RUMOUR: Xerneas, Yveltal + Sylveon’s Types & Fairy Type? [UPD2]


Before we begin we must clarify that whatever is said is NOT to be considered fact.

During the days of Generation V reveals a contact leaked information on numerous Pokémon that later proved to be real. This same source—who apparently has ‘connections’—has said that later today they will reveal the type information for Xerneas, Yveltal and Sylveon as well as a new type. Like we said anything said is not to be considered fact until it is proven 100% real, but there’s a slim possibility we’re in for something.

Update: A little bit of clean up here. In the above paragraph I typed has said that later today they will reveal…“, several users mistakingly read this incorrectly thinking that we meant that official sources were going to reveal something that day. When using they we meant the individual who provided this information would be releasing it that day. Nothing about this is official, the user mentioned nothing of an official source revealing anything, let alone in a specific time frame. Seems a couple of other places online may have also received the line correctly. Apologies for the confusion, but declaring it fake (which it may well be) for an incorrect reception of that line isn’t necessary now.


The individual has posted saying that the new type is indeed Fairy Type as many fans have previously speculated.

• Xerneas is said to be Fairy Type.
• Sylveon is also said to have the new Fairy typing.
• Yveltal gets Dark/Flying typing.

Update: Clefairy is said to have it’s type altered. No word on Snubbull yet though. Both of these Pokémon are classified as the ‘Fairy Pokémon’.


Staff members have all got their own opinion on this, you can read them below. We also want to hear what you think, so please let us know and get discussing in the comments!

Ozymandis: If you asked me whether or not I wanted a Fairy-type, or any new type for that matter, earlier this year, I would’ve strongly said no. But overtime the idea has grown on me, so if this turns out to be true I’m all for it; I’m just not too fond of the name. I’d be pretty disappointed if Xerneas doesn’t turn out to be a dual type though. 

Kriffix: Yveltal makes perfect sense to me. Also, each Eeveelution’s type could be figured out just by glancing at it. Sylveon on the other hand was a little different. No existing type seemed to match 100%. Hence, the introduction of a new type feels like its upon us. I didn’t think I’d be saying this a couple of months ago, but at this point it feels right.

NL: Sounds right, Fairy and Dark sound like they would be super effective towards each other.

Justin: The way they have the types now is pretty balanced (unlike the first gen where psychics pretty much decimated everything). Adding additional types could smudge things up. I think GF would be a bit more creative if they were to add a second type.

Plus, I fear that it would bring a whole new slew of crappy gimmicks to the game. Every generation seems to have something ridiculous; berry mixing, pal park, dream world. . .they’re all so frustrating and pointless.

Mechanos: I think that a “Fairy” type would work well alongside the many mythical types(Ghost, Psychic, Dragon), and is actually one of the most logical type ideas I’ve heard so far. It could actually be very unique, giving actual advantages and weaknesses to Pokemon that were previously stuck in the norm of normal type. Plus, it could balance some types that have excesses of weaknesses compared to advantages– or vice versa. Honestly, I would really look forward to this addition, it’s not corny or unoriginal like many of the ideas for types that I’ve seen.

Dan: I personally don’t feel we will see anything come today, but in coming weeks nearer to the release. My own views are though that Yveltal and Xerneas will be dual types, one of the types being a new one – which I think will be the same type as what Sylveon will be. So one new type, which the 3 Pokémon will share, with Sylveon being pure to that typing.

Sammydodger: I would love to see a new type, as it would shake up the strategic options for the competitive and add some interesting designs/moves/story for everyone else. I don’t like the name ‘fairy’ because it sounds childish, however it would make sense for the target audience.

moving: Personally, I’m quite liking the idea; although I’m not huge on the name. Xerneas seems to fit the Fairy type nicely and I’m sort of excited to see what they do with the current type chart to fit it in. I think everyone already called Dark/Flying for Yveltal, so that’s good too. That is, of course, if this is all real.


    1. are you 100% sure about that the link it’s real? :O

      If so the guy who said that can be right omg

      1. It’s real. I remember back in the time leading up to BW, this guy was on top of everything, always correct. He was the one who not only made those drawings to show some of the new Pokemon, but he leaked the entire Unova dex on the Internet. Caused quite an uproar.

        1. With all that, do you think Game Freak would trust him with anything? Like if they know who it is, would they really let their shit be leaked again this time? or would they maybe put out some fake information and see if he takes the bait? I still say Xerneas is light, Yveltal is Sound/Flying and I don’t really care about what Sylveon is.

    1. As much as we don’t like to say it, this actually has a little steam behind it. This guy’s been right about things before. Anything could happen though, just remember that!

      1. I am all for a new type and all this stuff but there have been no picture rumours or anything of that nature like right before the mewtwo form

        1. There’s a first for everything! We’re seeing how things fold out and bringing you all whatever happens, whether you choose to believe it as fake or real is your decision. 🙂

      2. Wait, it this the same guy who released a lot of info to sites which had Gamefreak have Serebii and other sites strip themselves of all B/W media for a while?

  1. I hope they release this info I can’t wait to see wat sylveons type is and xerneas type

  2. OK, Fairy type was suggested before by many people. I think fairy type itself is plausible but having it after 5 generations is the only thing that bugs me.

    1. I don’t understand this mentality….so just because they didn’t introduce a new type in the last three generations they’re not allowed to introduce one now? That’s a bit limiting isn’t it? Gamefreak will do what they want whenever they feel the games needs a bit of a kick.

      1. I’m not saying they’re not allowed to do this. I’m just saying it bugs me, bug is a physical type after all, isn’t it?

  3. At least we know the types know I wonder if xerneas and sylveon r just fairy types or something else to

  4. I just feel like something’s a bit off. Either way, not a fan of Yveltal’s typing. I was hoping for something more original.

  5. Wow, I guess it would be weak against dark, poison, ghost, or something. Poison needs amped. And this also mean lots of pokemon in the fairy egg group will be re-typed, like Clefairy, Audino etc

  6. Whats the point of a new type? :/

    If the Fairy-type is real, then it better have a good reason for existing.

          1. Sorry, I don’t want to bully her but she’s like stuck between Psychic type and Normal type.

  7. Wouldn’t be hilarious if the people who want a new type ends up raging about it ruining the balance system?

        1. Nothing, I was just messing. The balancing system isn’t exactly ‘balanced’ as it is anyway.

  8. Clefairy, Clefable, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Chansey, Blissey, Plusle, Minun, and Audino will all be re-typed to be pure or dual fairy type. I can imagine Plusle and Minun will get evolutions this gen.

    1. They don’t HAVE to be retyped. Gamefreak can introduce a new type and not retype anything in the past. Nothing says they have to retype anything.

      1. Would be stupid NOT to retype them. Having some old pokemon such as Clefable and Audino (Who naturally fit being fairy type) would help people adjust to them easier..

        1. No it wouldn’t be stupid not to retype them. There are a bunch of Pokemon that fit better as different types than what they already have. There isn’t any reason to retype it especially since its already part of the Fairy Breed Group. They do the exact same thing with Dragon. Anything that looks Dragon like is in that breed group as opposed to being Dragon typed. The same can be applied to Fairy Type should it be real. Fairly looking Pokemon can be in the Fairy Breed Group rather than Fairy Typed.

          1. To kinda add to this:
            Dragon Breed Group has; Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Ekans, Arbok, Horsea*, Seadra*, Magikarp, Gyarados, Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile, Swablu*, Seviper, Feebas, Milotic, Scraggy, Scrafty.

            *I know they evolve into Dragons but they themselves aren’t.

            Bug Egg Group has; Trapinch, Vibrava, Flygon, Drapion.

            First three have 2 forms that are Dragon but since they look like insects they are in the Bug Breed Group and can’t breed with any other Dragons unless they share a second breed group. Drapion loses its Bug type in favor for Dark.

    2. I’m thinking it’d just be Clefairy and Snubbull, since their classification is Fairy. Anything else that is arguably fairy-like could just have their movepool increased with a few new fairy moves. Otherwise it’d be some pretty big changes, and the death of many normal types.

      1. Nope, all the pokes I named are in the fairy egg group, and have fairy as their solid and only type. other pokes in fairy egg group have two egg types, like field etc.

        1. That doesn’t really mean that much. Audino doesn’t look anything like a fairy. Clefairy barely resembles one to a few people as well, and since I grew up to the old stories, Fae and Fairies are evil creatures that steal children to eat when they misbehave since the children’s badness is needed to sustain their lives. I see Fairies as ugly evil creatures.

          1. I don’t know who downvoted you, but they apparently have no idea of the history of the fairy/fae stories. A Fairy/Dark, Fairy/Poison, Fairy/Ghost, or Fairy/Psychic would fit with that type while a Fairy/flying, Fairy/grass, Fairy/ground would fit the saccharine disneyfied stories.

        2. But do all the Pokémon in an egg group HAVE to change, just because the name of the group got upgraded to a type? Would it not just be the ones they absolutely can’t avoid, since that Pokémon is already kind of specified as being a fairy? By which I mean classification rather than egg group.

      2. yeah, you wouldn’t have many normal types left. and why would plusel and minum need to be fairy type?

      1. Besides like focus blast and Flamethrower/fire blast, Mewtwo doesn’t have much in the way of moves that’d do well against steel-types.

        1. This is true, but that is still enough. Mewtwo, can easily defeat its weaknesses, if played well. I have seen a well played ghost type take down a Mewtwo more than once. Psychic types have lost their edge sine the introduction of Dark and Steel types. Its important to remember that type match ups don’t always determine the victor. I was just pointing out the facts because some people could misinterpret your statement. That’s all, no disrespect…

          1. Oh, no worries, I did not feel any disrespect at all! I am just glad to have an intelligent discussion. 🙂

  9. You can bet that there’s going to be a Fairy type Gym Leader if they do introduce a new type.

    Or maybe Fairy type will be like Dark type, never getting a Gym.

  10. Fake. They are not going to introduce a new type. Sylveon is normal type. Yveltal’s typing is fine. Xerneas is likely steel.

    1. And where does it say anything about it being fake, or Sylveon being a normal type for that matter? That’s right, it doesn’t.

      1. It also says no where that it’s true and anywhere declaring that it is sadly shouldn’t be doing so.

        Just thought I’d throw that out there.

      2. I was saying that the rumor is undoubtedly fake. And sylveon is likely normal. If not it definitely not flying, people who think that are insane.

        1. If Sylveon was a normal type would it look more like Eevee? You know brown fur?

          1. To be fair, Eevee evolutions represent the type they are. If Eevee ever does get a normal evolution it would make perfect sense for it to be pink with blue eyes, since this is representational of normal types.

          2. Not all normal types are close to that though. Normal is too ambiguous to have a centered idea like pink fur with blue eyes. Two of the most notable normal types are purple or brown furred and at the beginning of every route in their respected games.

        2. You DO realize that being so adamant in regards to such things leads only to disappointment, right? You also do know what they say about assuming, yes?

          We don’t know for certain what Sylveon’s typing is, so being so hardheaded about it being one type is not the way to go. You also do not know if they are going to introduce a new type or not, so how about you stop acting like you KNOW?

          Just sit back, keep your options open, and consider the possibilities. That way you can be interested with what DOES turn out.

          1. I am open to a new type it just isn’t going to happen. As for it’s type I think it is likely normal, and know it isn’t flying. It could be bug, but that is the only other one besides normal that makes sense.

    2. i swear its people like you who make me hope these new type rumors are true just so you will look stupid when they reveal it

        1. well at least you arent saying 100 perecent like most people. that is your opinion and i guess all i can do is respect it but imo we are getting a new type

    1. Your god is dead! Now bow down to the all new and powerful God Arceus! For it can make new types if it pleases! Bwahahaha!!! LOLZ!

        1. I’d say they’d have to introduce a new plate no matter what type they include since Arceus essentially created all of them and its part of his theme. Though I’d be curious to see them put a story behind why it wasn’t found in Sinnoh.

          1. I said Sinnoh because based on the story from then, the plates were scattered throughout the region and its the only region I remember just finding the plates. I wanna say some are given to you in Unova. Don’t remember how you get them in Johto if you can get them.

          2. The SS whatever’s Captain gives you a random one each time you talk to him after the initial voyage to Kanto, if I recall. You get given two in Unova and the rest are in the undersea ruins.

  11. A new type… Hmmmm I’m not that bothered tbh… Okay so poison is a bit powerless but oh well, another type is another type… Although I don’t want Xerneas to be fairy type, more Rock or Steel

  12. i hope the new type is true! i don’t like the yveltal and xerneas types at all though xP

    and sylveon fits so well in it. i hope this is true 🙂

  13. I’d really love if this rumor is real. Just to disprove all the guys who always say “There will never be a new type!” xD I hate it when somebody saying things as facts because they believe it, but I love it when they get it right in the face XD” But: Where will this information be presented? On the website? I can’t imagine o.o”

  14. Gee I’m not sure on this. It would seem strange for some theorists to actually be right for once. (The whole Fairy and Clefairy, Jigglypuff changing to Fairy type thing….)

  15. Personally I would like the type name “Magic” more than Fairy……fairy seems like a narrow classification.

    1. It’s all been done through Twitter. We also can’t provide links as his tweets are protected. Take that as you please. 😉

        1. I can do, but there’s not much point. It was done through a Tweet, in which he linked to a Facebook profile with a shoddily put together image. Then later stated something along the lines of they payed to have the information revealed through them.

          I’ll maybe get up another situational post later today, running through some stuff and put it in there. We’re not trying to fool you or anything, so no need to worry there.

          1. @ Sean if you’re terribly curious, get a Twitter account and follow him. It takes like 2 minutes. He’ll answer your questions if you tweet him too. Whether he’s lying or not aside, he’s a pretty polite guy 😀

  16. Astral, Cosmic or something to do with outer space would be the only other element that would make sense becoming a pokemon type. Light easily fits into Fire, Grass, Normal, Psychic, Metal. Magic/ Fairy just doesn’t make sense, when has the pokemon universe ever associated any of their mons to magic that could not be justified by its said type or description. It would make sense if Clefairy Deoxys, Jirachi, Beheeyem were Astral type. That being said I personally don’t want a new type, but if we MUST have one let it make sense to the real world, not something thrown out there just because. Like fairies and magic.

    1. i thought that too, but look at dragon or ghost. It’s basically the same thing.

  17. I think it could be a new type, but not fairy, i think it could be LIGHT. Sylveon’s attack in the teaser looks like a star and light. If Yveltal will be a Dark type, it’s logical that the opposite pokémon Xerneas should be a light type!
    I can find no other reason why they make such a turmoil about Sylveons type, there must be something special!

  18. if there is a new fairy type, what do you think it will be weak to? maybe fighting like normal, but i can’t see anything else, other than maybe dark

      1. They have fairies that are experts in creating and distributing poisons….some Fae are even poisonous themselves and eat rotten fruit and plants rather than healthy ones.

        So it would depend on what kinda fairy they use. Ugly original or Tinkerbell.

        1. ;__; Everything I knew is ruined
          (Nah thanks for the headsup lol. I imagine the former kind of fairy is near-completely obscure though, so if they want to throw in any of that it’ll be fairy/poison. :L Whoo, speculation.)

          1. Since we were on the topic of weaknesses…they’d be weak to Steel~

            Much of the folklore about fairies revolves around protection from their malice, by such means as cold iron (iron is like poison to fairies, and they will not go near it) or charms of rowan and herbs, or avoiding offense by shunning locations known to be theirs. In particular, folklore describes how to prevent the fairies from stealing babies and substituting changelings, and abducting older people as well. Many folktales are told of fairies, and they appear as characters in stories from medieval tales of chivalry, to Victorian fairy tales, and up to the present day in modern literature.

  19. Bloody hell I thought with the design of yveltall pokemon were gonna appeal to older players and then they introduce a FAIRY type?!

  20. I think this will end up being fake. If any new type is announced, it will be the Cosmic type.

  21. First of all, thank goodness for new rumors!! it’s what personally keeps me interested and gets me through months of no official info 😛

    Second of all, I really like the idea of a new type being introduced. Hopefully this will help poison get a boost and electric get more weaknesses. Also, maybe ghost/dark will be 4x weak to fairy? I think the thing about pokemon is that it’s innovative and keeps people interested. Many pokemon fans whine about change but very soon accept it and many come to like it. (although fire/fighting starters are not innovative anymore and should not be made anymore! :p) A new type will definitely make things a lot more interesting though 😀

    Lastly, if this new type is fairy, then I wonder if mewtwo’s new forme will share that fairy type. Also, something that I’ve been meaning to ask is if mewtwo got a new forme where does that leave mew? If mewtwo, being a clone of mew, has the potential to change forme, wouldn’t that mean that mew, being the original one, must have the same potential to change?

    1. Well, Mewtwo’s new forme is said to be it ‘awakening’, right? And it’s a bit more mew-like than mewtwo itself. So, the change is basically getting it closer to it’s natural state, while Mew could be considered to be in that state already. Also, mewtwo is not a proper clone, it’s genetically different. So the potential to change could have been introduced into it due to it’s spliced genes.

      1. Only adding: Game wise Mewtwo isn’t really a clone. Mew gave birth to it and then the Doctor experimented on it and altered its genetics to make it better.

          1. That’s how they refered to it in the games. They don’t give a full name but a lot think Dr. Fuji due to the anime adaptation. Someone said that you can find a sign in Gen 3 that is signed by Dr. Fuji when he was searching for mew.

          2. Doesn’t Fuji himself say he worked on some projekt with Blaine. And then the books in the burned mansion say Blaine og Fuji created Mewtwo?

          3. Blaine was never mentioned outside of the Manga from what I remember. Fuji was rumored because of the sign on Faraway Island in Gen 3. Neither as far as I remember are the ones to actually work on Mewtwo in the games only hints were left for us to use our imaginations to fill in the gaps.

            I’d have to look up the Cinnibar lab again to be sure.

  22. I saw someone saying all this previously but it was the Fairy-tale type. I actually really like this because we never had a proper “opposite” to the dark type. In japan it is the evil type so the opposit wouldnt be a litterate “light” type like most people initially thought but a “good” type. I would really like this to happe soon!! as for retypes i would like milotic, togekiss, chansey-line, and audino, to get this as their secondary types.

      1. Psychic is completely weak to dark. Hardly qualifies as an opposite. Can’t really have an opposite in a world where one thing is stronger than another. All you can do is create triangles. Maybe they can do it that way. Psychic SE damages Fairy and is immune to Fairy. Fairy SE hits Dark and is immune to dark, Dark SE hits Psychic and is immune to Psychic.

        It would make a SE/Immune triangle which would be new.

        1. Well dark is evil in japan and psychic is esper. Essentially they are opposites. Or at least that is what I learned over the years. I might be wrong because the info I was fed is wrong.

          1. Its just in a world where they don’t flat out resist one another or do SE damage to another they can’t be opposites since one is obviously stronger.

            Like in traditional RPGs Lighting and Water are opposing elements since both deal massive damage to the rival element. Same with Fire and Ice. (Since these are the four most common) Fire does double damage to Ice elemented creatures while Ice does double damage to Fire Elemented creatures.

            Pokemon’s style of balance, unless they just SE one another or NFE one another they aren’t that good as opposites.

            I think the only types that are opposites are Normal and Ghost since both are immune to one another. I’d have to go through the list to see all the Types that NFE both ways between two types. I’m sure there are some and we all just obliviously missed them.

            Did my research based on resistance and only Bug/Fighting came up. They resist one another so neither does heavy damage to the other. Kinda cool.

  23. If it comes to pass, I’m sure they”ll change the new type’s name to something that doesn’t sound like something made for little girls and little fay boys (like moi lol). I like Nymph type. I much would’ve preferred something like a Crystal or Gem type that encompassed the real world scientific attributes of crystals and the “mystical” side of crystals as well in terms of offense and defense from other types and attacks. Sort of like categorizing it as having both the physical and special attributes in Pokemon types from old gens.

    I was really hoping for Sylveon being a Flying type. Hopefully maybe it’s not the only Eevolution in this gen though.

  24. I’m alright with Fairy type. I’m just wondering why they gave one legendary a new type but the other legendary is just Dark/Flying. One of the reasons why I don’t think this is legit.

  25. I really don’t think they’re going to retype every single normal type pokemon like some are suggesting. Clefairy, yes. But Audino? Chansey? These are healer pokemon – and belong moreso to a Normal category than Fairy. I imagine Fairy is going to be kind of awesome and not tinkerbell crap – I mean if Xerneas can be Fairy type then…

  26. okay but is “fairy” just a place holder name or are you pretty sure that that’s what the type is going to be called? (i’m okay with sylveon being one but i’m kinda iffy about Xerneas being clasified as “fairy”)

  27. Well I’m hoping this is true; sure the type ‘fairy’ does sound childish, but then again it would be the only type to make sense for Sylveon (and the pokémon to be re-typed). Can’t wait to hear more.

  28. I’m all for a new type, but the idea of ‘Fairy’ just irks me. It feels like it would be weird to classify, and just cross over with normal too much. And Xerneas just doesn’t scream ‘fairy’ to me.
    Also, I’ve always thought the version mascots should be connected regarding the secondary typing, i.e. either it’s the same or there isn’t any. Definitely if they’re the first two of the trio. Of all the legendary trios, the only exceptions have been rayquaza, which had a secondary type while kyogre and groudon didn’t, and tornadus, who shares it’s pure type with the other’s secondary type, hence still effectively carrying out the relation. So for yveltal to be dual-typed is weird.

  29. I would of personally liked it the Fairy type was renamed Magic type. It would of sounded much cooler.

    1. It’s worth saying that this is likely a tentative translation… well, less likely now that updates are international? But I think it’ll go through name change before release.. hopefully 😛
      Astral/celestial as is commonly suggested is… actually, the more I think about it, the more it fits. It’s just my instinct is to consider it.. spacey, not magic-y. Magic is not quite there, in my opinion. Ethereal? Ether? I said ‘pixie’ in another comment but ‘das lame. Nymph? Okay now I’m just throwing around words at random.

      On another note, I think this makes an awful lot of sense considering the secrecy behind the typings so far. I wouldn’t be happy about it, but all the evidence lines up. /using your post to dump all my thoughts. :L

      1. Funnily enough…all of those possible names actually interact with each other based on the history and lore of Fairy. Cosmic, Astral, Magic, Ethereal…these are all ways to describe Fairies at some point in time. XD

  30. Should put somewhere that this conflicts with the claim from the kid that leaked the mewtwo. According to the kid that leaked the Mewtwo form, Sylveon is flying typed.

    1. Why would the next few hours matter? I heard someone else say the same thing earlier on another site, but why is time relevant to this rumor?

      1. “has said that later TODAY they will reveal the type information for Xerneas, Yveltal and Sylveon as well as a new type. “

        1. I noticed that sometime after I asked how time was relevant. Though it seems his time limit has passed has it not?

          1. Pretty Much … I am calling BS , I think we will believe him just cause what he did before or Pokemon checked Pokejungle and are delaying the revelment

          2. I’ve cleared this up in a previous reply to a comment. It was probably a bit of bad wording on my behalf. When I said about them revealing the typing today, I meant the individual. Not an official source. Nothing about official sources revealing anything today, yesterday or the day before was mentioned, by us or the individual.

          3. So has the individual ‘revealed’ anything else yet, or not? Seeing as it’s been 3 days now.

          4. from what i read on twitter he will reveal the starters final typing this weekend some time.

          5. Lemme guess. He’s gonna say the Fennekin line is Psychic just to make everybody happy?

  31. Hey, just what a kid’s game that already has 17 types needs! Even more of them to unbalance the chart! =/

  32. I Disagree for this rumour because the word “Fairy” seems to be fitted in a Normal Type.If they based it in the Pokemon Description of Clefairy,Snubull,or any Pokemon that is Fairy Pokemon then that is totally FAIL.Because if that’s how they base then what about Gengar or (if there’s)other Pokemon that has the description “Shadow pokemon”?;were the Pokemon Company should make this Non-sense Type?This is also a rumour but I think Sylveon will be a Normal and Xerneas will be a Psychic.If your Expecting for a new type or there will be then the Fairy type doesn’t count…For Me!!!

  33. I am now sure that sylveon is light type (in america) or fairy type(in japan). fairies , as we all know, give off LIGHT and SMALL(therefore lighter, explains that sylveon is the lightest eeveelution) and wings( their main characteristic). plus, the main color of fairies are pink, and have feminine characteristics. plus, in this picture Junichi Masuda tweeted, sylveon has sparkles, which further indicates its typing.

    1. I’ve never seen a pink Fairy…unless you are talking about in Pokemon 25/38 are not pink so still not true.

      Sylveon doesn’t have wings….and Sylveon is 2 pounds lighter than Jolteon so it being the lightest doesn’t mean squat since they all have about 2 pound differences. Fairies can also be male and the original version of fairies are more fitting for demons and vampires I think Disney was the first to cuteify Fairies. The original stories all say they kid nap children and torture/eat them.

  34. I don’t think there will be a new type.
    Released a few days ago the picture of Eevee, the background of Sylveon has the similar Jet Badge pattern, it is likely that it is flying type.

    1. No…it was close to the Insect Badge pattern. It looked nothing like the Jet badge.

      Others have also said it was Sylveon’s ear.

  35. Why fairy? It seems just stupid. Like the name sounds weak. You may as well name it Light or Magic and have it sound serious.

  36. I think that a new type will throw the felling of pokemon being pokemon it’s like there is something wrong … I hope that Sylveon will be a flying type and Xerneas to be a dual type … there is things that we still don’t know about like a plate called Curse plate or ??? type and a stone called God Stone,etc.

    1. Why on earth would it be flying? Do you see anything flying related about sylveon?

  37. Is Fairy a placeholder name? If so, I think Mythic would make for a better type name and wouldn’t limit the typing to small little generic pixie-like creatures.

  38. Wait was the leaker saying they as in gamefreak/nintendo was going to reveal it later today or was he talking about himself

    1. as i read, the leaker said he doesn’t know when it will be officially revealed.
      as for myself, even though i think yet that there is no need for a new type and it would be difficult to introduce it, if this is true (that it seems to, because the leaker worked for a spanish magazine), then i suppose i’ll have to accept it (as the time flows i will like it, sure) and i really hope that GF makes a good use of this type

      1. Not really difficult to introduce. They’ve said in the anime and (I think) the games that the typings are just classifications that are used and invented by scientist and trainers. Who’s to say the scientist that do so can’t discover a new trait that is shared by many old and new pokemon that prompts a new classification for some pokemon?

        1. that’s not why i said it would be difficult. what i meant is that it would be difficult as:

          1- they would have to change the types of some previous pokemon in order to make fairy type a type with a decent amount of pokemon

          2- they would have to make sure the relationships between fairy type and other types are good, or at least, quite logical: the weaknesses/advantages of fairy type

          3- they would have to create lots of fairy type moves, or change the type of some previous moves

          it would mean a lot of work and there could be mistakes in the process

          1. The Steel and Dark type had fairly few pokemon in their introduction of 2nd gen. While that wasn’t ideal, it does show that introducing a new type doesn’t mean that the generation has to be flooded with pokemon of that type.

  39. I wonder if this fairy type is real, if they’d change it to light type in English..? I was wondering this when thinking about the whole evil=dark type. Oh well, I’m taking this with a grain of salt until any sort of confirmation, but if it’s real, then cool.

  40. I don’t know why I have a balanced opinion about it. I think it would be cool to add a type but naming it as “Fairy” type doesn’t fit well. There are many dragons thus for “Dragon” type but Fairy type is kinda bit small. I mean it would be a rare type since Pokemon is “beginning to end”(maybe?) . I think I would like a “Light” type however or a “Mythical” or “Legend” that are based on legend (say a leprechaun pokemon– Grass/Legend). Xerneas being Fairy type is wahifaoojfe to me since it doesn’t look like that as Sylveon looks like as a Fairy type pokemon. Maybe some pokemon from the Normal type would share some characteristics to this (maybe Normal + Psychic) thus I think there would be a discrimination for what’s left for a Normal type.

  41. Just want to remind you all about the fact that gen 5 was supposed to be a whole new region, like a whole new start.. they didn’t gaave any pokemons links with old ones, meaning to be all like gen 1. Which makes pretty much sence for me why they would introduce a new type now, since gen 2 had Dark and Steel introduced, even Magnamite and Magneton retyped. Keeping this in mind, a NEW type would make sence to me, due what i explained just earlier.

    I personaly hope for another name than Fairy though.. it sounds.. weird for a pokemon type.. yes it does fit with the mythical types.. but it just doesn’t seem right as a type.. than make fairy the japaneese name.. and light or something else the English name.

  42. People say that a new type isn’t needed, um yes it is – it took Nintendo generations long to realize Poison needs more usage. Yessss I’m so happy. Poison finally will get a new super effective lol.

  43. First I was really skeptical about being introduced a new type in this gen, but after all the mistery about sylveon and legendaries’ types I think it could be very probable.
    But now, come on guys, fairies exist in so many forms, sizes and types, not just the tiny sparkling pixies like Tinkerbell. Fairy is a generic name for a lot of magical creatures including pixies, leprechauns, gnomes, nymphs, dryads, sirens, selkies, elves…
    I would love to see a feydragon (dragon/fairy)!

  44. Just sounds as fake as the other rumors we’ve had. The only reason they said Clefairy is “Fairy type” is because Fairy is in its English name. We had a fake Corocoro scan in the past that said Yveltal was Dark/Flying. This whole thing just sounds like fan service. There’s some other sources saying Togetic will be Fairy type. They’ve never dropped a Pokemon’s type before for a new one, and it can’t be Normal/Flying/Fairy. I mean, if its real, that’s…fine, I guess. This just sounds too fake is all.
    (Btw, if this is real, and Clefairy becomes “Fairy” type, what is the Pocket Monsters manga do about that? Is Red’s Clefairy just gonna become a Fairy type?)

  45. Well, today is almost over and still no news about the Fairy type. If we don’t get the news within a week, I say that this guy is lying because according to him we are supposed to be getting it “today”.

    1. emm… i just looked again at his tweets and he has never said that it was going to be officially revealed “today”. he only advertised when HE was going to reveal this info. i looked at his answers and he doesn’t know when Nintendo and GF will make the announcement. of course, he also pointed that everyone is free to believe him or not.

  46. I like the idea of the new type so long as it screws everyone up to where they have to recreate their teams, but please, for the love of God, let it be called the Light-type instead of the Fairy-type.

  47. I’m pretty sure this is fake considering it’s been out and unconfirmed for almost 24 hours.

    1. he clearly said that was when he would release the info, he wasn’t refering to Nintendo/gamefreak

      1. Pokejungle is the only visually posting this. His Twitter is locked for sharing so those outside have no proof to this claim. If he says they’ll reveal it, then he’s obviously talking about official sources. If he were revealing it wouldn’t sources have said differently? I think MNN even took it that way, though his “Later today” passed 12+ hours ago.

        Can you get a screenshot of his twitter announcement so everyone can see it?

        1. look, i’m spanish, and by that i understand spanish (logical, right). i just read every tweet and answer Hirobyte has given since the reveal. when he said “they” (if he said that, because i don’t remember now) he wasn’t talking about Nintendo/GF, but a facebook group who was the first one to announce it (as an exclusive he gave to that group), and every person that asks him when it will be officially revealed, he answers the same: he doesn’t know.

          do you want an screenshot? ok, here you have him answering someone:


          Sylveon: Fairy Type
          Xerneas: Fairy Type
          Yveltal: Dark/Shadow

          -If it’s true, when will it be official?

          -I don’t know, i don’t control when they decide to release information.

          1. So he’s now saying Yveltal is Dark/Shadow rather than Dark/Flying like was originally posted?

            Did he reveal any proof to back up his claim?

          2. no, no, sorry, that’s a translation mistake from myself. i didn’t notice, T-T. i meant Dark/Flying

  48. This site is still kinda slow, but much better than before 😡 But yeah, first of all I think you should edit it to make it more clear that he meant thats when HE was going to release the info, not Nintendo/GF, that confused me and others. Also on the possible ‘Fairy’ typing, the word faerie originated in France, the game is based in France, it’s a small connection maybe. I want a Fairy type, it’s exactly up my street. People will find it weird at first but get used to it as has been the case many many times in the past with Pokemon.

  49. Well, today is over in Japan and Europe. And almost over in America. Still no Fairy type announced! What a surprise. People that are credible can turn into incredible in the blink of an eye. It’s that bad.

    1. First of all, it’s uncredible.

      Second of all, whey it says “later today they will reveal the type information”, they mean that the person who leaked the fairy type was going to release it.

      1. No…when the person that leaked it says “They will reveal”, the they that person is referring to is the company.

        When I joined the convo, 12 hours had passed already. The leaker is from a spanish site which is a timezone ahead of me so when my day ended which is did 25 hours ago, their “later that day” passed with no news update. Given benefit of the doubt most waited until the 22’nd ended which is did for me an hour ago, though in America there is still 1 or 2 hours left. Though news doesn’t usually update this late at night for us or this late in the day in Japan as its about 4:30 PM, so they have 7 and a half hours left for the 23rd but its too late in japan/early internationally for them to release anything for the fans.

        Depending on how you want to look at it the info is a few hours late or a day late.

        1. What makes you know that for certain? Did he say that Nintendo would reveal it?

          1. No shit, jackass. What do you think? I was asking when and where he said that Nintendo would reveal it.

            And yes, I guess I ended up being right over how it was interpreted. Just goes to show that critical thinking/common sense is a good thing to have.

          2. Critical thinking and common sense all point towards the original post saying there’d be an official post.

            Critical thinking and common sense also say that the tweeter is making things up just to get attention since this is the easiest way to go about getting both.

            I work with Nintendo employees since they have to come into my store every month to do check ups on the displays. One time an employee told me Sylveon was Dragon typed. She danced around the subject for so long it was hard to get anything close to a solid answer from her, but she dropped a hint that Sylveon was Dragon.

            Its not that hard to find a source when you work in a field that revolves around games. My friends at Gamestop met up with Nintendo representatives during their monthly meetings. Pokemon X and Y were on display once and they had talked about various things. They heard the same Dragon rumor I did.

            I have a credible source, and so do they. It contradicts things that have been said recently. Thing is. I still don’t believe any of it. I don’t believe what I was personally told. I don’t believe what my friends were told. At the moment I don’t believe the guy that leaked Mewtwo’s form when he said Sylveon is flying type, and I don’t believe this guy saying Sylveon is Fairy typed.

            Why? No proof. Common sense dictates that its all false.

          3. My comment about common sense and critical thinking was about how this article was worded, not whether or not Sylveon was Fairy type. Moving said that it was supposed to mean that the pokeexperto guy (or someone who was claiming to be him) would reveal the types later in the day (which he did), not any official source. The fact that no one has updated this article even though days have passed and that moving has repeatedly clarified the meaning of his wording is proof.

            Does that mean Hirobyte is telling the truth or that he is who he says he is? Not necessarily, but a rumor isn’t fake unless it’s obvious or it is contradicted in some way (someone admitting that its fake or passing of a date that more info was told to be released, for example).

            I don’t believe any of these rumors are real (as much as I want to believe that some of them are), but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to automatically call them fake over a misinterpreted blog post.

    2. Are you getting confused by what I’ve typed in the post? When I said “…has said that later today they will reveal…” I meant that the user will reveal the type. Not Nintendo or any other source. If you’re not getting confused by that I’m not sure where you’re getting that another official source would reveal it from.

      This has all been revealed by unofficial sources, supposedly through official sources. I’ll edit the post to clear that up.

  50. OK guys, seems a few of you got a little confused by use of wording in the post. I’ve updated it with clarification of what I meant. Or, if you’re lazy, you can just read it here. 😉

    Update: A little bit of clean up here. In the above paragraph I typed “…has said that later today they will reveal…”, several users mistakingly read this incorrectly thinking that we meant that official sources were going to reveal something that day. When using they we meant the individual who provided this information would be releasing it that day. Nothing about this is official, the user mentioned nothing of an official source revealing anything, let alone in a specific time frame. Seems a couple of other places online may have also received the line correctly. Apologies for the confusion, but declaring it fake (which it may well be) for an incorrect reception of that line isn’t necessary now.

    1. Seeing as its been almost 2 days since he tweeted this. His “Later today” is false correct? I mean he can’t live in a parallel world where Later today happens in 50 hours?

      1. I’m confused by what you mean. His “later today” was referring to himself saying what the two types were. Revealing them himself. Mine meant later in the day on which this was posted, Hiro would ‘reveal’ the types.

        Or do you mean something else?

        1. The way its read, he was saying he’d reveal the stuff later in the day, but the types had been there since I first read the news report. Was he supposed to add more to it?

          1. It’s just that I haven’t changed that part of the post. We don’t usually do that 😛

            It’s to be read in chronological order. On the day, he said he’d reveal it later that day. Like this post did. He revealed it later that day. We added it to this post.

            ANYWAY, he said Fairy type and hasn’t said anything about when official sources will reveal anything. That’s all there is to it.

  51. alright someone please explain how a fairy could be a type?

    all types are relevant to elemental and supernatural forces hence psychic and ghost (maybe ghost unless you believe in the element of shadow)

    Fairies are mythological sprites or spirits and any moves or designs based on “Fairy” would blatantly resemble magical psychic like qualities or spiritual ghost like abilities

    I am IAN and i disagree with this rumor. thank you and good night

    1. I’m guessing Fighting, Normal and Bug are supernatural forces? Fairies seem more supernatural than those three types.

  52. I kind of want this rumor to be real. I’m not totally keen on the term Fairy type as it sounds a little awkward, but it’s growing on me. I partly want this to be real because I’m sick of all the rumors that end up fake. I want something that I can believe in. lol

  53. I don’t know, even if this guy does have a good record, I think he’s wrong on this one. I just can’t figure out why in the world Xerneas would be a “Fairy”! I’m not seeing it. (Sorry moving.) Also, I find it hard to believe they will introduce a new type. It’s not impossible, but this far into the series it would just seem odd (not to mention there is no urgent need for another type). If they absolutely have to introduce a new type, though, I agree with those saying that “Astral” or something to that extent would be the best. Why? No real reason, just my preference.

  54. If fairy type turns out to be true, I bet the Mew/Celebi/Jirachi/Manaphy/Victini-type legend of this generation is gonna be so adorably cute, and probably Fairy type, or Fairy/Psychic.

  55. So I talked to Dan over twitter and using google translate, and this is what he told me:

    Clefairy, Clefable, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Audino, Chansey, Blissey, Snubbull, Granbull, Plusle, and Minun will be the only one’s that will be retyped to Fairy, with Plusle/Minun being Fairy/Electric, and Snubbull/Granbull being Normal/Fairy. The other pokes I named will lose their normal typing for Fairy. Togetic will NOT be retyped to fairy, because it already has two types (Normal/Flying) and has a secondary egg group that would ruin its movepool-breeding with other pokes.

    As for legends, The original Mew will also be retyped to Psychic/Fairy. Mewtwo will remain Psychic, but once you awaken it to its “Mewtwo X” form, it will become Psychic/Fairy just like the original Mew.

    1. That would make sense because I typed fairy into google and I have been doing some research. It totally makes sense to have a fairy type now, although it should’ve been existed. I read about “pink, cute, loving fairies” which could pass for Jigglypuff or Clefairy. I read about “big fat fairies” which could pass for Blissey. I read about “healing fairies” which could very well be someone like Audino. I read about fairies that “had the ability of transformation” which could pass for Mew with his transform attack, and I read about “bad fairies that ate little kids and did mean things” which could pass for Snubbull. In images I’ve found that most fairies have cute little wings, or long wing-like strands, which Sylveon has, and which Blissey has. Blissey has cute little puffy wings. Ahh I love this fairy concept.

    2. “Togetic will NOT be retyped to fairy, because it already has two types (Normal/Flying) and has a secondary egg group that would ruin its movepool-breeding with other pokes.”
      That doesnt make sense.

      There are numerous examples of pokemon being a type but not the same called egg-group and vice-versa, for Bug, Dragon, Flying, Water..

    3. OMG PIKACHU IS A FAIRY/ELETRIC, Yeah i can image Ash with a Fairy Type Pokemon, lol

      1. Actually in the original Pokémon manga the main character, who looks very similar to Ash/Red has a Clefairy, not a Pikachu.

        1. That’s exactly what I posted a while back. Is there gonna be an explanation for the Manga’s Clefairy to just suddenly “Become” a Fairy type?

  56. Hirobyte said the only new type would be Fairy and that not every Pokémon in the Fairy Egg Group would become a Fairy-type. Also said that soon he’ll say what are the strengths and weaknesses of the new type. I don’t really care about if this Fairy type “leak” is real or not.

    What I do care is the “leak” by the same guy that Fennekin’s evo is not Fire/Fight. LOL He says its evo is something unexpected and that the starter evos are surprising. He said he was gonna “leak” them on the weekend, but changed his mind.

    1. Chespin’s Final Form- Grass
      Fennekin’s Final Form- Fire/Fighting
      Froakie’s Final Form- Water/Ground

  57. I don’t really like the idea of a ‘fairy’ type but I am literally so starved for news that I will take anything at this point. ANYTHING DAMMIT.

    1. Haha I can’t tell if your joking or not. You prolly are. I just want good info! hahaha

        1. Hahaha how was that not the first thing to come to me after hearing those words? I hope to god that if this rumor is true it doesn’t turn out to be half as annoying as that stupid little fairy from Zelda.

  58. A lot of fiction novels have fairies disliking or weak to iron, so steel type would have an advantage over it one would think, that would maybe make sense

    1. Or they could both be Fairy Type seeing as Fairy Egg group in Japan is still Fairy. Would also make more sense to keep it Fairy if they are targeting Fairy like Pokemon.

  59. I’m not against the idea of a new type, I just think it’s a lot of unnecessary work. I think if they add a Fairy Type, they’d have to go back and retype a lot of Pokemon, more than just Clefairy and Snubbull. Not to mention going back and changing movesets. Plus, it would be quite confusing to older players, and will take awhile to get used to. Overall, its a lot of work I’d rather see go to other new mechanics, overworld wise.


  61. I bet my bottom dollar that the USA gets the name as “Light” type, and japan as “Fairy” type. There will be controversy and a bit of irony when the Pokémon assigned dex number #666 will be pure Light type, and probably draw attention to get sued from somebody or something lol. I feel it coming ya’ll. You would think Dex 666 would be a dark or ghost type right? Lol Nintendo is demented ya’ll.

  62. Xernia’s IS NOT Fairy type. The new legends (X,Y,Z) are based off North Mythology. A stag, an eagle, and a serpent. All 3 legends guard the tree of Asgard (as seen in the trailer, the big tree behind Xernias). Legend X, Xernias, represents Life. It creates life through its colorful antlers. Making it a logical Water type Legend like Kyogre. Water Is the cause of all life and Xernia’s is blue. Legend Y, Yveltal, represents “death”. Which is why a Dark/Flying type would make the most sense. Legend Z, a green serpent, will be dragon/ground. In mythology it feeds on the roots of the tree underground.

    I also see the hint of the red/blue/green coloring of xernias/yveltal/Z-legend as a hint to ruby/sapphire/emerald. Rayquaza is also a green serpent. Could Pokémon Z version be a revisit to Hoenn region? Is rayquaza the one that forms the shape of a Z or is it the new green serpent?

      1. Unfortunately, it is not a fact whether Xerneas and Yveltal are based on Norse Mythology.
        There are no concrete facts on the origins of these legendaries, yet. Everything else is merely an assumption.
        We’ll find out for sure as we get closer to the release date.
        Although, I do agree with the whole Norse Mythology thing, just not exactly how you explained it.
        Here’s a link to my article on the forum if you’re interested. I typed it around the time the trailer was revealed.

    1. … Do you actually believe in what you’re writing? It was a nice idea at the beginning, but it would just screw the “original”. The four(!) stags got nothing to do with “the serpent” (actually, the Norse Mythology says that there are a huge bunch of serpents, two of them are named, and – maybe – one dragon) and “the eagle” (which are mostly two birds, which got nothing to do with death or something… That could maybe work for “the serpent”). Also, what about the little squirrel? “The Mew of this generation”? I don’t think that’s anywhere close to likely…

      Besides, Yveltal Looks nothing like an eagle Oo”
      And, seriously, the colors as hint to remakes or the involvement of Rayquaza? Do I even have to … ?

      And even IF you were right, that wouldn’t rule out the typing at all. And no, I don’t believe in this Fairy rumour, though I’d like it…

      1. I am right. Just Watch. Also like how the genies of 5th gen, Thundurus/Tornadus/Landorus are based off Mythology too, The Four Guardians of the Four Compass Directions. The tiger (west, fall), the Phoenix (south, summer), and the dragon (east, spring). The 3 genies all have a sacred form that takes the form of the guardian beasts, thundurus form (dragon), tornadus form (phoenix), Landorus form (tiger). Gamefreak are big on this mythology stuff. There is a fourth beast/guardian that I didnt’ mention yet which is the turtle (north,winter). I believe for 6th gen, they will introduce a 4th Genie (black colored) that takes on the form of a turtle. Similar to how Gen 3 introduced 3 regirocks and then Gen 4 they introduced a 4th regi.

        1. You’re being a bit too confident there. It’s been evident that Gamefreak loves mythology since Gen 1. Everyone knows this. The date Sylveon was released could have just been coincidence. Like Claus said, you kinda have a misunderstanding of the Norse myth of the world tree, Yggdrasil.

          They also wouldn’t mix different mythologies of the world. Why make Rayquaza the Norse Serpent when it was based of off Hebrew mythology (its mythological counterpart escapes me, but Groudon was the Behemoth and Kyogre was the Leviathan)?

          The only thing I slightly agree with you is the color scheme reference, based on the Hoenn games and Gen 1 remakes.

        2. So, I tell you that you’re assumption is likely wrong, and you throw out more of those widely known false believes… Which got nothing to do with the topic… I guess you can’t be helped.

      2. *also, Sylveon will be dragon type. Its the last “special type” there was out of the 8 special types that it didn’t get an evolution too and eevee since got an evolution to 7 of those types. odd how the 8th type is the 8th evolution, first leaked on january 8, 2013 (1/8/13 = 1 eevee, 8 forms, 13th main series games). The fantasy looking world it opened up next to Pikachu in the trailer was either its new ability, or draco meteor, like a calm version not attacking anyone.

    2. Their colors indicate a remake? That sounds stupid. What about Dialgia/ Palkia? Resiram and Zekrom? Those didn’t indicate any remakes. Even when HeartGold/SoulSilver was announced, I really doubt that incredibly minute “hints” indicated its eventual release/

  63. you know i dont even care what they give us as long as they give us something….Come on newssss!!!!

  64. It’s a shame they got rid of that 1…2…3…poof! line because that’d be fun to have with a fairy.

  65. Look guys just why make too many assumptions and wreck your brains just wait for the release already! Well but it’s true that we get too much excited but be patient and wait for release like how u did when catching feebas in diamond perl and ruby sapphire lol!

  66. Is it Pokexperto who leaked it? If it is, then of course this is real, cuz everything he posted 3 years ago were real

    If not, then I don’t remember any other source who leaked info to us which turned out to be true.

    I’m personally okay with the Fairy typing, just the name that kills it, sounds way too childish for my taste.

    And didn’t we all call Dark/Flying for Yveltal lol?

  67. i really don’t like it. FAIRY seems borderline digimon. A DREAM or MYSTIC type would sound better. Or SOUND or even WIND(completely different from Flying) type would be better than Fairy….

  68. No I don’t think fairy type is correct but CLOSE I reckon it’s going to be some sort of magical type such as a celestial power or enchanted type or maybe be just plain magic type (魔法少女 タイプ
    mahou type) whatever it is a gaurantee you that both yvetal and xernes will both be dark/ something just look at them both they are both dark so if it is fairy xernes would have to be dark/fairy

  69. I agree with kriff and mecha, I’ve been thinking this since the first moment I saw sylveon xD

    Just hope the new type is effective against some other types (there’s a rumor about not being strong against any type :(), and weak to some types which don’t have much type advantages (like poision being effective only with grass type)

  70. My thoughts: if there is a new type namely fairy then sylveon will be fairy and yveltal will be fairy / flying and xerneas fairy / ground

  71. the new types will be fairy and demon.
    xerneas will be fairy/fighting.
    yveltal will be demon/flying.
    the two new forms of mewtwo will be psychic/demon and psychic/fairy.
    sylveon will of course be fairy, and there will be another demon type eeveelution to complement it.

  72. Fairy does make sense. I do hope that both legendaries will be dualtypes. Yveltal has to be dark/flying in my opinion. Just from looking at it you can tell that it should not be the same type as xerneas or syveon. So i guess it has to be dark/flying since i dont assume there are gonna be TWO new types. I think sylveon will be fairy type. About xerneas: i think it has some similarities with dialga and could very easily be a fairy/steel type (im pretty sure it will have two types). So steel is actually the only thing i think is reasonable. My only problem: lets assume fairy will be powerfull against dark (which it probably will be), then xerneas would be waaaaaay stronger than yveltatl and thats kinda hard to believe… Anyway im really looking forward to the game(s)! 😀

  73. fairy type is super effective against dragon type these things are all confirmed on serebii where legends come to life

  74. Funny how this is all true, well we don’t know about the clefairy part yet but true.

  75. i so excited it almost here coming this October 12 2013 this Saturday i picking fennekin i going to love it I love foxes pokemon went i was a child that why i love eevee and vuplix .

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