RUMOUR: Xerneas, Yveltal + Sylveon’s Types & Fairy Type? [UPD2]


Before we begin we must clarify that whatever is said is NOT to be considered fact.

During the days of Generation V reveals a contact leaked information on numerous Pokémon that later proved to be real. This same source—who apparently has ‘connections’—has said that later today they will reveal the type information for Xerneas, Yveltal and Sylveon as well as a new type. Like we said anything said is not to be considered fact until it is proven 100% real, but there’s a slim possibility we’re in for something.

Update: A little bit of clean up here. In the above paragraph I typed has said that later today they will reveal…“, several users mistakingly read this incorrectly thinking that we meant that official sources were going to reveal something that day. When using they we meant the individual who provided this information would be releasing it that day. Nothing about this is official, the user mentioned nothing of an official source revealing anything, let alone in a specific time frame. Seems a couple of other places online may have also received the line correctly. Apologies for the confusion, but declaring it fake (which it may well be) for an incorrect reception of that line isn’t necessary now.


The individual has posted saying that the new type is indeed Fairy Type as many fans have previously speculated.

• Xerneas is said to be Fairy Type.
• Sylveon is also said to have the new Fairy typing.
• Yveltal gets Dark/Flying typing.

Update: Clefairy is said to have it’s type altered. No word on Snubbull yet though. Both of these Pokémon are classified as the ‘Fairy Pokémon’.


Staff members have all got their own opinion on this, you can read them below. We also want to hear what you think, so please let us know and get discussing in the comments!

Ozymandis: If you asked me whether or not I wanted a Fairy-type, or any new type for that matter, earlier this year, I would’ve strongly said no. But overtime the idea has grown on me, so if this turns out to be true I’m all for it; I’m just not too fond of the name. I’d be pretty disappointed if Xerneas doesn’t turn out to be a dual type though. 

Kriffix: Yveltal makes perfect sense to me. Also, each Eeveelution’s type could be figured out just by glancing at it. Sylveon on the other hand was a little different. No existing type seemed to match 100%. Hence, the introduction of a new type feels like its upon us. I didn’t think I’d be saying this a couple of months ago, but at this point it feels right.

NL: Sounds right, Fairy and Dark sound like they would be super effective towards each other.

Justin: The way they have the types now is pretty balanced (unlike the first gen where psychics pretty much decimated everything). Adding additional types could smudge things up. I think GF would be a bit more creative if they were to add a second type.

Plus, I fear that it would bring a whole new slew of crappy gimmicks to the game. Every generation seems to have something ridiculous; berry mixing, pal park, dream world. . .they’re all so frustrating and pointless.

Mechanos: I think that a “Fairy” type would work well alongside the many mythical types(Ghost, Psychic, Dragon), and is actually one of the most logical type ideas I’ve heard so far. It could actually be very unique, giving actual advantages and weaknesses to Pokemon that were previously stuck in the norm of normal type. Plus, it could balance some types that have excesses of weaknesses compared to advantages– or vice versa. Honestly, I would really look forward to this addition, it’s not corny or unoriginal like many of the ideas for types that I’ve seen.

Dan: I personally don’t feel we will see anything come today, but in coming weeks nearer to the release. My own views are though that Yveltal and Xerneas will be dual types, one of the types being a new one – which I think will be the same type as what Sylveon will be. So one new type, which the 3 Pokémon will share, with Sylveon being pure to that typing.

Sammydodger: I would love to see a new type, as it would shake up the strategic options for the competitive and add some interesting designs/moves/story for everyone else. I don’t like the name ‘fairy’ because it sounds childish, however it would make sense for the target audience.

moving: Personally, I’m quite liking the idea; although I’m not huge on the name. Xerneas seems to fit the Fairy type nicely and I’m sort of excited to see what they do with the current type chart to fit it in. I think everyone already called Dark/Flying for Yveltal, so that’s good too. That is, of course, if this is all real.