New Keldeo Forme?


Courtesy of AAPF, a picture has emerged showing promotional figures, which come with candy in Japan, showing us that the Keldeo in the picture (the one we are all familiar with) is in labeled as being in its regular forme (いつものすがた). Which may suggest that Keldeo has another forme it can switch into. Sadly, it doesn’t show us any details on what Keldeo’s other form looks like or what it’s called, but Corocoro is due to leak soon and we could receive details from other forms of media as well. 🙂

What do you think? If this does turn out to be true, then is it a good change in game play or not? Discuss in the comment below!




  1. Anything is better than the Keldeo we already have…I think. lol

    I really hope it turns into something better. I don’t have a problem with Keldeo’s actual traits, but they way they are manifested/actually designed (the lightbulby pig nose, the oddly long horn, the high position of the tail and his “hat”) are a little off IMO. It’s a shame too, because minor tweaks could have saved it, but it’s current design just doesn’t suit my tastes at all.

  2. Yay I knew it. But I felt like I was wrong since nothing suggested otherwise. Even the Kami Trio got changes but nothing about Keldeo, until now maybe?

  3. That’s awesome! Prediction! In the movie trailer where it’s encased in ice and starts glowing, I predict that’s when it’s changing form! ^_^

  4. Seriously? A new form for Keldeo? Maybe a design tweak, but how could they possibly explain a whole new form change (story-wise)? I really hope they don’t go overboard on that. It’d be nice if, say, Genesect got an “ancient form” or some such thing since that would at least make some sense. Even the Kami trio don’t really make much sense to me. Those could’ve just been next-gen Pokémon they didn’t want to wait on using for all we know.

    1. I think it’s just something where it looks bigger and stronger, like the rest of the musketeers.

  5. Keldeo changes forme into a Musketeer which is no longer a tag-along… it is now… the 4th Musketeer which is as strong as the others!

    1. Its as strong as the others RIGHT NOW. Except for an extra unique move.. it’ll finally stick out like it should.

  6. Ugh, all these new formes are starting to annoy me.
    PS when does Corocoro come out again? I always forget!

      1. I feel like it’s way overused. Surely some legendaries don’t have alt formes – alt formes used to be special!

        Basically what I’m saying is

        (just kidding. But really, does Keldeo even need an alt forme?)

        1. I’m very confident each of the formes were planned from the start, just withheld from us for obvious reasons.

          So to me its more like “finally we’ll see what the real deal is about x”. Kyurem is the more obvious example, since it was designed in a way that would create speculation about what will become of it. Kamis were rather unexpected, but they still seemed incomplete in a way, I mean, the identical designs felt out of place when their roles were like a smaller Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza reminiscent plot…

          With Keldeo,
          actually, at first it was just a pokemon the musketeers rescued and trained.
          To their surprise it grew as strong as them really fast, until they taught it all they knew, including a secret extra move.
          So obviously that little pony has more potential than the real musketeers, and a different design seems very appropriate in that case.

  7. i call it, pegasus, merman horse or overhaul like shaymin! + , remember platinum ha like 8 forms. by the way everybody, those tidbits, may apply for dream radar. gandolphin mentioned importing. and whoever doesnt want more forms, dont catch them!

    1. Deinitely see a Pegasus but I don’t think it’ll look majorly different like that so it keeps its typings.

  8. Having all these Pokemon with new formes is a bit much, but I’ll admit I like these over their originals, the Kami Trio especially needed a major redesign.

  9. keldeo is a boss. i use an action replay. i have keldeo, meloetta, and genesect. still, this gen, we’ve had some weird stuff, keldeo getting a new form is more reasonable than 2 new games instead of one (grey), though i doubt they’ll make it now.

  10. I’m getting kind of tired of all of these new formes. Some are nice but others seem really unnecessary.

  11. if mehh it dosen’t really matter to me keldo one of my favirote water pokemon good stats go designs however when i say its offical artwork the pignose got on my nerves

  12. I feel like a Slowpoke for not writing about it being a very likely possibility.

    Its said to have more potential than the musketeer trio anyway, and they pulled the same thing with Skymin (revealing it just before its debut).
    I mean, its gonna kick Kyurems ass in the movie and be the star eh?

    Keldeo, time to grow up! 😀
    Cant wait to see its true design.

    Unlike people who are “tired of EVERYTHING getting formes” like they slap them on just now for no reason or something.
    Except for Giratina, I never felt like the formes didnt nicely compliment and improve on their initial enigmatic reveals. And even then its just because I felt like Dialga and Palkia should have gotten interdimensional formes too…

  13. Frankly I’d like to see Keldo’s new form to look more like the other three in the Musketeer Trio. I’ve never liked how it looks…

  14. Shokotan did it again:
    “Keldeo’s Resolution Forme is a must-see. Keldeo doesn’t cry out much but he will in the instant he becomes Resolution Forme!!! I ad-libbed my own kind of scream, which you can go see at the theater! Wow, already 6 years in a row…”.

    1. ‘Resolution forme’?
      IMO, that’s a kinda stupid forme name because all I can think about now is the current forme being called ‘Keldeo Pixelated forme’

      1. I was hoping it was gonna be Irregular/Unusual Forme in contrast to Regular/Usual Forme, and that it would be mutated with weird numbers of legs and horns and a single eye!

        1. I think its good that keldeo and the kami trio because the formes of the trio look better than the original and the 15th movie will make sense that keldeo has a new strong forme so it can fight kyurem also. It lookss not that strong and it looks innocent so hope the new forme will be strong and scary!!!!

  15. I just hope it doesn’t overhaul his look like with the kami trio. I do plan on using Keldeo on my main team because I’ve never used a legendary before.

  16. Isn’t Keldeo’s resolution to become just as strong, or possibly even stronger than his Musketeer family?

    I bet that form is refering to Keldeo’s goal to become stronger.

    I’m guessing this new form is a Keldeo just like Cobalion/Virizion and literally looks like a epic MLP

  17. Just to let everyone know that Keldeo’s new forme is to be called the “Resolution Forme”

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