Pokéwood and Homika Trailer Clip


After Best Wishes aired, a short preview of Pokéwood and a battle with Homika was aired! It confirms that one of Homika’s 2 Pokémon is a Koffing and also shows how Pokéwood “movies” will look.

Enjoy 🙂 Sorry vid is shaky, recorded my laptop with my iPhone.

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  1. Hopefully on Sunday they” reveal the true nature of Pokewood. Do we have to enter in it… is it needed to proceed further or is just a replacement for the musical?

    I think we knew for ages that Homika has a koffing however those clever Poke people cut before the level was revealed… props to Japan

    1. I thought that we had known about the Koffing forever too, but Serebii says we didn’t and I can’t find any screenshot. But I’m almost positive we did…

      1. Im pretty sure that there was an anime scan which showed Homika and her koffing…was that it…’cause that’s what I was thinking of.

        The fact that there was a screenshot showing she has a Garbodor in the anime is probably only for anime purposes not ingame…

    1. I forgot to log in u_u
      It’s kind of sad to see Homika having weak Pokemon. She’s no match to Janine.

  2. What I find interesting is that in the small battle snippet of the battle with Homika, the usual Gym Leader theme from B/W is there…but instead of the trumpets that’s normally used, the song instead had the guitar they’ve been using in some way or form since D/P. I may be reading too much into this, but Homika DOES have a guitar herself. So, songs with different instruments to match the gym leaders? Wouldn’t be the first time they did this (B/W had the dragon trio and HG/SS’s beast trio took it a step further).

    1. I know right?! I noticed the same thing too. A hint of electric guitar is in the battle theme. Does that apply to all gym leaders’ theme or is it exclusively for Homika?

      I sure hope all gym leaders have their special musical instrument. But, Shizui… Clam castanets?

    2. Oh wow, I didn’t notice that at all! It would, indeed, be nice if every gym leader had their own theme (or even a variation of the theme) like you suggested.

    1. Trubbish doesn’t evolve until 36..So Garbodor is really difficult for a 2nd gym leader, also if underlevel..I think Whirlipede is more probable (it has been confirmed on a scan she has a Scolipede in the anime), or a trubbish instead..

  3. Meh I’m not that concerned with the gym’s pokemon and levels. Maybe when it first comes out but hopefully soon after that Blaze black2/Volt white 2 will be released. Which will basically sort out the crapness of the levels in the game XD

  4. wow im impressed by the trainer animation! they’ve really stepped it up from previous games! I hope regular trainer battles also have animation, that’d be nice : )

    1. I think that was already confirmed in the second trailer. It showed an office lady kneeling down at the start of a battle.

  5. I swear I thought we found out Homika had a Koffing when we saw the trailer with her and Shizui and it showed in her gym a giant Koffing on the wall lol

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