Rewind: It’s Not Quite Christmas

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So, winter is well on its way (or summer if you’re in the southern hemisphere), December 25th is slowly creeping up on us and we’re well into the busiest holiday season. BUT, we’re not quite there yet. Be sure to keep coming back to Pokéjungle over the following weeks as we’ll hopefully have some fun stuff coming up, without giving it away. Anyway, coming up in Rewind this week… Pokémon Downloads, Tournaments and Other Downloads, Pokémon 3D-ish, Unno and Masuda GI Interview, Pokémon Art, Pokémon “Fan” Raids Sports Match, Best Wishes Season 2 Trailer.

[spoiler show=”Pokémon Downloads”] Pokémon Downloads – International
PGL Gothorita Using the password PGLPK15G, players can download a special Gothorita with Shadow Tag, its Hidden Ability. The Pokémon will be available until 25th July 2013

Team Rocket Meowth – Japan. From 7th Dec. – 10th Jan., those with the Japanese versions of Black 2 & White 2 will be able to download a special celebratory Meowth. The Pokémon is at Lv. 15 holding a Smoke Ball, with the ability Pickup and the moves; Fury Swipes, Nasty Plot, Sing and Snatch.

PGL Sinnoh Starters – USA. A new PGL promotion allows players to download the Sinnoh Starter Pokémon with their Hidden Abilities. Codes can be obtained by purchasing B2/W2 from WalMart. Turtwig will arrive with Shell Armor, Chimchar has Iron Fist and Piplup with Defiant.

[spoiler show=”Tournament and Other Downloads”]Tournament and Other Downloads

2013 Video Game Championships. The 2013 Pokémon VGC Series will incorporate WiFi tournaments for the first time. Starting with the 2012 VGCS Winter Battle (Dec. 13th – 17th), the first tournament in the series. Top players in the WiFi tournaments will be invited to take part in live tournaments. Winter Battle signups are live on the PGL site now. As a reward players who take part and qualify successfully will receive a complimentary Custap Berry.

Bianca Pokédex Skin – Japan. Available now until January 29th, using the password たのしく, players with the Japanese versions of BW2 can download this special Pokédex skin.

Dream World Pokédolls – International. Nine new dolls are available to download for players who utilise the Dream World. The dolls available are: Delibird, Seel, Smoochum, Treecko, Snorunt, Weavile, Spheal, Cubchoo and Vanillite.

Dream World Dolls – International. Darkrai and Deoxys will be available to Japanese players from 19th Dec. using a password distributed by Club Daisuki. The password for international players is AVDANGD.

[spoiler show=”Pokémon 3D-ish”]3D-ish Pokémon 3D-ish
A Pokémon fan under the name of nilllzz has created a “3D” rip of Gold and Silver version. The game, which is available to download and play now, features a first person camera angle (think Minecraft-style) and has the player wander round Johto following the story of the second generation games in a whole new pespective (haha). You can check out the games official page here. (Pokémon in 3D is something I’m hopefully going to delve into in the near future, so keep a look out!)


[spoiler show=”GameInformer – Pokémon’s Burning Questions”]
Pokémon’s Burning Questions
Game Informer recently hosted an interview with Pokémon director Takao Unno and producer Junichi Masuda. The interviewer poses some interesting questions such as “What exactly happens inside of a Pokéball? Is there a home in there? Is there food in there? And can humans go in a Pokéball?” and poses the famous Mew/Ditto rumour/theory. Some of the answers the two give are a little bland, but that may be down to the translation. You can read the full interview here. [/spoiler]

[spoiler show=”Pokémon Realism Art”]
Pokémon Realism Art
I wanted to feature this sooner, but couldn’t fit it in previous issues due to a couple of reasons, but here it is! Artist =arvalis over on deviantART has recreated several realistic approaches to Pokémon. As well as the beautiful artwork, arvalis provides an interesting backstory, similar to a Pokédex entry for each Pokémon. Be sure to check out their full gallery here! (Unfortunately I can’t embed any of the images on the site as it disrupts the format, definitely check the link out though!)

[spoiler show=”Pokémon “Fan” Raids Sports Match”]
Pokémon “Fan” Raids Sports Match
In a recent match between two German teams a pitch invader stormed onto the pitch sporting a Pikachu backpack. There aren’t really words to explain what happened so it’s best to just look at the photographs/video of the crazy individual in the full story here.[/spoiler]

[spoiler show=”Best Wishes Season 2 Trailer”]

Pokémon Best Wishes Season 2 Trailer
The latest trailer for Best Wishes Season 2 is now up online for your viewing pleasure! Next Ep: 20th Dec (Wed). Satoshi vs Kotetsu! Secret Weapon Sazandora! (Ash vs Kotetsu! Secret Weapon Hydreigon) A 6v6 battle will take place between Ash and Kotetsu, but what’s the key to taking down Hydreigon?



So, yeah, I think that’s all for this issue (turned out bigger than I had planned)! 3D Pokémon. How do you guys think they’ll pull off 3D in the next main series games? Or will they avoid it? Comment! Also, we’re less than two weeks out from Christmas Day, is there anything you guys would like to see us do on the site? (Other than what we have planned, of course!)