Meet some new Bushou from Pokémon + Nobunaga!

We told you the names yesterday, but here are some actual pictures now! Enjoy 🙂 The site did reveal one more password, ネ8フニミゼテラ, which unlocks Pansear!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Anyone importing?!

  1. Uh, the official site also updated.

    Masamune, Ieyasu, Nene, Kotarou, and Ranmaru are on it.

    1. You’re a smart cookie 😉

      I actually had to manually prt sc and make images for each of them so I just added them now.

  2. Out of serebii pokebeach and you it looks like this is the first site to have it 😀 (and I don’t even go to them anymore, PJN is my homeboy!! except.. just now. to try find larger resolution images.) Nice job man, where’d you get them?? (If they’re on the site my haphazard clicking attempts did not work this time .__.)

    Super psyched every time we see new chars, I wasn’t too excited for nobunaga at first but now it’s basically Feudal Gijinkas The Game and I’m like oh my money is moving on its own.

  3. Ranmaru has dragonair because… HE is not as powerful as Nobunaga (who is his idol)
    Nene is a ninja (crobat if she gets it is pretty fast)
    Masamune is brave + bold
    Kotarou is a ninja who can shape shift
    Ieyeasu is a defensive character
    Ujiyasu is hard and battle worn
    Tadakatsu is as hard and powerful as steel
    Okuni… I had no idea whatsoever
    No (Misamagius) is Nobunaga’s wife and mysterious
    Magoichi (who battles with a gun/sword)… no idea
    Kunoichi (who follows Yukimaru and is a ninja)… no idea
    Kanbei is very ghost like… appearance and personality (teams up with Hanbei)
    Kai is fiery like Pansear
    Ina (who teams up with Tadakatsu + Ieyasu) is laid back like Quagsire
    Hanzo is another ninja and very ghost like -nowhere and everywhere at the same time
    Hanbei is young, inexperienced and playful (also teams up with Kanbei)
    Just a short sentence for each kinda explaining the Pokemon choices with the character

  4. Now if only they could design our main protagonists for the next generations. Gosh I love the style though. Hnnng. ouo

  5. I really like Ujiyasu’s design. It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s baring his midriff, I assure you.

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