Nintendo 3DS Direct to Air on April 17th

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Nintendo has announced that it will be broadcasting another Nintendo Direct tomorrow, focusing on the 3DS.


It’s unlikely that we will receive much, if anything Pokémon related but some details on upcoming coming games—Animal Crossing anyone?—are a given.

The stream will begin airing on April 17 at 7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET / 3 p.m. GMT. We will have a live post similar to our Smash coverage posts as the Direct airs so you can find all the latest updates here. What do you guys want to see this time?


  1. How about actual Pokemon XY news? I’m sick of hearing about that Mewtwo forme! Beartic!

    1. That was X and Y news. We’ll have to wait another month or two for anything new most likely since that was supposed to be “Big” News and the last “Big” News we had was about Sylveon two months before.

  2. Knowing Pokemon the next news is probably going to reveal that the new forms is psychic type

      1. Agree, this is a Nintendo Direct, not a Pokemon Direct, like it was back in January. It’ll probably talk about the upcoming games, in regards of release dates and/or new info, and if they talk about Pokemon X/Y, it’ll be what we already know.

  3. Isn’t animal crossing already out in japan and coming out in the states soon? Why would they need to talk more about it, then? (I could be wrong, if so then I’m sorry I’m just genuinely confused)

  4. But isn’t this just for UK and US? Unless Japan announced they will have a reveal as well then I don’t see it happening at all.

  5. just throw me a bone, a bone with the secret to time travel so i can travel a year forward and learn and share my findings with my fellow trainers or some new info.
    I’ll even take a region name

    1. Well, that would technically be a surprise seeing as it’s a 3DS Direct and Rumble U is a Wii U game. 😉

  6. It’s a Japan direct as well. There are rumors of a Majora’s Mash 3DS, apparently some retailer leaked it on a list. No source though, so I’m not holding my breath.

    Tweets from Iwata:
    Tweet 1: Iwata: Hello everyone, it’s Satoru Iwata from Nintendo. Today, from 11:00 PM we will be broadcasting “Nintendo Direct Luigi special 2 2013.4.17”

    Tweet 2: Iwata: This direct will focus on information relating to games in the Year of Luigi as well as have new Nintendo 3DS game information and additional information about Nintendo Wii U games. You can see it on Nintendo’s Homepage, Niko Niko Livestream, and UStream. Please tune in!

    Tweet 3: Iwata: Furthermore, the WiiU System Update is going to go live next week so today’s direct will also explain more about the system update.

  7. I wish they make a mario party 3ds or a smash bros 3ds and od curse more news of pokemon x and y

    1. well i am happy to tell you super smash bros 3ds and wii u has been being worked on since kid iccarus uprising released in the us 😛

  8. Year of Luigi-related, huh? “Luigi will now be a catchable, usable Pokémon, starting with Pokémon X &Y.” This news has to happen!

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