Generation VI Rumors… and More!

[styledbox type=”warning” ]Looking for Generation 6 game information?!

Too soon?? Maybe, but Dual Pixels is reporting on some industry rumors that a tipster has given them. A tipster that’s been right before… Let’s take a look! As usual please do not use this information as fact!

Pokémon Rumors:
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  • Gen VI coming in about 2 years
  • Storyline focused on a world in crisis
  • Full 3D world and models
  • New type will be introduced
  • Fewer new Pokémon, but some existing ones get new forms/abilities
  • Wii U will get a Pokémon Battrio (Japanese arcade exclusive right now) game which uses NFC technology


Thoughts?? What do you want to see in Gen 6? Rainbow type? :p Thanks for the tip Josh!

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