. Battle Fronteir, PWT, Battle subway but again I’m 100% certain

      6. Idk but if anything the Unova Region will be most likely to be connected to kalos

      7. Doubt it, the place where you catch the Legendaries will most likely be covered by clouds.

  36. Has anyone mentioned the fact that there’s a cave going into the mountain in the top right corner, but that there’s only one noticeable entrance? There also seems to be a giant forest being covered by clouds behind it.

  37. Wait, wait wait. So we can actually customize our characters later on in the game?

    1. I was just thinking about that image. Could there be a co-op mode? also I think the other girl above the male trainer is a customized female trainer because the place where she is standing doesn’t make any sense if she’s an npc.

      1. Maybe she’s there because you’ll have a double battle with her and the Lass…I don’t really know.

      2. Uh…A Double Battle, maybe? Although she was seen following the male trainer in the first trailer…

  38. Based on what we’ve now, we can see that there’s a forest shortly after the beginning, and there’s a gym in the city with the Roselia fountain. Hence, the first town is at the south-south-east, and we move upwards to a town similar to Cherrygrove in Johto and Oldale in Hoenn. Then we go pass the forest and reach the first gym.

  39. Since this is based on France and all…

    I would sure love to have a catacombs area to explore. 🙂

    1. Well if you look on the left part of the land near that small blue village, you can tell that that region is actually part of France and next to that town is a cave entrance and on that same mountain are several other holes so maybe the do have a catacomb, or at least a crazy network of tunnels.

  40. So, who’s excited for the new Fairy-type Gym we’ll be facing this coming October?
    The Gym Leader will most likely main a Sylveon, showcasing a brand new move. Could it be the mystery move it used in its trailer?

    Also, it’s pretty interesting that there seems to be a lot of stars in this new gen. A “reach for the stars” theme?
    To start, the title for the Pokémon short, “Pikachu and Eevee Friends✰✰,” has two stars in it. We still haven’t figured out why.
    The Pokémon X & Y trailer showed a gym with stars in the bakground and the move Wish, which could possibly change into a Fairy-type move. Then there’s the latest Pokémon movie trailer that shows Sylveon opening some Faye-magic portal into the skies, similarly as the Gym shown in the game trailer, revealing a galaxy of stars. Lastly, but certainly not least, the brand new Kalos region map! Its shape is that of a star as mentioned by the official Pokémon site, “The mysterious Kalos region is shaped intriguingly like a star.”

    Pokémon short title:

    Be sure to click on the .gifs below!
    Edit: Oops… The .gifs below are now .jpg cause I saved them wrong. (-__-)’
    Here are the links to those .gifs if you’re interested:



    1. NOOOOOOO!!! Grass-type Gym as the first gym?! Grass Gym has never gotten past the fourth gym T___T!! Grass-type Elite Four, where are you?!

      By the way, it is speculated that Bug-type may the first gym, right?


    If you look at the box art for Pokémon X version, you’ll notice that inside the “X” in the background behind Xernias is a forest; I think this more than likely hints at Xernias being a “Fairy” type. Also, looking at the box art of Pokémon Y version, inside the “Y” in the background behind Yveltal is the sky. Obviously, everyone knew Yveltal would at least be part flying type…but, this seems to lead to the logical conclusion that the backgrounds of X and Y both contain an environment related to each respective pokemon’s type.

    1. Probably has nothing to do with type, well not for xerneas 🙂 its just a forest pokemon as in it resides there

  42. finally they give the male hero some nice boots >-> instead of some running shoes. Boots are meant for exploring!!!!

  43. If you pay close attention to the very first trailer we got, as well as this one, you’ll notice that you DO still move on a grid on places like Routes, etc. It seems that free movement is most likely restricted to only certain areas.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if, during the trailers, they purposefully made the player move in just the grid direction because they wanted to keep the diagonal movement a secret… Cheeky Nintendo

  44. If you look at the stonehenge-like structure in the center, from the aerial view it looks like it’s being held up by a humanoid figure (new pokemon?) formed by the maze park right underneath it. I wonder if there’s a story behind it?

      1. Whoops my bad, I meant to point out the circular city in the middle of the region, didn’t realize it was actually a city and not stone structures. But yeah, underneath the city is a maze-like park shaped like a figure. That’s what I was referring to

        1. Lol ooooh I totally see it now! Good eye! Yeah probably a new Pokemon shape or maybe just a golurk garden? Like the roselia fountain.

  45. I find it very curious that they still haven’t revealed the “starter” PKMNs’ numbering yet (even in the press-release they all have ??? for their numbers) I wonder if we are getting some event PKMN like Victini, or even (alternate) starters for the three sections of the Pokedex…

  46. I find it very curious and noteworthy that they have yet to reveal the numbering of the “Starter” PKMN, even after the recent press release. (All of the starters have “???” for their numbering.) This could mean we are getting (some) event PKMN liken to Victini, or even possibly (although less likely) alternate starter PKMN.

  47. Check this out guys.
    Land and sky clash? 🙂

    PS: the Japanese site’s design is better than the English one XD


    1. What could that thing do?? We have the pokedex that tells us about the pokemon…could this be on a more personal level where you can get close with your pokemon?

  49. I wonder if that desert area near Lumiose city is where we can hopefully get our fossil Pokemon. I’m personally excited to see the new ancient Pokemon.

  50. I think that Chespin is grass/steel since it says something about it shell being able to harder(no jokes please)

  51. Pokebeach updated the “leaking info.” post from the past saturday. because apparently WPM have a mistake at posting Chespin’s and Froakie’s final evolution types…the “true” types would be Grass/Dark and Water/Fighting…

    1. Yes! Chespin, so adorable…yet dark type >:)
      Still rumors, but I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

    2. As a Trainer who tends to choose Grass-types… YES!!!
      I’ve never really been a fan of Fighting-types… I’m a Psychic-lover~♥

    3. Those types seem to make sense. I thought it was odd at first and thought it was possibly a typo. Froakie definetly didn’t look dark and I couldn’t see it becoming dark. Just hope dual types are not true

  52. The first thing I noticed on the region map was the desert-y bit to the north west of Lumiose Town and I instantly though of renewable energy… which led me to think that the evil team has something to do with pollution/energy. Polluting the skies (Yveltal) or deforestation (Xerneas)… but it’s probably wrong…
    The thing that’s got me stumped is the ‘star’ shaped region, it’s quite odd for a region to closely resemble a shape…unless I’m thinking too much into it (I wouldn’t have thought it’d be something to do with fairy unless the star represents fairy and the powers of Kalos have suddenly made a new type?)

  53. Towards the west of the region you can see the Pokemon League, it’s like a castle with the victory road clearly in front.

  54. I have a feeling this region will be stuck to Hoenn and we can visit it post-game
    Similar to how original Gold and Silver first came out and u can visit Kanto

    1. The Hoenn region was a huge island, so I doubt it will be “stuck” to it. I understand that everyone wants Ruby and Sapphire remakes (I think that was the best generation ever introduced by the way) but lets stop setting ourselves up for possible disappointment and just wait for official remake info if it ever happens.

      1. Most likely and probably, th Kalos region would be connected to the Sinnoh region. It makes sense since both maps have large amounts of landmass.

        So no Hoen region connection.

        [Edit] but this is just anyone’s guess

        1. Not trying to be rude, but I doubt gamefreak would make a region that represents France attach to region that represents an island of Japan. The fact that they take time to make regions that represent areas in our world makes me think that they wouldn’t just randomly connect them except by some sort of airplane travel.

          Now like I said in a previous post, if we get a generation 7 (pokemon ain’t ending soon so of course we will) and the region is based off of Great Britain or Germany or Spain, then those should and will connect with this region.

          1. Oh I know it’s totally fine!! Yeah I see your point.

            But on the subject of gen 7. We should guess or bet how many Pokemon generations there will be!

          2. I’ll simply say this; as long as Pokemon is making money…they will make more generations.

            I feel that I can say with confidence that they will make at least 10 generations. I’ll also say that ever since Pokemon introduced the Steel and Dark types into the game, I always thought the Type Chart would grow to 20 types. Now if Fairy type is true (and it looks like it is) that would put us at 18 so I personally think we have 2 more types coming in the distant future. I’m a firm believer that we will get the Alien or Space typing down the road as we have a handful of pokemon that could fit the typing already. Now the other typing I think will come to make 20…anyone’s guess is good as long as it isn’t the silly idea of Sound type.

          3. That is true. But if pokemon changes drastically the next couple of generations, they will loose many fans all at once. What I mean by drastically, is that they change the Pokemon’s look drastically, run out of ideas and try boosting the series with odd elements the franchise hasn’t seen.

            But as long as Pokemon stays to its formula and hopefully in X and Y, appeal to older fans with a deeper story line then i say there will be 12 generations. There are literally many animals and dinosuars, and other creatures they can use for generations to come.
            I’m excited to see this generations designs of pokemon and storyline.

  55. I’ll just leave these pics here for those who haven’t seen ’em yet.
    I wonder what Gogoat’s pre-evo will be named. Gokid?


    I didn’t see this pic in the post so I copied the page from Serebii. Just something I realized, but on the Dex Selection screen shown, West Kalos is blue, Central is white and East is red. When the colors are put together, it resembles the French flag.

  57. The way they did the map looks like the map of an amusement park like Disneyland.

  58. Does anyone else think that it is strange that the starters have a move of their own type at level 5? Could this mean that we are getting the starters at a lower level because the initial “I just got my first Pokemon so lets fight” battle would be a bit unfair.

    1. no the starting level is always 5. So what I’m guessing is that the starters will learn more moves along the line.

  59. OMFG guys. There is NO fairy-type. People are so annoying, all I see everywhere is “SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW FAIRY-TYPE HERP DERP”. Nowhere ever did Pokemon say anything about a ‘fairy-type’. Everyone is acting like it’s confirmed, WHEN IT’S 100% THEORY. THE POKEMON COMPANY NEVER SAID THE WORD FAIRY DURING THIS GENERATION. It’s so goddam annoying.

    I’ll be happy when I finally learn to talk polite. ~Dae~

    1. Then what is Sylveon if the types that it was strong/weak against any of the established types?

      Also, flamboyant means

      (of a person or their behavior) Tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness.
      (esp. of clothing) Noticeable because brightly colored, highly patterned, or unusual in style.

      not gay, as it sounded like you were trying to say. Way to be homophobic on a website administrated by a gay man, you homophobe.

    2. I can only wish you see the EXTREME level of butthurt you will have when it gets confirmed! Oh what a great laugh that would be!

    3. And I will be so happy when you are too embarrassed to show your face around here, “HERP DERP I CAN’T SEE OBVIOUS THINGS HERP DERP!”

    4. Gravity is still a theory also. Yet I don’t myself floating in the air soon. (or rather, flying apart in tiny, tiny pieces)

  60. Anybody else excited that the starters start out with their starting elemental attack at level 5?

    1. I am ^-^!!!! It now makes battling your opponent for the first time that more difficult which is great 🙂

  61. I love the new graphics BUT I kinda would like to see some 1080 HD, you know? Like how many handheld generations do we have to go through to see that? Beartic.

  62. Has anyone noticed that Fletching’s eyes are two penguin heads? Super duper cute! Beartic! Cannot be unseen!

    1. Lol I saw that as well! I thought it was a smart design! I think we may see more penguin faces on fletchlings evolutions .___.

  63. What’s with that bracelet both the male character and the female character are wearing? Could it be like the poke gear or c-gear?

  64. You know I was just thinking you remember how in the old games where when you beat the other Pokemon it would just fall thru the floor I wonder if that will stil happen or will it b something like Pokemon stadium where they fall over it would be better that way what do you think

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