X & Y Rumour — Pokémon Names

The rumours for X & Y are coming in thick and fast. Following the rumours we posted a couple of days back, new information has been provided. This information is completely unconfirmed but it will likely be confirmed as real or fake later this week, if/when the official English Pokémon site updates with the English names for the four new Pokémon revealed in the Corocoro leak this weekend.

The individual is claiming that they have information on the names of the new Pokémon, those names are:

  • Gogoat. The name here carries over from the Japanese translation.
  • Panchum is said to be the name of the panda Pokémon called Yanchamu in Japanese.
  • Yayakoma (the robin Pokémon) become Fletchling.
  • Helioptile will be the English name of Erikitel.

There it is. Like we’ve said this information will hopefully either be outed as fake or true sometime this week so we shouldn’t have to wait long for confirmation of validity on this and an older rumour. Credit goes to PokéBeach.

We’ve got some great articles lined up for you this week, so keep checking back for those and more of the latest Pokémon news and rumours!