Pokémon Smash! 3/24—FINISHED!

Our weekly Smash! coverage can be found below. This weeks episode was the Spring Special, which was full of fun and craziness. For those of you who like to follow along our live updates are below.

LIVE Coverage:

  • Smash! has begun airing!
  • The anime episode reairing this week is fan favourite Bye Bye Butterfree
  • The anime episode has finished and it’s back to the studio…let the fun begin!
  • ‘Team Plasma’ are causing trouble for the hosts in a Pokémon Center
  • In the studio again and hosts are playing the face mix-up game. Pretty scary!
  • This episode is completely crazy as promised, eating squid ink filled sandwiches
  • Moving on to snooker table and skateboarding tricks
  • Sing-along in the Smash! Studio!
  • Eevee Friends feature. This time Eevee ‘himself’ has shown up again.
  • Details on the special Deoxys for BW/B2W2
  • Credit are rolling for this episode. It seems that’s all we’re getting this week!

For our readers who like to watch as the show airs, we also have a live stream courtesy of ZephyrSonic below.

As usual, get commenting below with what you guys really want to see in this episode, despite there likely being little shown.