2/17 Pokémon Smash! Finished!


Pokémon Smash! is airing in Japan in a couple of hours. As usual we will be covering the episode and updating LIVE. You can also watch along in the stream below thank to ZephyrSonic.

We’re not expecting a huge amount this episode other than a re-reveal of Sylveon/Ninfia and a reshowing of the video we posted two days ago, as well as some information on Episode N and Extremespeed Genesect – Mewtwo’s Reawakening – likely a Corocoro rehash though.

LIVE updates:

  • The anime that’s reairing this week is Trouble’s Brewing.
  • This episode features the Kimono Girls and their Eevee evolutions. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Anime episode has finished.
  • Pushing the Eevee Friends segment again.
  • They’re currently running through all of the evolutions of Eevee. And dragging out it. Again.
  • Sylveon/Ninfia shown on a board.
  • The gameplay video is being shown.
  • Full movie name revealed, again!
  • Preview for the next Episode N… episode…
  • That’s all folks!

Nothing was revealed! We’ll be back next week for more Smash shenanigans!

[spoiler show=”View Stream”][/spoiler]

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  1. Anyone else kinda feel they won’t even show Sylveon? Pokemon Smash hasn’t given Pokemon X/Y one bit of recognition.

  2. Well I figured nothing brand new would be revealed, but at least now they can move on and start focusing on something other than the guy dressed up as the eevee evolutions

  3. Wait one thing I don’t understand, why did that Eevee guy close his mouth with his hands after he said something about Sylveon? That makes no sense to me, unless that translates into something that we don’t know about Sylveon.

    1. Someone said that those 2 guys were wondering what its type was and eevee kicked them out before he could tell them

  4. Too bad i couldnt watch it. Thank you pokejungle for posting what happened. I wonder who is going to dress up as Sylveon. Have all the eeveelutions been played as by guys? It will look funny if a guy dresses up as Sylveon since its kinda girly.

    1. uh not funny. Believe me. It would be creepy. You should see the guy dressed as Espeon, Glaceon and Vaporeon… Just creepy

      1. I thought Vaporeon was actually pretty funny. They all were, just in a creepy weird way. Also, quite why you got a down vote there I don’t know.

          1. Hahahaha. There’s someone just downvoting everything. It would bother me if I was a user. But I’m not. I am above the power of the downvote. FEEL MY WRATH DOWNVOTE.

    2. All of the Eevee Evolutions are really girly (Except Umbreon and Jolteon) so there wouldn’t have been that much of a difference.

      1. Yes, all except Jolteon and Umbreon have to be female while on your team. You
        can’t see the in any other way. Jolt and umbre have to be male cauae you
        can’t see them as female.

        1. Its exactly the same way with people who see Sylveon as Female only. Its the same exact thing.

          This doesn’t change the fact that all Eevee Evolutions have a 87.5% chance of being male and Sylveon isn’t above that right now.

          1. Also the only Pokemon with Gender specific evolutions (Burmy, Snorunt, and Ralts) all have a 50:50 gender ratio.

            We also have some exceedingly girly Pokemon that are male with a pretty decent ratio. Goreybss, Bellossom, Gothitelle. Mr. Mime, as put out by his name, is a masculine Pokemon as well as Machamp, and they both have Female Gender Ratios above 0%.

            Just cause it looks girly doesn’t mean its going to be 100% Female or part of a Gender specific evolution.

          2. Female Machamp is disgusting though.
            On a side note Mr.Mime’s Japanese name has nothing to with gender.

          3. Neither do Sylveon’s English or Japanese names. Both are spirits with no defined Genders that only appear more common as a specific Gender. Nymphs and Sylphs can appear as either Gender.

            Only reason it appears so girly is because we see it as overly girly. Some people see it as male as displayed by the Gijinkas on Tumblr.

          4. “Mr. Mime, as put out by his name, is a masculine Pokemon” I was just referring to this line.
            Verbalist much?

          5. You said Barrierd doesn’t show anything on whether or not he should be Male only since his name doesn’t show any gender. Well. Ninfeon shows no specific gender either. You are as much a verbalist as I am as your only justification to support your own theories are shallow and hold no real information. There are a lot of Pokemon based on name, or overall look that should or could be gender specific but they are not.

            While I agree with how it looks, it isn’t gender specific as far as we are all aware. There are many fans that can see Sylveon as Male. Some already have various characters made or planned that are Male Sylveon.

            Your entire points have been met and countered. Don’t go trying to call people names or call them out when you can’t even do simple research or see that you are being a hypocrite and doing the very same thing that you accuse others of doing

          6. “Female Machamp is disgusting though.
            On a side note Mr.Mime’s Japanese name has nothing to with gender.”

            Can you even see anything about Sylveon there? Can you? Cause my eyes just can’t.

            And do you wanna see another thing that I just can’t.

            I just can’t at you saying “don’t call people names” and then calling me hypocrite, i just really can’t.

          7. Your entire reasoning for saying Sylveon was Female only was because 1) it looks girly. 2) Its name contains Syplh/Nymph. There are two other discussions in which you brought up the latter.

            I posted two proofs that Names and visuals do not mean what gender they are. On one side you have Machamp who looks 100% male. It isn’t. On the other you have names such as Mr. Mime which would mean its 100% Male. Which it is not.

            You were being a hypocrite because you blatantly refused to see the points presented against your argument when proof was posted and continued with your “as of fact” statements and calling others out on their opinions on the matter because your’s conflicted with them.

            You see it as 100% Female and that is strictly your opinion. Since there is no proof of Gender it can be either or based on Eevee’s current alignment. Its roughly 90% Male, 10% Female. Its name does not hint to any specific gender, Japanese or English. They do not actually spell out Nymph nor Sylph in either name, both connections are Fan made assumptions based on how they are pronounced. Even still, both fantasy creatures have no defined gender. They may appear as one, but they do not have a defined gender. Both are capable of appearing as either gender as well. So neither of them are associated with just one gender.

          8. I’m repeating can you see anything about Slyveon that came from me in this article. No, I’m not even talking about Sylveon there, I’ve just stated that Mr.Mime’s Japanese name don’t have gender in it.

            I’ve posted in another article about Sylveon and I used words like “may,possiblity,think,opinion” Are these refer to facts? NO! These are of course strictly my opinions. There is no argument, there is no proof, there is no fact. There are speculations and opinions.

            Check before posting.
            Think before speaking.

          9. Our discussion that started in the Sylveon thread where you were going on about how it looks, how it can’t be male and that we’d get a separate male evolution to match it.

            Everytime I posted, you responded, ya well that’s your opinion. (Paraphrased). I responded to that, The same can be said for everyone who thinks Sylveon is Female only. You respond with a no.

            So really, you haven’t said Sylveon is Female only? You haven’t tried to prove it was Female in origin because of its name and look?

            Only time you said “think” was when you said Leafeon and Espeon can look male cause you think they can be male, but to you Sylveon was 100% female with no chance of being male.

            I posted in saying that I had a similar mindset with majority of the Eevee Evolutions, but that didn’t mean that they were 100% Female, nor would Sylveon have to be.

            So, I have checked before posting, thank you very much. You did NOT use words like “may, possibility or opinion” when stating your views on the matter. You can tell everything was opinionated, but you were stating it in a very “matter of fact” way.

            And the entire discussion has been around Sylveon so trying to say that the topic changed is poor attempt to try and make your side look better.

            I will say this that I DO owe you an apology because my temper is hard to control right now and we are arguing about something incredibly stupid. I am sorry for starting a lot of this, but I do have pressure points that you managed to press unknowingly seeing as you do not know me nor do I know you.

          10. I was just speculating, I’m not serving anything as a matter of fact. There’s no way! I mean I get it as an insult(!!!) because I always try to use things like “it can be, it may be, maybe, there’s a possibility, in my opinion” I may not used these words in your responses, but I USED them stating idea about Sylveon before. Because nobody can be sure about anything since we’re not the ones who are designing Pokemon. They’re not served as matter of fact, I can’t think how you can understand them that way.

            If you’re speculating, you throw ideas and you try to find connections between them. I speculated Sylveon may be a female based evolution and try to find connection between names. This is all just speculation based on ideas. I’m not serving anything as a proof or a fact. You’re overreacting, we’re speculating. It’s sad that all is misunderstood.

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