February 2013 CoroCoro Leaks; New Pokémon! [UPD]

february2013corocorocover CoroCoro’s cover has been photographed and posted by a user on 2ch! In the lower lefthand corner we can see that a new Pokémon will probably be revealed within the issue 🙂 We’ll update this post ASAP with any new info! The Pokemon NINFIA has now been revealed! Check the spoiler! It’s an evolution of Eevee and the Japanese asks if it could be the same type. Update: Full scan of Ninfia information has been posted.  Shows in-game model.

UPDATE: Our friends at ShellSpider are reporting some new information. [list type=”arrow_bw”] [list_item]Full name of the upcoming movie is Extremespeed Genosect and the Awakening of Mewtwo[/list_item] [list_item]New Pokémon debuting in “Eevee & Friends” short is called ニンフィア (Ninfia)[/list_item] [/list]

UPDATE 2: Again from Shellspider we have some new details about the anime and a related Pokémon giveaway.

[list type=”arrow_bw”]
[list_item]New anime episode titles for April: White Ruins; Ash vs N!, Team Plasma Attacks! The Reviving Ritual!, & Reshiram VS. N! To the oblivion of Ideal and Reality[/list_item]

[list_item]The Episode N arc will end on April 18th in Japan[/list_item]
[list_item]Dragonite will be distributed on the PGL; lv55, Multi-scale with the attacks Dragon Rush, Safeguard, Wing Attack, and ThunderPunch [/list_item]

  1. Eeveelution. But that is probably all the info we are getting because Pokemon Co. is a troll. I am intentionally being a pessimist if you couldn’t tell. I do hope they show something more than one silhouette they should.

    Edit 1: Mewtwo’s Awakening? WTF Mewtwo is in ANOTHER movie… oh well that is cool I guess…
    New Pokemon called NInfia huh? That is likely what is in Corocoro and PS.

    Edit 2: Ninfia is cute. So PS will have no info nor will the Pokemon short. Is that it for Corocoro’s leaks though? 1 new eeveelution? We knew it was coming and it is cute, but… I want more… please?

    1. let’s wait a bit more, there are usually more pages dedicated to pokemon. we have until 15th to see if there are more things to see or not

  2. YES. I’m so excited for more leaks! I wanna go with a Fennekin evolution, but at this point I’m happy with anything they show after getting all the fakes. xD

    edit: Ah at first I wasnt to big on the ribbon things…but the more I’ve been looking at it it’s really catching on to me.
    Also the new movie title I freaked out, I didn’t think we’d hear more from Mewtwo really looking forward to this one. Possible Team Plasma/Team Rocket creation battle?

  3. Im going to guess its an eeveelution. Not sure what typing it could be though. But doesn’t the tail part look like a reshiram/zekrom like tail? Not saying it has a special meaning, but it looks pretty cool.

  4. Doesnt seem too eeveelution-ish but who knows maybe it is and if its a flying type could those ear things be like wings? Omg omg am super excited!!!!

  5. The first thing I thought of was the Minccino line… It’d be neat for them to get an evo, but I don’t know how likely it is!

    1. Ninfia is its Japanese name name. Just like how Leafon and Glaceon are called “Leafia” and “Glacia”.

  6. Glaceon and Leafeon end in -ia in Japanese. Quadrupedal. Looks like an Eevee evolution in the silhouette. I’m betting on it being one.

  7. it looks like it is a bipedal and the top left looks like a head so i have my doubts on it being an Eeveelution

  8. still waiting for the other eeveelution… the fact that its type is hidden and also the evolution method is hidden makes me think that i could be a normal type female evo (like skitty) and the other one be a normal male evo…

      1. lol u got it all wrong what i meant to say was that these new evo’s could be based upon GENDER… 🙂

        1. Yes, but Skitty’s evolution isn’t based on Gender. If that was what you wanted to say, should have gone with Snorunt into Froslass, Kirlia into Gallade, Burmy into Mothim OR Wormadam, or Combee into Vespiquen as they are all Gender based evolutions.

          Skitty doesn’t have a “Female Evo”. Delcatty has a 25% chance of being male just like Skitty.

          1. well w/e im glad u got my point lol but still… i need more new pokemon!!!! plus , did anyone noticed there’s a new pkmn battling with ninfeon in one of the screenshots?

  9. Can anyone translate some of that tiny text around the image? I know the type and ability are “???”s, but is any other info given?

    1. It just says this is a new Pokemon you can catch in XY and it shows arrows to Eevee’s current evolutions and another arrow to Ninfia saying “New Evolution” 🙂

  10. Does anyone know Japanese to tell us what Ninfia might mean or refer to? It might give a hint to it’s type.

    1. nymph-ia? nin is very broad and could refer to a lot of things but it does seem nymph like in appearance. Just a guess though

    2. I’m basically just C+Ping this from Pokecommunity:
      Found the origin of ‘Nin’!! If you review the Japanese names of the Eeveelutions you’ll see they are all based heavily around English words.

      So based off of that, we came across this : Ninon.

      Ninon is a sheer fabric of silk, rayon, or nylon made in a variety of tight smooth weaves or open lacy patterns and/or open mesh-like appearance.[1] It is described as very delicate or lightweight and is sometimes referred to as “French tergal”.[2] Available in a variety of solid colors and tone-on-tone woven vertical stripes. Some ninon fabrics have embroidered borders. Pronounced “nee-no”. Because the fabric is made with high twist filament yarns, it has a crisp hand.[1] End uses include eveningwear and curtains.

      Considering that the games are apparently based in Europe, the fact ninon is referred to as French tergal, it only makes more and more sense.

      1. I agree with your suppositions. Moreover I think that two new normal eeveelutions will appear based on gender. This one is the female one. Look forward to see the male one!!! (a link with X and Y??)

        I’m also excited about the new images of the game: if you look well on the scan, you can see different parts of in-game images, including one presenting NINFIA in the game!

        1. I don’t think there’s going to be male one. Actually it would be cool if they have gender differences like Jellicent.

        2. Gender of the Eevee Evolutions is based on opinion only. Personally only Male Eevee Evolutions I think exist are Jolteon and Umbreon. All the others cannot be anything other than Female. So Flareon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon and Ninfia are all going to be Female for me. Though we know they aren’t all Female only.

          1. I can think of female and male versions of all Eeveelutions except this f-ing little piggy-oink Ninfia. She should die, oh god I would love to kill the person who designed it slowly and painfully.

  11. I think this is Eevee natural evolution it makes sense seeing as gamefreak never gave a Eevee a evolution its not effected by the environment i.e. a natural Evolution. This Gen going be exciting seems like new evo and pre evo for pokemon from gen 1-5 this could get interesting lol

    1. I don’t know.. If it’s a just a normal evolution from eevee why this huge change in design? I mean, they could have used at least the same colour..

          1. No Pokemon evolves by Cuteness so that is completely new. Considering they bring back the Contest stats. If they don’t its probably just another new Hold Item Evolution. Meowth is supposed to cause Eevee to Evolve in the Movie by accident. Dropping a new item on Eevee seems the easiest way to do that.

          2. When they first gave news about the Eevee Short movie, there was a part translated something close to: Eevee is throwing a Party, Meowth shows up and starts a commotion. What happened to Eevee?!” Based on how predictable the anime usually is with information like that, it seems fairly easy to come to the conclusion that Meowth does something stupid and accidentally evolves Eevee.

            Will this be 100% Game canon? Most likely not seeing as the Anime has strayed so far from the Game Canon concerting Item evolution and Form Changes. Though its not completely irrelevant to the connection of how Eevee will evolve. (which is why the method is a secret right now since its a spoiler for the movie.)

        1. No source says its Gender. For all we know the Eevee in the Movie that evolves into Ninfia is male.

    2. There is no suck thing as natural evolution. Actually when it comes to
      Eevee, all eeveelutions are natural, since it is about adaptation. This
      Ninfia looks like it is forced though.

  12. What the….? A Eevee with two bows?! Am I happy or confused? My while life had turned upside down….

  13. regardless of type what gets me it that eevee’s are mostly male so then why does it have to be pink and girly

  14. The evolution method is said to be a secret, as is its type Could this be a sign of a new Pokemon type perhaps the talked about light type

  15. At first I really thought it might be a Bug type Eevee evolution, but the long things on the butterfly-like bows threw me off, I’m now thinking pure Flying type. It would make sense not to say straight up what type it is since a lot of ppl would think they’d go the route of finishing off the “special” types with a Dragon type evolution. I mean having a Pure flying type is a big deal freaken deal since there aren’t many of those (Tornadus being the only one not counting Arceus flying form). I think it’s Ironic that the first two Flying types are not birds or mainly bird like in their form if we excluded Tornadus’ other form of course. But just to be safe, I’ll say either Flying (breeze nymphs) or Bug (Nymphs as in bugs). The name is what bothers me, if its name is based off of Nymph, why not instead use the name of the Aurae (the sort of title of the nymphs of the breezes collectively), nymphs in mythology are said to look like beautiful maidens which would add to why this Eevolution is so beautiful.. I don’t just rambling at this point.

    1. Re-Repost.
      I’m basically just C+Ping this from Pokecommunity:
      Found the origin of ‘Nin’!! If you review the Japanese names of the Eeveelutions you’ll see they are all based heavily around English words.

      So based off of that, we came across this : Ninon.

      Ninon is a sheer fabric of silk, rayon, or nylon made in a variety of tight smooth weaves or open lacy patterns and/or open mesh-like appearance.[1] It is described as very delicate or lightweight and is sometimes referred to as “French tergal”.[2] Available in a variety of solid colors and tone-on-tone woven vertical stripes. Some ninon fabrics have embroidered borders. Pronounced “nee-no”. Because the fabric is made with high twist filament yarns, it has a crisp hand.[1] End uses include eveningwear and curtains.

      Considering that the games are apparently based in Europe, the fact ninon is referred to as French tergal, it only makes more and more sense.

        1. Considering we don’t have English names yet, thats hard to prove. It has ribbons on it, and its name is based off of a type or dressing ribbon used on curtains, dresses, etc. It makes complete sense, It also doesn’t really relate to a Ghost type as Nymphs are spirits that borrow elemental powers to create their bodies. Since Nymphs are spirits, that would make Ninfia a Ghost type. Which i kinda doubt.

          We also don’t know how to pronounce the name. I keep pronouncing it Nin fee ah which is closer to the C+P I found than Nymph.

          1. No, they are spirits that embody various elements to create their bodies. There are Fire Nymphs which are mischievous hotheads who tend to set everything on fire, Water Nymphs are cautious and secretive, Wood Nymphs are playful and caring, they tend, and nurture plants and animals, Wind Nymphs are pranksters who just love to play around as often as they can. A lot of common versions of them give them Fairy wings, but most western stories have ruined the true pictures of what Fairies are.

            While most of the time we think of Tinkerbell, that is not a fairy. Fairy are old Norse beings who steal children who have wandered away from their parents in the woods or from their homes should they have misbehaved. Depending on which lore is followed, the Fairies trap the children as a source of power or devour them to keep themselves alive. There are different versions of Fairy which are commonly called Fae in these versions. Two specific arc types of higher Fae who are like gods and lower Fae who tend to live in rural areas and away from humans.

            Its the same deluded mistakes with elves. Based on various lore you have tall, majestic Lord of the Ring styled elves, and then you get the playful to merciless version of elves from popular Christmas Carol, Stories, and even nightmarish legends.

            Nymphs are also completely genderless as they don’t mate. They simply exist. Their numbers only increase when a new habitat is created naturally (or magically depending on stories but only larger powered beings can create Nymphs as Nymphs had very little power to begin with and very short life spans.

          2. Nymph and Sylph are both pretty close. Depending on what version they use, it can be an inbetween translation error. Nymphs are pretty common “fairy” used in Japanese Lore, elemental Nymphs more so, so if Sylveon is based off of a Wind Nymph in Japan, its still pretty interesting. A Wind Nymph would be on base with a Western Sylph anyway.

            We’ll know much more when we get its typing, though it being based on a wind creature doesn’t mean it’ll be Flying type as not all of the Wind Based attacks (actually a majority) aren’t flying type. And I mean those that are actually represented by wind and not cutting space (Air Slash and Air Cutter as they are based on sword techniques that cut space using pockets of air) and Pressure/breath attacks.

  16. Not sure about its overly long flat looking face yet, and why have big eyes unlike the others, also it looks psychic

  17. If you noticed in the magazine scan, above the official artwork… It shows the in-game ‘Ninfia’ engulfed in a flame like ring. This shows some consistency with previous DRAGON type Pokemon attacks (I mean we know its not FIRE type due to Flareon). I wouldn’t rule out DRAGON type just yet. It’s appearance could be misleading on purpose. And, according to the ‘SPECIAL’ trend with previous Eevee evolutions, I would have to lean more towards DRAGON type (not claiming to be right by any means; anything could happen)…

    Just look at ‘Altaria’ for instance. It is a cloud like bird, with “ribbons” too.

  18. i don’t know if anyone said here before, but i thought that maybe there are going to be 2 new eeveelutions this gen and they are going to evolve based om gender, this is going to be the female one, and the male is going to something blueish?

  19. ok after seeing the whole scan with how it is shining on part of it i am thinking it is the first light type pokemon. *gets ready for people to bash me for suggesting new type*

  20. What do you think about a NORMAL FEMALE Eevee and a NORMAL MALE Eevee (to be revealed?) evolving according to your OWN gender, I mean, the same gender as yours as a trainer in the game?

    1. According to your own gender? I think not. They wouldn’t want the gender of the player to change the gameplay. But two Normal evolutions based on Eevee’s gender sounds plausible.

      1. “The more you battle with your Pokemon, the stronger your bond will become”…

        Eevee female + female trainer = Ninfia (Nymph?) (Normal type)

        Eevee male+ male trainer = ????? (Normal type OR Fighting?)
        if you are a male trainer, you simply cannot have Ninfia and exchange it with a girl.

        1. I was thinking something similar. Although not so much Trainer Gender, but game version. X= Male, Y=Female. Then you just trade once it evolves. Fits with the whole chromosomes thing too.

  21. Ninfeon (I know that’s not its confirmed name, but that’s what I’ll be calling it until we get one)! I can’t wait to find out its type and evo method!

  22. Just had a thought you guys have been talking about Nyph well i looked it up and found there are 5 different types Celestial Nymphs, Water Nymphs, Land Nymphs, Plant Nymphs and Underworld Nymphs since we already have a water,normal,grass, and dark type that leaves Celestial and that brings me back to what it says in the magazine about this new form of eevee “The evolution method is said to be a secret, as is its type” and then I thought back to this past gen and remember Celestial Tower which make me about 80% sure that there will be a new type base on Celestial.

  23. Oh wow is it pink in the actual scans! The first ones were pretty misleading color-wise…

    Someone on Tumblr was talking about a “Fairy” type recently… though I have no clue how that would even work. I’d much rather them -not- introduce any more types, mostly because I don’t want to re-learn my type chart, ahahaha…

    Edit: There’s a lot of tiny type on these pages… anything interesting? I hope some more pages get leaked before I have to go to class. ^~^

  24. Does CoroCoro really ask if Ninfia could be of the same type as Eevee? None of the other websites have pointed that out.

  25. Guys, it seems like there wouldn’t be another eevee evo after Ninfia for Gen VI. I noticed that, the logo of the Pikachu Short: Eevee’s Friends features a bowtie in the middle of the japanese text. and Ninfia HAS a bowtie on it’s body. 🙂 and the other japanese text symbolizes each one of the other Eevee evolutions. :))

      1. They would have shown the second one and showcased it at the same time if that were true. We may be only getting one new Eevee evolution this Generation.

        1. I am not sure of that. No reason to reveal the two new eeveelutions at the same time. This one is girly: they just have revealed it according to their blue ocean strategy.

          1. It would have been better for them to have showcased both if we were getting two. Since we only got one showcased, it stands to reason we only get one this generation. There is only one “special” type left and while it doesn’t look anything like Dragon Typed Pokemon (other than as someone pointed out that they share the same color pattern), there is a chance it is Dragon Typed to complete the Special type theme.

  26. Are there any signs of more scans!?
    Ninfia looks sweet! The first scan wasn’t a eye catcher but now I grow to like it! Fingers crossed it’s FLYING! *-*

  27. crap, k i need to stop going to pokemon sites if i want to have a un-spoiled experiance playing these games. also new eeveelution looks cool, i prob wont use it. i like the idea of it being dragon typing though. partially cause i want eevee to have a normal evo that looks more like it.
    also genesect vs mewtwo. meh im sure it will be ok, but at the same time i wanted arceus vs mewtwo movie last gen. creator pokemon vs created pokemon, i just imagined some interesting dialog and plot/theme.

  28. There’s a new Pokemon fighting against Minfia In the screenshot with the grass field and ninfias back sprite

    It’s so tiny and on the creese of the magazine

  29. Hahaha so thats why there was a bow in the Eevee-movie title. I am really excited however the design is kinda weird/cute. Is it going to be female only? Or will it have a male form or is this just it? I dont care. I like it. But my favorite will still be Espeon 🙂

  30. Actually seeing a new pokemon in a screenshot for the new game makes me really want it 😀 But I’m kinda sad because I wanted a ghost eeveelution..It does kinda look like something from the pokemon musicals, like dressed up with random stuff, and they talk about it’s beauty and stuff. I’m wondering if you evolve it by dressing it up in a musical.. Ninfia could come from Nymph (which stems from ‘nimphe’, an old *french* word) making it a bug type, especially with that butterfly adornment and those very bug-like eyes, also those two top tassles kinda look like antenna, they seem to stay pointing up and the colours at the end remind me of those parasites you get in snail antenna that make them pulsate colours.. or maybe it is a new type, it would be a neat way to introduce one, via a new eevee evolution with a mysterious typing. Hmm so many possibilities, but I’d go with the bug theory, definitely sounds the most plausible

    1. Bulbagarden is already mad I put up their Wii U scan lol. Not going to poke the hornet’s nest further.

  31. So the Pokemon X and Y will have mechanics to strengthen the bond with your pokemon? And Ninfia is covered with heart bows and the color scheme it has….I think it’s pretty obvious what the evolution condition for this one is!

  32. I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the sparkles coming off of Ninfia in the first page (unless they’re made by the camera). That combined with the apparently secret type and evolution method, as well as there seeming to be only one Eeveelution this gen (Why wouldn’t the second one be revealed in the Eevee short too?) makes me think there’s a possibility that it’s the Light type.

  33. I dont think we can rule out the possibility that Ninfia’s evolution method might have something to do with the double helix in the logo…?

  34. I think that eeveelution is a trade or level up holding the Normal-boosting scarf item. I can’t remember its name, Silk Scarf?

  35. THIS CAN’T BE THE ONLY X AND Y INFORMATION 🙁 I really wanted to know Xerneas and Yveltals type, I seriously thought that Xerneas would end up part fighting because it looks like the master of the musketeers, a bit like Ho-Oh and the Legendary Dogs. And something similar with the weird genie trio and yveltal? And I was thinking, essentially Fire/Psychic is Light type, if you think about it. And this eveelution looks so similar to Victini, it’s ridiculous. It has the same eyes, ears, tail and color scheme. I hope it has something to do with Victini, or else, to me, it’s too similar. Apart from the similarity to Victini, the design is pretty awesome for me. It also could be possible there is a new type, hopefully more original than light, as I kinda thought of Gen 5 as a new start for Pokemon, they were starting to base their generations on places out of Japan, Older characters etc. So Gen 6 to me is a bit like the new Johto. And they introduced new types that gen. I’m probably wrong, but just a thought 😀 Is this actually how little they’ve released? :-O

  36. These are my thoughts, though they may seem Farfetch’d and I may be reading too much into things but oh well.
    If you look at the picture with all the Eevee evolutions there is a rainboiw in the background, plus, except for orange, all the Eevee evolutions make up the colors of the rainbow. And Ninfia has those bows on it. Could they be referencing rainbows? And when you shine a light through a prism you get a rainbow. Perhaps it is a Light type Pokemon?

  37. inb4 this Ninfia is shiny.. didn’t the logo had stars? also, in the Eeveelution poster, Ninfia is all sparkly.. AND they aren’t revealing the type/evolution method… so I’m guessing they revealed the shiny version first to confuse people (also, because of the eevee short)

    This is all a theory of course

  38. To tie in with the theme of X and Y I wouldn’t surprised if this is one of the two new possible evolutions. A female eevee would evolve into this while a male eevee would evolve into another new evolution?

  39. I am fangurling over this pokemon! even though its not my fav. eeveelution i like it enough to try it out.

  40. Compound eyes and what looks like butterflies? Along with ‘nymph’ I would say it points squarely towards a bug-type.

  41. She’s got to be a flying eevee. Look at her design. She’s a kite!! She has the bows like they do on kites, and she has the ribbons like kites do. And her name could be Kiteon. XD

  42. An anon from Tumblr translated the scan for me.

    “「ニンフィア」 現る!!

    “‘Ninfia’ Revealed!!”


    “What is this Pokemon that resembles Eevee…could it


    “How did this evolve from eevee!?”

    見た目によらず実力派!? 何タイプなのか?

    “How strong does it look!? What type could it be?”


    “What on earth is it’s type now!?”

    タイプ: ???
    とくせい: ???
    高さ: 1.0m
    重さ: 23.5kg

    Type: ???

    Ability: ???
    Height: 1.0m
    Weight: 23.5kg

    イーブイ/ノーマル → 新たなる進化 →

    Eevee/Normal –> New evolution –>


    New eeveelution form has appeared in Pokemon X/Y!!

    「ポケモンX・Y」に登場する新ポケモンの名はニンフィア! 進化に秘密が!!

    Introducing to “Pokemon X/Y” A new Pokemon named
    Ninfia! It’s a secret evolution!!


    Up until B2/W2 there were 7 Eeveelutions!!


    At the moment, the way it evolves from eevee is a mystery.”

    So, could this be hinting a new type? What do you guys think?

  43. Is it just me or does anyone else notice the strangely dark silhouette behind Eevee? It has a spiked tail so it can’t be Umbreon. New Eeveelution?

  44. Wait, so this is just the cover, right? So there’s more of the February 2013 CoroCoro to be leaked in the coming days?

    1. No, the cover was the silhouette, and the colored eeveelution and the movie information was all inside. We will have to wait til Pokemon Smash for something new, if anything at all (most likely a recap of the leak).

    1. Considering that CoroCoro already leaked, it highly doubt that it is real, as it would have been revealed almost 24 hours ago. However, I am no expert, so I may be wrong, but my bet is that it is a fake.

  45. Does anyone else think Ninfia is a Bug ? I mean its “Bows” look like butterflies and its got blue tips of the end of its scarf things. Dont some Butterfly use their wing colour to scare off other animals and stuff that would eat them ?

  46. I don’t know why people are saying there’s gonna be two Eevees. One male, one female. The movie logo has a character for each existing Eevee. Including a little bow for this. Besides, Eevee are mostly male Pokemon so making two different gender evolutions with one being super easy to get and the other one (the one we know about)harder to get. I also don’t think it’ll be Normal type either. They wouldn’t keep it’s type a secret if it were something lame like Normal. What would it learn? Nothing the others can’t know. They should make it Dragon type since that’s the only Special type left they haven’t used for an Eeveelution.

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