X & Y Rumour — Pokémon Names

The rumours for X & Y are coming in thick and fast. Following the rumours we posted a couple of days back, new information has been provided. This information is completely unconfirmed but it will likely be confirmed as real or fake later this week, if/when the official English Pokémon site updates with the English names for the four new Pokémon revealed in the Corocoro leak this weekend.

The individual is claiming that they have information on the names of the new Pokémon, those names are:

  • Gogoat. The name here carries over from the Japanese translation.
  • Panchum is said to be the name of the panda Pokémon called Yanchamu in Japanese.
  • Yayakoma (the robin Pokémon) become Fletchling.
  • Helioptile will be the English name of Erikitel.

There it is. Like we’ve said this information will hopefully either be outed as fake or true sometime this week so we shouldn’t have to wait long for confirmation of validity on this and an older rumour. Credit goes to PokéBeach.

We’ve got some great articles lined up for you this week, so keep checking back for those and more of the latest Pokémon news and rumours!

  1. Most likely these rumors sound true. But we will have to wait which is fine with me. Helioptile sounds like a second evolution.

  2. I Don’t like the name Panchum for my favorite new pokemon
    it needs to be more creative

  3. Helioptile is getting me excited for it’s further evolutions. Wasn’t sure if its ears were actually gonna fly it up or not, but if this is true, I guess so! Also makes sense for the rumoured new ‘sky battles’.

  4. I like the names, not too simple but not too confusing either. Helioptile is my favorite though. Hopefully their evolutions (whichever will have any) have more creative names too 🙂

  5. I personally think they’re fake because the guy who told Pokebeach about the english names apparently just told him AFTER CoroCoro had leaked. I’m assuming that the leaker is being the typical asshole and making up names right before a release just to get a laugh because some of the stuff he is saying, such as “another Mewtwo form” doesn’t make any sense at all. But what the hell do I know? We’ll just have to wait and see. Most likely the official sites will be updated tomorrow.

    1. that’s true, if he knew the pokemon then why didn’t he mention them? But i think he did give pokebeach all this, along with the info on the electric attack, but they didn’t want to post up the info for fear of it being fake.

    2. eeeh… have you read Pokebeach’s message? if you did, then you would know that Pokebeach received the info of the previous rumour in February. Pokebeach has been keeping that info as a secret, as there wasn’t anything that could prove its legitimacy, but with this Corocoro, there was a proof: Erikiteru’s move, Parabola Charge, and that’s why Pokebeach has decided to show a bit of that info

      1. I think the point he is getting at is the guy came up with the names after the pokemon release. Either its a reaction and he’s come up with the names after, or he knew them all along and knew about the pokemon but decided to share all of that other information but not the new pokemon. Highly suspicious

    3. The names are announced! Surprisingly they are all true. I wonder how did the leaker get the information from. Hmm.

  6. We’ll find out either tomorrow or on the 19th whether or not these “names” are official. Sylveon’s international names were revealed on February 14th once CoroCoro officially came out for that month (as opposed to leak), while the starters/mascots and Mewtwo were revealed simultaneously with the telecasts in Japan (Nintendo Direct and Pokemon Smash, respectively). It depends when the Pokemon website and official YouTube page plan to upload the footage online.

  7. What does Panchum even mean? I like the others but i dont know what the chum in Panchum means.

  8. I dont want the name to start with pan. it will only make me think of the elemental monkeys

    1. Ohh, that’s right.
      I guess Pansage, Panseer and Panpour have an adopted little brother now, Panchum.

    1. Not that you mention it… Hmm.
      I actually pronounced it Pan(as in Panda)chum.

  9. Helioptile : Sun + Reptile hmmmm…
    A lizard that collects solar rays to charge its electric power, sound like a perfect name to me!

    1. Yes and i think its ears were like rotary wings of helicopter in one of the pictures. Don’t know if there is double entendre.

  10. I /kinda/ hope these rumors aren’t real soley because I wish their names we’re a little more orignal. Panchum’s name IS kinda similar to the Monkey Bros, Pansage, Panseer and Panpour. Fletchling is similar to Starling. The names aren’t bad, but I think Game Freak’s could have done better. Just a bit more originality. Meh.

      1. Oh, crap. You’re absolutely right.
        Starly’s just the Starling Pokémon. A grand chocolate chip cookie for you, good sir.

        …I’m still right about Panchum, though. The Monkey Bros have a new lil’ brother.

  11. Doesn’t Pokemon usually keep the websites associated with their names? All but two of these give me a “server not found”.
    The exceptions being “Fletchling”, which brings me to a page offering to let me purchase the domain, and “Gogoat”, which gives me a test page.

    I dunno if that affects the legitimacy of this rumor or not, hopefully we’ll see whether or not they’re true for sure soon!

  12. These rumors have been confirmed on the official site. Whoever this guy is, we should pay attention to him from now on.

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