2/17 Pokémon Smash! Finished!


Pokémon Smash! is airing in Japan in a couple of hours. As usual we will be covering the episode and updating LIVE. You can also watch along in the stream below thank to ZephyrSonic.

We’re not expecting a huge amount this episode other than a re-reveal of Sylveon/Ninfia and a reshowing of the video we posted two days ago, as well as some information on Episode N and Extremespeed Genesect – Mewtwo’s Reawakening – likely a Corocoro rehash though.

LIVE updates:

  • The anime that’s reairing this week is Trouble’s Brewing.
  • This episode features the Kimono Girls and their Eevee evolutions. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Anime episode has finished.
  • Pushing the Eevee Friends segment again.
  • They’re currently running through all of the evolutions of Eevee. And dragging out it. Again.
  • Sylveon/Ninfia shown on a board.
  • The gameplay video is being shown.
  • Full movie name revealed, again!
  • Preview for the next Episode N… episode…
  • That’s all folks!

Nothing was revealed! We’ll be back next week for more Smash shenanigans!

[spoiler show=”View Stream”][/spoiler]

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