Generation VI Rumors… and More!

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Too soon?? Maybe, but Dual Pixels is reporting on some industry rumors that a tipster has given them. A tipster that’s been right before… Let’s take a look! As usual please do not use this information as fact!

Pokémon Rumors:
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  • Gen VI coming in about 2 years
  • Storyline focused on a world in crisis
  • Full 3D world and models
  • New type will be introduced
  • Fewer new Pokémon, but some existing ones get new forms/abilities
  • Wii U will get a Pokémon Battrio (Japanese arcade exclusive right now) game which uses NFC technology


Thoughts?? What do you want to see in Gen 6? Rainbow type? :p Thanks for the tip Josh!

< ;3 pokejungle

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  1. your welcome PJ 😀 and i really cant think of what the new type may be called if this is all true lol maybe a cosmic type? or maybe even the popular light type alot of people want

    1. As far as I know, “light” attacks are split between many types right now, like Steel for Flash Cannon, Doom Desire, and Mirror Shot, Psychic and Mirror Coat/ Light Screen, Ice and Aurora Beam, Bug with Tail Glow/ Signal Beam, then many other attacks like Power Gem, Flash, Acid Armor, Luster Purge, Reflect, and many others

      1. well only reason i can think is it can possibly cover the dark/ghost types. not saying light type will be the one its just a possibility imo

    2. So after some serious thought…if this rumor of a new type is true…I think I know exactly what it will be and I have my reason for it which I will share.

      The new type (if rumor is true) will be ALIEN type!!! And after doing some research on alien invasion movies I have come to the conclusion that this type could have 6 possible resistances, 3 weaknesses and 10 current pokemon whose types could be changed to this.

      Possible Resistances
      In alien invasion movies, all life-forms (humans, animals and plants) stand no chance against the invaders without the aid of weaponry which means that every type that represents a life-form shouldn’t be able to do normal damage to it so this would include the 3 types that represent special human individuals (Fighting, Dark and Psychic) and the 3 types that represent animals & plant life (Flying, Bug and Grass). You ask why I include Flying? Well in Japan Flying type is actually Bird type which is why we have moves like Peck and Wing Attack so…yeah.

      Oh and Dragon type doesn’t count since they are mythical.

      Possible Weaknesses
      The obvious one would be its own typing so that makes 1 of 3, but the other 2 are much needed for these STAB moves to be worth using in competitive battling.

      In the movies, there are a few themes in which the invaders are defeated. One is by simple weaponry such as guns, tanks, aircrafts and etc. as well as a simple computer virus. The other ways as seen in the movie “War of the Worlds” is that the aliens are incapable of living on Earth due to the airborne toxins and bacteria. Weaponry and Toxins lead to its weaknesses being the STEEL type and the POISON type, which as I said is much need for those 2 types.

      10 Current Pokemon Whose Types Would Change
      These 10 are rather self-explanatory as their pokedex entries refer to them being from space or communicating to something in space.

      I think they would simply scarp the Psychic typing on the Psychic types and put the Alien typing on them. The Clefairy line will drop their Normal typing. Staryu would simply have the Alien typing added to it since it is just Water type.

      So what do you guys think?

      1. YES! I would honestly love this. Actually, as a fakemon fan, I created the Alien type years ago. I think any Pokemon that has a cosmic theme to it, but that isn’t already dual-typed should have Alien tacked on to their typing. For example, the whole Clefairy evolutionary line could become Normal/Alien typing and Elgyem and Beheeyem could become Psychic/Alien. However, I don’t think Staryu and Starmie would fit the Alien typing. I mean, they may seem weird, but they’re still just starfish.

  2. Aww two years would be too far away. I’m hoping that since they released BW2 so quickly, they’ll skip RSE remakes this generation and get on to gen 6 soon.

    I think a new type could be some sort of virtual or computer-based type. Porygon could have its type changed to reflect this, and they could have pokemon based on things like computer viruses and… light? I dunno, but I think it would be cool.

    1. That’s called the grass type.

      I’m really not sure what type they can introduce that is completely necessary considering that I feel like every type is represented pretty fairly.

      I’m also not sure about the forms thing. I think it would actually be pretty neat where some Pokemon had regional forms (kinda like Shellos), only they also had different attacks, abilities, stats, and maybe even types instead of just physical appearance.

  3. -Gen VI coming in about 2 years
    More like 1 IMO, but definitely more likely than anything else starting the 3DS era for main pkmn games lol.
    -Storyline focused on a world in crisis
    How vague is that. We just saw an interview with gamefreak where they said that the pokemon world has had wars long ago but is actually a place with good morals and only exceptions in villainous teams and individuals.
    -Full 3D world and models
    Dafuq. Masuda expressed his support for sprites not long ago, and as a diehard sprites fan, I hope that’s wrong (not like the list seems any legit but hey.)
    -New type will be introduced
    The end. Okay, I know now someone made this up. Thank you.
    -Fewer new Pokémon, but some existing ones get new forms/abilities
    Im sure the next gen will be something smaller and more complementary, but if it was a forme-festival, Im not sure people would be pleased lol.
    -Wii U will get a Pokémon Battrio (Japanese arcade exclusive right now) game which uses NFC technology

    how about PBR2/XDŽ/Stadium3? That would be something to make use of the 3d models before they have to make more again. And the next year seems like the perfect timing for this too, since gen V is essentially done and we should be waiting a bit more till gen VI.
    Imagine. PBR2 – PBR done properly, THE game for competitive battlers:
    -Move tutors
    -Breeding center (breed more than one at a time and hatch a few dozen by doing other stuff)
    -Battle frontier (a costumizable trainer, and actually walking in an Emerald like frontier area)
    –pokemon gifts, some wild (making any still hidden abilities available, especially starters through hard tasks)
    -Berry growing place
    -EV training place (gaining EV through some minigames or fast battles with opponents of the same EV kind in a row)
    -awesome wifi battle options
    -faster paced animations n stuff.

    Now THAT would be awesome. Battrio can suck it.

  4. This is crap, there is not going to be a new type. Anyone who desires a “light type” needs to stop that hope because it is never going to happen because it makes no sense.

  5. I hate rumors this early on!
    Makes me feel extremely vulnerable to… being gullible.

    Now I have to choose what to believe and stick to (which will then be proven to be wrong once Gen 6 is near and Q.Q about) and what not to believe and shoot down (which will then be proven as true once Gen 6 is near and >:| about…).

    Da feels, meng…

  6. 3D world and models…this would be the perfect time to let us customize our characters.

    Not to sure about a new type…honestly the light type isnt my cup of tea never really got why so many people want it…but I wouldnt mind as long as it works.

    1. I guess a lot of people see “light” type things in other games and feel like it’s the only option to go with.

      Personally I don’t see a light type happening.. Pokemon has never been one for conventional, y’know? It’s too conventional to add it as an opposite to dark, everyone would see that happening a mile away. I think that they’d go with something out of the blue, but it’d make perfect sense afterwards.

      1. Yeah I agree.

        I always thought that Psychic was in a way similar to a “light” type..I just don’t see much of a difference there. Then again I’m not analyzing it as I know tons of people do and will pop up and start throwing facts left to right. xD I’d rather keep it as a fan base’s kinda cliche.

        1. Yep, you’re pretty much right, that’s why most ‘light’ Pokemon are psychic– again since they don’t like being conventional, psychic is a good unconventional light type.

          Light has been too much of a fanbase thing to really get into the games without seeming a tad too much like fanservice as well.

  7. Guys, if Nintendo clearly told Game Freak in an interview that they are disappointed with BW2 not being on the 3DS, then I highly doubt Game Freak wouldn’t keep that in mind. I do believe Gen V is coming to a close for this reason. They wouldn’t make more DS games at this point, and they wouldn’t extend Gen V onto the 3DS with R/S remakes. Why introduce the 3DS era of Pokemon with remakes instead of original titles? Also, if you haven’t noticed, we’re already nearing the largest amount of time a generation took to debut since the newest Nintendo handheld was released (1 year and 10 months between the Japanese releases of the DS and D/P).

  8. I’m not sure where Geno gets his information from, but if Gen VI does in fact debut in two years, expect a lot of backlash from fans. Seriously, if this is true, owners of the 3DS who bought theirs at launch would’ve had to wait nearly FOUR YEARS for a mainline Pokemon RPG.

  9. 2 years? Thats a long time for the filler saga in the anime… if they had that much time left,..they would not need the filler anime saga…. I don;t buy this news.

  10. Is it finally time to be able to talk about rumors?? 😀 I love the fact that the pokemon will finally become 3D. I mean, if they put in the work to make 3D pokemon models in the Pokedex App for 3DS, i would find it hard to believe that they would not be used some other time. While reading down the comments, i saw Jenny’s post about the custom playable charecters, which would be great as well, it is something that i have always actually wanted in a pokemon game, everyone plays as the same charecter -_-. The idea of less pokemon is also good, it may be a way to stretch pokemon out for a long period of time, because one of my biggest pokemon fears is that there will be too many for them, which impacts competitive battling, and makes it harder and harder to “catch them all”. Or simply, you can’t remember them all. But those are my opinions, let me know if you agree or dissagree

  11. have to be honest. even though i am the one who sent these rumors in i am kind of leaning towards them being fake but only because the filler saga is starting next year in the anime and all the event pokemon are revealed and i really doubt a filler saga will last all year so i kind of expect gen 6 the middle of 2013

  12. This might sound stupid and honestly the more I think about it…it does sound stupid! But if there is a new type then maybe it can be (DRUM ROLL) Magic Type!

    It sounds silly but I literally can’t think of anything else other than a Space Type or Cosmic Type which has already been mentioned.

    1. I like your idea of having a cosmic type, it is unique and unexpected. I would enjoy that more than a Rainbow type.

  13. We really don’t need a new type but Game Freak could do a lot with type combinations and maybe redo the stats of older generation pokemon.

    I’m praying for a non-fighting type fire starter.

    1. and a fish, mammal, monster, bird type too eh…

      Bug is there because bugs were the original idea for pokemon
      Dragon is there because it is a uniform mythological creature known by all seperated cultures even though there is no real world reference of any such thing.

  14. I’d like to see new cries for old Pokémon. When you send out a first generation Pokémon into battle it just sounds so weird in comparison to a fifth.

    1. Hell no!
      …Maybe it’s because I grew up with Pokemon since Generation 1. I love the first Gen’s cries. Listening to every single Pokemon’s cries over the years has been pretty special each time a new Gen was at hand.

      To me, what sounds weird are the newer Generation’s cries. They seem to incorporate real life sounds, like birds chirping for Starly or a xylophone being played for Kricketot. Not that they sound bad, I just think it’s a bit strange to hear the sound of multiple birds chirping outta one Starly’s mouth.

      Although, I wouldn’t mind if they slightly changed the cries of Pokemon who sound similar, but aren’t related (Charizard & Rhyhorn and Poliwag & Ditto). I’d love more individually unique cries for each Pokemon, not just the same sound made slower, faster or with a different pitch.

    2. Yes, I completely agree with you Benny. They should change the cries. Let put the boring nostalgia head somewhere, first generation cries are okay, but not good as the newer generations.(more to the point, they sound weird in advanced games and don’t sound cohesive with others) New generation cries adds uniqeness to each pokemon. For example, this cry sounds like the newer generation cries, like it has a real bird of prey voice. But at the same time it is based on the second generation cry:

      Why not changing them, actually, upgrading them?

      1. Well…
        I honestly never thought of it that way. When Benny said “new cries” I was thinking of completely new cries altogether; an overhaul. Didn’t think about •enhancing• the cries to make them sound better. I actually like this idea.
        Hell yeah! Enhance the older Gen’s cries and make them modern! Same cries, just less beep-boopy and more life…like? I guess that what the new ones are…
        It’d be exciting to hear older cries rejuvenated.

  15. Fewer pokémon sounds good, they went overboard in the last couple of gens. Maybe have 100 pokemon in total, and have 3 legendary pokemon not 14 like in diamond and pearl…

    A new type hmmm , well obviously there’s light type, maybe light would defeat dark types in the daytime, and dark would defeat light types in the night time?

    And no more HM’s, they’re useless, except for surf and fly.

    Can’t wait for this :3

    1. The DARK in the dark type is not the opposite of the light. It is the opposite of the honourable fighting as in the fighting type. So dark vs. light type ideas doesn’t make sense.

  16. Gamefreak please. Do NOT add a new type! It’s just not needed IMO. Our current system works. The only thing I can think of that would be nice is something for Normal to be supereffective against, but the point of normal is to be normally effective to basically everything.

    Also not liking the phrasing of “forms” rather than “evolutions”. Even gens always have lots of prevos and evos to existing Pokemon. I want Gen 5’s lot to be fleshed out more. And some other older dudes (Our favourites Tropius and Torkoal for example) could use a prevo or evo too. Maybe if Gen 3 remakes DO come in Gen 6, we will have these Pokemon evolving? Who knows.

    I am liking 3D models ingame though. Would like the Pokemon following you back, and customisable trainers too. I still want the Game to feel like a Pokemon game though.

    Also liking the possibility of a Colisseum on the Wii U. Means getting it will be twice as justified (Smashbros is the first justification)

  17. I have a feeling Gen VI would come out around 2 year from now, but the only think I’m not so comfortable with is, a new type. I would love to see one happen, but if it is Rainbow, I just wouldn’t know what to think. I can’t think of new types, but I want to see more done. I loved Gen 2, because we had new Eeveelutions, and 2 new types that I absolutely love to this day. I hope they can match up to that. Seeing how the new Mystery Dungeon game is fully 3D, I am more than positive it can be done with Gen VI in 2 years time. I think it is just way too early to be have rumors around. I know that the 16th movie will most likely have a Gen VI Pokemon in it too. The last movies usually always do that, and I don’t see why they would change it.

  18. Maybe the reason that they haven’t announced Gen 3 Remakes are because they’re not happening this gen. If you think about it,

    Kanto-First appeared Gen 1, didn’t appear again till Gen 2
    Johto- First appeared Gen 2, didn’t appear again till Gen 4
    Hoenn- First appeared Gen 3, if it follows this pattern, it won’t appear till Gen 6

    Meaning that the second time the region is seen again isnt 2 generations later, it’s double the region number it was introduced on :O


      1. They haven’t even dared to touch the type chart in minor ways like giving Ice a resistance or making Rock resist its own 4 generations, including a reboot basically with BW. And now AFTER that theyd randomly add a type? Does that sound anything but unrealistic?

  19. I believe that a new type can happen. Most likely space (strong against ground, electric, dragon, flying) (weak to normal 🙂 [finally a reason not to hate their type], bug, ice Light (strong against dark, bug, ghost) (weak to ghost, ground, psychic) Crystal (strong against psychic, dark, light, space, bug, ice, flying) (weak to fire steel, rock, ice, fighting, ground.) But these are just guesses. I think that we got waaay too many new pokemon last gen. So less is fine. Some of the new abilities are ridiculous, so I’d be glad to see less. And there should be 150 tms. I would like to see RSE remakes in gen 5, though. They should make a way for spiky ear pichu to be transferrable only to remake games. I’d hate to leave her behind for good on Heartgold. Oh, and put the pkmn follow u option back in.

  20. You guys I think if there will be a new type then hopefully if there really gonna go out of the way to spice things up that much its only plausible it would have to counteract the already overpowered dragon types and underpowered Poison types therefore I have two theories for what and how they could work:

    Light Type- bare with me, this would be less about the obvious mostly already covered White magic/religion aspect of it and be more about things like laser beams, solar energy, rainbows/prisms and strobelight like attacks that could cause status ailments. The reason these could be a likely candidate for a dragon killer is because from my understanding all of the dragon pokemon except 2 (dragonair fam. And altaria) are pretty savage creatures that dwell in dark caves, are hardly seen and therefore would not be use to things like sunlight or kindness based holy deities (what most would prob. Be like). Pokemon families that would/could/should change to this are: clefairy, dragonair, porygon, sunflora, cresselia, ninetails, arcanine, chimecho, mienshao, dunsparce, luvdisc/alomola, furret, mr. Mime, elegym, theres a few others obvs. But i cant name them all as it would be pretty obvious which ones would work.

    Magic type- as someone said earlier this would be the end all everything not yet covered in pokemon type. With the popularity of things like Harry Potter and witchcraft in general its very easy to assume the next type would add on to the ghost/dark/psychic paranormal group and would cover almost every aspect of each type due to the fluidity of it all but would be unique in that one aspect. This would also fit with the popular rainbow type. Also dragons are ofthen villainous objects/charecters of magical folklore therefore magic could be the only way to counter them as they can see or detect them.

    as far as the other types they dont seem to counteract Dragon like I would hope but they could still work:
    Sound – moves like screech, uproar, would be obvs changes but more pokemon like exploud family would be made. ( eww) Also roxies gym really sold the idea and made me wonder if that had been going through their heads but they scrapped it and decided to introduce it later.
    Nuclear – im surprised this hasnt been covered as this is a pretty interesting idea except that the only thing I could really see as an issue is that it would be an obvious way to strengthen the weak poison type as grimer, koffing, and trubbish are waste products but they could of course cover atom splitting, radiation, and substances like uranium,
    Tech/Computer – With computers and technology vast in the pokemonworld how could Porygon simply be the only thing from Cyberspace? This would include obvs computer viruses, robots, artificial intelligence

    Wind – With someone pointing out flying as bird type in Japan, and there refusal to just let it be its own thing. I am a little annoyed at this point there isnt a frog pokemon that sucks in air andblows it out at opponents, or a rare bird that only can be seen in the midst of tornados. Idk just ideas but If flying is air shouldnt wind be an offshoot to that similiar to water/ice, ground/rock/steel, grass/bug? Haryama, chimecho, exploud, wailmur(it can suck in air) All of the stupid over abundent normal/flying types (that should of just stayed flying) would be changed.

  21. It woudn’t make sense if nintendo takes another 2 years to release gen 6 games. The anime is almost over with the unova region and the fillers will most likely will take place in HOENN region (just like previously). I doubt they can keep running the filler episodes for the next 2 years! Most likely we will get a R/S remake but will that be for ds or 3ds is still questionable.

    Therefore I believe that the next generation will be released by 2013 …

    1. Well, Q1 2014 is still technically two years, although in reality it’s much closer to a year. So let’s say May 2013 for remakes and March-April 2014 for totally new games. 😉

        1. Well, I don’t believe that the whole rumour is true. I was just saying two years seems a good educated guess, considering the fact it lets them do a mainline Pokémon each year. 🙂

  22. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Fire Red2/Leaf Green2. Kanto has appeared in every generation, except generation V. WHile FRLG were interesting, They lacked an awful lot of features. FRLG2 could be like the inverse of HGSS, taking stock from BW2 and traveling through Kanto and Johto again. I’m thinking this could happen as BW were the first games named after a colour since RGBY that wasn’t a remake. Also in the anime, they have sped through Unova at a fast pace, so to boost these sequel remakes, they could journey through Kanto again, so Ash can challenge the Indigo League/champions league, to reflect the games.

    As regards a new type, Poison, Ice and Fire really suffer at the moment and have fallen far from grace. a new type being introduced would have to be resistant/S-effective on rock/fighting and either water/dragon/dark types, while being weak to Poison, fire and ice. when you look at nature, the only things that is comparable is a contagen or virus, as poisons\antibodies/fire/ice kill them. I like the idea of a cosmic or stellar type.

    No more fire/fighting starters, would love a fire/dragon(though could be too like Charizard) as fire doesn’t get a lot of love anymore. what could be super interesting is a set of starters who end up being Fire/Water, Water/Grass, Grass/Fire.

    There also needs to be a new Eeveelution (or three), prevo for Sawk and Throw, I’d love there to be an Evolution for Fearow and Farfetch’d, and maybe Weezing.

    There needs to be bette fossils. A Sabre tooth tiger (fire/rock or electric rock) or Mammoth (I know we have mamoswine, but a ground/rock or grass/rock could work), just no more Dinosaur/Reptile based ones for a while, a Spider fossil or an original Genesect could be awesome. Legendary fossils would be a nice turn about.

    Some awesome gyms would be appreciated. No more water or ice gyms. They have been done to death. They also need to be a lot harder. I’d love to see:

    1: Ghost Type Gym
    2: Steel type gym
    3: Normal Type Gym / new type gym
    4: Psychic Type Gym / new type gym
    5: Fire Type Gym
    6: Ground Type Gym or Rock Type Gym
    7: Dark Type Gym
    8: Posion Type Gym

    1: Electric/Dragon
    2: Rock/Grass
    3: Water/Poison
    4: Ice/Flying

    The reason for this order is the initial gyms are far too easy. Ghost type is an interesting debut gym, as normal moves wouldn’t work.
    E4 would be nice to vary between versions. Or have two types they specialise in. Maybe not though.

    1. In regards to FR2/LG2, I actually hoped they would do that one game as a combo of Hoenn, Kanto, and the Sevii Islands. It would be on the 3DS so that they had enough space in the cartridge, and it would be an experiment for the new mainstream games. Although I’m not sure what they’ll do with the anime during that time period, I’m sure that Ash could go through these regions again or travel the Sevii Islands. Also, considering that currently in the anime they’re going to begin the Episode N saga after the Pokemon League ends, this is also a perfect time to create the games.

      Now for my own opinions:

      -If there is going to be another type, I am not buying this whole rainbow or light or cosmic whatever thing. Magic makes sense, considering we already have Mismagius and other Pokemon that could cover this. I don’t understand the rainbow idea, and the light thing, although I like Lasereon’s idea for it more than some others, I feel that it’s covered in the fighting/ psychic types (kind of courage, the counterpart to dark, etc.). I don’t understand what people mean by cosmic. Godly? Alien?

      -I like the sound of a world in crisis, but isn’t that a bit mature for a younger audience? I’m sure that’s exaggerated, although if it isn’t then yeah, I like it, seeing that if so, people are aware of the villainous teams.

      -The 3D world thing ties in with my first idea, and is also supported by the new Mystery Dungeon. It’s about time, GameFreak. Although, it has been said that sprites are better supported.

      -Evos, please, forms are appropriate in some cases but in others I feel is doesn’t work.

      -I think there should be 7 legends, two trios + one on it’s own, or other combos that can be made with that number. Plus mucho returning legends because, again, it’s on a 3DS= lotsa memory.

      -Don’t care much for Battrio, but seems interesting… ish. Didn’t they replace Battrio with another game?

      -Other stuff on the main game: Mostly just a Safari zone, larger regions, definitely battle frontier, and a lot more post-game stuff. If it’s going to be on the 3DS, and I know people are going to disagree, put DLC. Maybe like new areas, or a new challenge. Multiple file support- so that I can unlock Challenge mode and play an entire file with it.

      Yeah, that’s about it. And maybe a new Gale of Darkness or Stadium or Colosseum.

    2. Im sorry but we do have evidence that they will not go on to kanto before hoenn

      Dont believe me then travel to humilau and compare it to pacifidlog
      Travel to reverse mountain and compare it to groudon/kyogres lairs
      Travel to lentimas town and compare it to the route and town after you get off the sky lift
      Travel to the route by seaside cave and compare it to the route to evergrande city
      Ruby and saphire remakes were 50% done when black2 white2 were finished. The only thing left for them to do is think up a new story.
      The actions for the sprites, the moving truck, the lyogre the groudon the rayquaza the ship to the second gym the ship to the 3rd gym the rival battles all that is done. All they have to do is apply the hexes to new sprites. So whats left aftrr that is two things
      Maps and story
      The maps were polished off with black white 2 ( very smart marketing imo on gamefreaks behalf) now the only thing left for you to decide is how long you think it will take gamefreak to create a story and implant into the blackwhite2 cartridge space and get a few months of advertising done before hand

  23. What if, instead of introducing a new type, they made it so that moves could have multiple types? It’s pretty much just theoretical since I can’t think of any examples right now, but… It could make for some interesting combos. Fire Punch: Fire/Fighting, maybe. Hmmm. Don’t mind me, just a fan blurting out half-baked ideas.
    I do think that team sizes should be increased to seven. You have your starter pokemon, and then your team of six. It would be possible to switch out your starter later on in the game, when another pokemon’s happiness was raised sufficiently. I also think that the HM moves should be inherent qualities to the pokemon, and their distribution limited a lot more. IE, no more pidgey or starly with Fly. Water type pokemon that doesn’t know how to swim. DERP.
    In saying all of that, however, I know that I – like the vast majority of readers here – will fangasm over the next pokemon game no matter which rumours turn out to be true. 😉

  24. There’s no way there’ll be a new type, first of all, so I think we can safely say that these particular rumors are fake; for those of you somehow unconvinced that a new type is impossible, please read any of the dozens of coherent, well-written arguments against such an overhaul already above my comment, and if those don’t do it for you, stuff your head between two pillows until Gen VI comes out so that you’re not embarrassing yourself during the speculation period by being one of those diehard “gamefreak wil maek teh new type in gen vi!!1!” sorts.

    That being said, new generation speculation is always fun, even if this particular spat of news is very premature. Personally, I’d love to see a break for the Ghost-type in the next generation. There’s been either a Ghost-type Gym Leader or Elite Four in every single generation up until now. I think it deserves a break. I’m not crazy about new formes, but in scarce enough quantity, I think they wouldn’t get old too quickly. Full 3D sprites sounds atrocious. While I’m not a fan of the pixellated quality of Gen V backsprites, turning everything 3D, while a perfect way to show off what will presumably be the 3DS engine that Gen VI will run on, is a horrible overreaction. I think higher-quality 2D sprites would suffice just fine. Also, the idea of the player character’s sprite or any human sprites being in 3D sounds just as unappealing. I’d also love to see a return of the follow-behind Pokemon in Gen VI, if that’s not a feature already being added to the R/S remakes or whatever games are still to be released in Gen V.

  25. Well my guess is that whatever new type they introduce will probably incorporate a legendary, along with a new movie.

  26. My thoughts:

    As far as the “two years” thing goes… do we know if this is referring to the English or Japanese release? Because I agree it’s a little far for the Japanese release, but it’s not too far off for an English release. My personal timeline puts the next main game at release in Japan late 2013 – probably last quarter. Now, BW were six months, IIRC, but if they’re redoing so many key things I could see a year for localization, which would make the two years nicely.

    As far as the new type goes – I’m not going to speculate on what it’s called, but I will speculate on what it does. It needs to be weak to Poison and Dragon. Poison types and Dragon types have so few things they’re SE against it’s ridiculous. Yes, there are a lot of dragons around, but it’s the ONLY type that’s weak to Dragon, while Ice type is SE against Flying types, one of the most popular types in-game.

    On full 3D world – Honestly, Pokemon has stuck with the flat maps for far too long, and the four-direction movement hasn’t changed since R/B. The fans have put up with it for quite a while, but we’ve been waiting for the upgrade for a long, long time. Even the Mystery Dungeon games have diagonal movement. With the release of Pokedex 3D Pro, it’s clear that they have enough 3D models of the Pokemon. Full 3D Mystery Dungeon Infinite gave them a chance to test out all their 3D, and now it’s time for a main game to make the leap.

    On fewer new Pokemon –

    There has been a pattern.

    Gen 1 – ~150 (151)
    Gen 2 – 100
    Gen 3 – ~150 (135)
    Gen 4 – ~100 (107)
    Gen 5 – ~150 (156)

    So having 100 new Pokemon would follow the pattern.

    The rumors make sense. Time will test if they are true.

  27. I like the idea of a “world crisis”, mostly because it makes me think that it would finally be the game that brings all of the regions together. Including being travel between them all, sort of like in silver/gold/crystal, where you could go between Kanto and johto. It could even open up the option of choosing the region you want to start in and moving on to the rest, getting a starter from each as you get to it. After you go through all the old regions, there could be a new one where the base of this crisis is taking place. Or flipped where you start in the new region and travel to the others to put a stop to the crisis.

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