Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Bonanza!

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity is out TODAY in North America, in both stores and digitally. Hopefully everyone who buys the games will be enjoying it this weekend, so what better way to start the game than with some new passwords and DLC?

The Official Mystery Dungeon site has game called Victini’s Vspin–similar to the one in game–in which you can win passwords to unlock Wonder Mail for 5 different Pokémon. I only managed to win two passwords before being locked out of the games, those are: Pikachu – 2C3YJ43F, Snivy – P326J5WX, Tepig – MFN89K9X, Oshawott – JTN34N92, Axew – KWM4W3H2.

Two other codes are also available. XN83N4W6 can be found in the user manual for the game and once entered will unlock 3 Reviver Seeds for you to use. Entering JTN34N92 will reward the player with a Joy Seed.

The first two items of DLC are also available now! Mt. Travail is available for $2.50, The Skill Treasury can be downloaded for $2.50, Pika Land is $2.00. The PokéForest can be downloaded for free until the 1st of May.