More Pokémon Scramble U Details & Trailer

The first footage of the NFC reader being used in Pokémon Rumble U has been shown in the trailer below. Pokémon Rumble U will be the first Wii U game to use this feature and will start off with six figurines retailing for 200 yen each:



A carry case will also be available for 780 yen:

Additional information was given:

  • Figures can be raised using in game coins (so they can become stronger than in-game caught Pokémon).
  • Save date will be contained within the figures so they can be used in other people’s games.
  • Attacks can be done using the touchscreen on the GamePad.
  • Various items will be available to help you (such as items which heal you or make you big).
  • Some levels will contain gimmicks which can either help or hinder you.
  • There is a boss at the end of each area (some with multiple levels).
  • There will be timed battles.
  • The Pokémon Center in Japan will sell download codes for the game.
  • Special figurines will be made available. One of such is a Pikachu which is different to the standard one. The special Pikachu is only obtainable if you purchase it alongside a download of the game in the Pokémon Center. It will be stronger than the standard variant and will have a Punch ability.

x Sammydodger