X&Y Speculations 2.0 Part 1

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Before we begin: NONE of this information is to be considered legitimate or true, but please, have fun speculating and discussing.

This is the first of two posts speculating and discussing these posts, part 2 will up be up shortly. This post is rather long, to prewarn you! Recently an individual has been posting ‘insider’ information to an English image board, below are their posts with our views and opinions (posted in green) on what has been said. Some of it seems quite interesting and not all too bad…

The user “Mr. XY” first began with an introduction and addresses previous so called information he has posted. None of our opinions on this, so feel free to skip it.
[spoiler title=”Mr. XY introduction”]First off, for those of you who screen capped the original thread, feel free to check my trip with that of the original. There have been multiple people posting as “Mr. XY’ lately, but I have not posted since the original thread.Second of all, in the original thread I made this more clear, but my phrasing of the “main characters are named Jean and Jane, non-customizable” was meant to reference customizing their designs, not their names. Sorry for the confusion.Anyway, I have compiled a list of all the New Pokemon I know of, about 80 or so of the 99. Some of them I have only heard about from fellow co-workers and second-hand sources, while others I have seen myself. Mainly, there’s a few “new line” Pokemon I have yet to see, or don’t have much information on, so there are some gaps left to fill. With New Evolutions and Baby Pokemon, there are also quite a few of them I’ve yet to see for myself, yet I have heard which Pokemon are obtaining them.As I said before, this Generation has a large amount of New Evolutions and Baby Pokemon, while the New-Line Pokemon are less orthodox than previous Gens, bumping old Generational archetypes (there’s no real early-bird, rodent, or bug this time around) in favor of mostly new, or underused, type combinations.There are a large amount of Old Pokemon present during the main campaign, the Regional Dex around 400 I believe including the New Pokemon. New Evolutions are, I believe, obtainable during the main campaign and not pushed towards the end like in Diamond and Pearl. On the note of Old Pokemon, Gen V Pokemon can be transfered over, although I do not know the exact mechanics of the transfer process.[/spoiler][spoiler title=”Description of the X&Y starters and their evolutions.”]Starters
*Chespin Evo (Grass). Sharpens up, little whirligig on hood.
*Chespin Final (Grass/Flying). “Mammalian Garchomp”, helicopter-based.
Not really a huge amount to say on this. But, Flying on a starter seems a little odd…could be a killer though!
*Fennekin Evo (Fire/Psychic). Lotus-shaped ear fluffs.
*Fennekin Final (Fire/Psychic). Tail splits into lotus-shape as well, very majestic and Ninetales-like.
Psychic Type on Fennekin is something everyone seems to want, so no problems here.
*Froakie Evo (Water). Grows a horn, gets larger and more cloud fluff.
*Froakie Final (Water). Huge, horned frog with clouds covering its body.
This is where my biggest problem lies. Water, yet again, remains single type. Mentioning clouds just screams Flying type if we’re being stereotypical, sure it would add some serious weaknesses but hey, it’s a secondary type at least! As for the evolution pattern, it seems believable.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Description of the X&Y Legendaries.”]Legendaries
*Xerneas (Psychic/Rock)

Psychic seems entirely plausible, although from previous speculation Rock seems a little less likely, perhaps it gives it a type balancing over Yveltal?
*Yveltal (Ghost/Flying)
This is pretty much exactly what most people think Yveltal will be. It also matches one of the speculated theories.
*Diamond Tiger (???)
*Club Peacock (???)
*Spade T-Rex (???)
*Heart Cobra (???)
The T-Rex here seems a bit out of place, there’s clearly a theme with the suits in a deck of cards and possibly one with species, but T-Rex just doesn’t seem to fit. Perhaps a regional Quartet? [/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Description of new evolutionary lines”]

New Lines

*”Robo” Mouse (Electric/Steel). New Pikachu? Metallic mouse with computer mouse plug tail.
The regional electric rodent. Electric/Steel could be an interesting typing especially as these Pokémon are usually available early game, this could however be a reason for disbelieving it.

*Straight-jacket Ghost (Ghost/Steel). Shadowy, creature with a roundish head, thin body. Has metallic chains wrapped around its chest resembling a straight-jacket.
I’m a sucker for Ghost Pokémon so this sounds quite interesting. The typing is also pretty good and would give a fair few advantages. For reason reason I can imagine this being sort of crazy, what with the straight-jacket.

*White Feathered Dinosaur (Rock/Ice). One of the Fossil Pokemon I believe. Bipedal, and raptor like, with white feathers covering its body. Has on a feathery “mask” making it resemble an owl.
Archen/Archeops were already based on the Archaeopteryx and although raptors can be fairly different, I don’t see how they can make this seem original. Especially as they’re both fossil Pokémon too.

*Red Feathered Dinosaur (Rock/Fire). Other Fossil Pokemon it seems. Has reddish-brown and black feathers, and a red comb on its head making it resemble a rooster.
The same point as before and I’m sure others would feel the same about three similar looking feathered dinosaurs. This could perhaps be based on a terrorbird.

*Crystal Girl (Psychic/Ice). Magical girl creature sleeping in a magical looking crystal that’s floating.
Um…okay? Jynx.

*Music Ox (Rock/Ground). Very large, black-furred ox. It has large white, horns that resemble tubas “they open at the end”, and it has curled, white hair that looks like an old-fashioned powdered wig.
Typing here seems like it could put this Pokémon down. Aside from that it sounds (geddit?) pretty interesting. I’m feeling a strong sense of Pokémon inspired by manmade objects from this list though, and this Ox will probably just get compared to Tauros as Bouffalant was.

*Bodyguard Gargoyle (Dragon/Fighting). Grayish, doggish gargoyle creature that’s very stout and tough looking. It has red patterns on its arms that look like tattoos, and little red earrings.
YES. A gargoyle Pokémon is something I have wanted forever. Most likely intended to be one of the few rare regional dragons, akin to Druddigon. The typing is also interesting, although Dragon/Rock seems as though it may fit better?

*Scent Dog (Normal). Little, hound dog with a prominent nose. Probably the “plainest” of the New Pokemon.
*Hunting Dog (Normal). Evolution. Larger, with floppy ears covering its eyes, and an ever larger nose.
These seem like an interesting concept for dog Pokémon, but the Normal typing subtracts away from that. Being described as plain would suggest they’re going to be like the Lillipup of X&Y.

*Trashcan Monster (Poison/Steel). Trashcan with leech-like mouth, looks “cartoony” as it bends in ways metal should not.
*Dumpster Monster (Poison/Steel). Evolution. Dumpster (still “cartoony” though) with trash compactor mouth. Predatory relationship with previous pollution-based Pokemon I hear.
A lot of people dislike the garbage Pokémon from Unova, personally I quite like them. And I’ve a feeling I’d like these if true. Perhaps the most interesting part of this line is that there’s a suggested rivalry between previous “pollution-based Pokémon”, which, I find an interesting idea, it’s going to link 6th gen. with older generations.
*Black Bird Monk (Flying/Fighting). Small and little, with bowl-cut “hair” feathers, long nose, and black/white feathers. Has “glove” looking hand-feathers. Resembles a black/white monk outfit, or martial arts outfit.
*Black Bird Monk Evo (Flying/Fighting). Evolution. Larger, more crow-looking. I believe the line is inspired by Bruce Lee, because their appearance resembles the famous black/white outfit he’s known for.
Typing is the most interesting thing here and I’m the line being based off Shaolin Monks and their Kung Fu.

*Locust Ninja (Bug/Dark). Green and purple bipedal little bug, with its body resembling “ninja” armor a bit, with little scythe arms. Has under-bite with little teeth that stretch up past its head.
*Locust Assassin (Bug/Dark). Evolution. Looks more “ferocious”, with longer scythes, meaner face, and two sets of “underbite” teeth.
Description-wise these two sound similar to Shelmet/Accelgor from Unova, only more interesting. Bug/Dark is again something new and could give it some interesting moves.

*Kangaroo (Normal). Resembles a peach-colored, little kangaroo. It looks like a normal one compared to Kangaskahn, and is much cuter. No pouch.
*Fighting Kangaroo (Normal/Fighting). Evolution. Larger, and tougher looking. Has black spots around its eyes, and little black “armor pads” running down its tail. Instead of a pouch, has an x-shaped bandage on its stomach.
Boxing kangaroos. Fighting Type kangaroo Pokémon. Yep. Not a huge amount to say here. Typing is nothing spectacular, but the Pokémon themselves could be quite interesting, I can see this being the regions main Fighting type line, if so, one of the first to no be humanoid.


[spoiler title=”Description of new evolutionary lines 2″]*Blue Fishing Cat (Water). It’s a bluish wild cat with black spots, and its ears resemble fish-fins. Also has a curvy, hook-like tail.
*Metallic Fishing Cat (Water/Steel). Evolution. Larger, leopard like. It has longer, curved talons, and a thin metal “rod” runs along its back, ending with a long, steel hooked tail.
This line sounds pretty interesting concept-wise. Ignoring that the first Pokémon sound very similar to Vaporeon, the line has a nice theme going on. Typing is questionable, but it fits the proposed theme very nicely and that tail sounds like it could be an interesting basis for attack.*Coconut Soldier (Grass/Fire). Has a coconut army helmet with a green palm on the top. Main body is roundish, red/green “camo” colored, and it’s got a protruding “cannon” mouth.
*Guerrilla Coconut (Grass/Fire). Evolution. Personally my favorite new design yet. Resembles first form, but now has a large bush surroundings its body, in addition to two sprouting out of its head, as if to camouflage itself.
The typing here is definitely the most interesting part of the description, it opens a few weaknesses but also gives some fairly decent coverage. The actual Pokémon itself sounds pretty cool though, I’m feeling something fairly bulky and swift.*Mud Pig (Ground/Fighting). Small, roundish bipedal warthog with a red Mohawk, and mud covering its pink body on its bottom half, making it look like it has on shorts.
*Mud Pig Evo (Ground/Fighting). Evolution. Larger, very muscular looking like a wrestler. Also has mud covering its face, looking like a mask, and prominent lips sticking out. Resembles Kinnikuman.
Aside from this line sounding VERY similar to the Tepig line the concept is something that works. Typing here is questionable, but this sounds like the type of Pokémon that could deal some serious damage. *Ice Bug (Bug/Ice). Little, white caterpillar creature. Has white “cocoon” wrapped around its body like a snow jacket, including a part at its neck where two strands hang out like a scarf.
*Stained Glass Moth (Bug/Ice). Evolution. White, pretty moth with striking, icy wings that are multi-colored and resemble stained-glass windows.
Hopefully you’ve noticed now that a lot of these new Pokémon are new type combinations. There’s nothing wrong with this but it feels a little too good to be true. This line sounds interesting though, serious weaknesses aside. Doubting this will be the regional bug line though. *Melting Lizard (Poison/Ground). Quadrupedal, fat little lizard that’s orange with black patterns on it. It’s got oil substance falling out of its mouth, and little oil splotches around its feet.
*Melting Lizard Evo (Poison/Ground). Evolution. Larger, and its whole body has a “dripping” look to it, like its falling off. It’s legs are “unseen”, as the art has it emerging from a pool of black oil. I think it can “melt” into it.*Star Creature Pseudo-Legend (Dark/Electric). Little yellow-black star-shaped creature, sort of dragon-like.
*Planet Creature Pseudo-Legend (Dark/Electric). Evolution. Very spherical, planet-like with yellow “saturn” ring around body.
*Black Hole Creature Pseudo-Legend (Dark/Electric). Final Evolution. Humanoid, with vortex patterns on its body that swirl inward. Line seems to be based on “star life cycle”. Presumably Pseudo, as they come before Legendaries it seems.
This line would seemingly eliminate the theories of a Celestial (or something similar) type.*Clover Dragon (Grass/Dragon). Small, bipedal yellow “European” dragon with green wings and tail. Its wings have little clover leafs on them.
*Clover Dragon Evo (Grass/Dragon). Evolution. Larger, slightly more serpentine, with more clover leaves on it. Has four legs in addition to wings.
*Clover Dragon Final (Grass/Dragon). Final Evolution. Very elongated, with multiple legs, two sets of wings, with clovers sprouting out over its body.

*Ghost Jellyfish (Water/Ghost). Weird, white “ghost sheet” jellyfish, with a little dark-blue body underneath.
*Ghost Dolphin (Water/Ghost). Evolution. Still has the white ghost-sheet top, and dark-blue lower body, but resembles a dolphin more so.
*Ghost Whale (Water/Ghost). Final Evolution. Resembles a killer whale, with the white ghost-sheet covering the front-part of its body, although there are holes in parts of it giving it the spots you see on an orca.
This line sounds very interesting. Going from jellyfish to dolphin seems a bit strange, but the line fulfils then need I want for a generic sheet ghost. Could have a pretty awesome Pokémon from this description!


That’s is for part one of 2.0, the next part should be up soon and will feature a few more Pokémon as well as some speculative details on Gym Leaders and The Elite Four. But, for now, what do you all think of the information above? What do you want to see? Any reasons you think this is real or fake? Get discussing!
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