6/7 Anime Preview(JP): Movie Showdown! Let’s Go Unova Defense Corps!!


Looks like Pokéwood is pretty exciting, at least in the anime. I guess Cilan’s playing the bad guy and he looks amazing. The Japanese title uses the word “sortie” in its title (we went with the translation that fit the implied meaning, not the literal one). Go look at its meaning to expand your vocabulary 😉

We also have a new title! The 3rd episode of Best Wishes Season 2 is: “Survival on the Island of Onix!“. Sounds interesting!

<3 pokejungle

  1. I actually had a question for PJ, even though it does not relate to the video above. I remember like around a year ago (?) when you made a video telling us that you were moving to Japan and everyone was surprized that you were a guy (lol). So does that mean that you were originally from the United States? I ask because if you remember my resume i submitted for the “jungle games”, i am learning japanese and i live in the united states. I was curious as to how long it took you to learn the language at a level where you could speak to a native speaker. It does help that you live there now though, lol. ありがとう

    1. I’d also like to learn that. I used to study Japanese but I had to stop when I was beginning to learn for REAL. I think I was in the intermediate level. I will only be able to start studying again in one year though… Oh well, one day I’ll learn the language for sure!!!

    2. Yup, I’m from the US (Minnesota). I have studied Ll the Japanese I know in the culmative 2.5 years I’ve lived here. During my year in Osaka as a high school student I had a dew private tutors that I met with weekly. Here in Tokyo I take college Japanese courses. At “Intermediate II” level right now. I could speak to Japanese people back in Osaka, but at a much more basic level than I can do now.

      If you want to learn Japanese I recommend the textbook “GENKI I”. I’m on the second book and they’re fairly good.

      1. You’re doing college in Japan? Cool 😀 I tried to go on a High School program since last year but all the exchange companies couldn’t find a host family for me ( I guess the Japanese don’t like vegetarians. That was the issue they had, seriously). I begun studying French because I had to choose another country. They found me a family there in two weeks, lol. I think I’ll go to college in the States but I’ll def go to Japan and volunteer for some months (gap year).

        1. It’s an American college with a campus in Tokyo though so my regular classes are in English :p

          Yeah, Japan doesn’t have a lot of vegetarian options. Many things that aren’t straight up meat do have meat involved some how, most of the time fish. 🙁

          1. That kind of sucked because I’ve been studying Japanese for years hahahah. But it’s better if I go later on my own so I won’t have to worry about bugging a Japanese family all the time by asking if the food has an type of meat.
            Good luck there! It must be awesome to get all the Pokemon games first and actually understand what they are saying ( I can get the main idea but not everything yet)

      2. Yeah, i will certainly check that book out. Thank You! Summer for me starts next week so i am planning on some hard core studying. Just curious, what made you want to go study there? I am sure it is quite expensive, right?

        1. It’s expensive, but I work two jobs :p It ends up being like 13hrs of work a week

          1. Yeah, i see. I would love to have an opportunity to visit or even study there. I hope this does not sound creepy but occasionally i click the link to your “japan blog” and it looks amazing, the pictures you take. Japan looks like a beautiful place. Anyways, thank you so much for the text book suggestions and information. 😀 さようなら

  2. It looks amazing, I NEED to start watching the anime again :(. I just hope that the Pokewood in the games are also good.

  3. There isn’t much in this video that appeals to me, but Cilan dressed like that just made me smile ear to ear. Please can he appear in BW2 dressed like that. I’d be incredibly happy.

    I might just have to watch this episode JUST for Cilan, like I watched the Striaton Gym episode/s.

    1. Also, sort of related, randomly decided to define “Cilan” on the inbuilt dictionary on OS X, and it actually has a definition as being a character from Pokémon! c:

      “Cilan (Pokémon), a Gym Leader in the Pokémon Black and White video games and in the Pokémon: Black & White anime series”.

      1. Mine doesn’t have it, are you sure you were not using the wikipedia option in the dictionary?

        1. Oops, yeah, it’s a Wikipedia entry. My bad.

          Regardless, it’s still pretty cool! The other Pokémon related names on this page don’t come up with anything though. It’s a sign of Cilan’s awesomeness.

  4. OK, I’m gonna just kick off the discussion about the Onix episode with this; at Serebii, people have translated the preview and have determined that Ash intends to catch an Onix. Also, one of the Onix may or may not be a Shiny.

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