New Pokémon + Nobunaga Event/Episode Details! (UPD)

Thanks to Karubi (again!) we have new images which reveal some special events coming to Pokémon + Nobunaga. Here are some details:

  • Hideyoshi’s Reshiram – Event detailing Hideyoshi’s partner Reshiram.  Available from March 31st with no end date.
  • Okuni & Whirlipede (Episode) – Available to download from the 14th of April to the 11th of May
  • Croagunkappear in your game with the password “28セメフフロヒ”
  • Emolga appear in your game with the password “テヘビトカ1リミ”
UPD: I wanted to find a clearer picture in which I could actually read the names, but for now we’re going to have to trust what Serebii says.  This list is directly from him and may not be 100% accurate unless he’s hiding a higher resolution image.  So take it with a small grain of salt.
  • – Bushou: Kotaro / Pokémon: Zoroark
  • – Bushou: Ieyasu / Pokémon: Aggron
  • – Bushou: Kanbei / Pokémon: Dusclops
  • – Bushou: Okuni / Pokémon: Whirlipede
  • – Bushou: Nene / Pokémon: Crobat
  • – Bushou: Masamune / Pokémon: Braviary
  • – Bushou: Hanzou / Pokémon: Spiritomb
  • – Bushou: Nouhime / Pokémon: Mismagius
  • – Bushou: Magoichi / Pokémon: Carnivine
  • – Bushou: Keiji is also teamed with Rhyhorn
  • – Bushou: Tadakatsu / Pokémon: Metagross
  • – Bushou: Hanbei / Pokémon: Mareep
  • – Bushou: Inahime / Pokémon: Quagsire
  • – Bushou: Ujiyasu / Pokémon: Gigalith

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  1. I dont mean to be a hater to but Serebii have a poster to show what leaders have which Pokemon…
    On another matter…
    I’m just wondering how password Pokemon will appear in the game… special intro or sill it sparkle or have a name tag under it to show it’s special

    1. I’ve just yet to post the news because of the images Serebii put up. Maybe I have bad vision, but can you read what they say?

      So he may be holding on to higher resolution pictures, but otherwise I think there’s a possibility for errors. So I’ll just wait a day or two.

  2. Croagunk and Emolga seem to be a fan-favorite of the series. Is Whirlipede well-loved in Japan?

    1. I think that Nintendo wanted a new direction with Pokemon especially as it’s with another franchise. Don’t expect the battles to be in the normal turn v turn format cause that’s not what their going for.
      Stop complaining because somehow… I think that you will probably use your Eeveelution against bosses… if you’ve looked at the videos released for this game… you will know that some people can HELP each other with Pokemon so Jigglypuff can be used to HELP against Mewtwo… not fight against it

      1. whoops. wrong comment to reply… hopefully, the Charon’ll read this and understand it was aimed towards him.

        1. lol no probs. I understand and agree with what you’re saying and I hope Charon sees it, too!

  3. The pokemon choices are out of place and random. It’s like the same people are behind the “pokemon part” of it, that handle anime related stuff. And that’s an approach I personally dislike. They might be aiming more for anime fans with it, but to me it essentially feels like they didn’t bother doing their homework before they started working on this.

    I mean stuff like Ranger and Mystery dungeon were great! Because those retained the basics of the franchise even though they do something completely different and unrelated, game and storywise. But this game disregards any relation to the core stuff right from the beginning :S

    I cannot be the only one who thinks fair fights between stuff like Jigglypuff, Mewtwo and Whirlipede are silly.

    1. Where do you see “Fair fights”? All I’ve seen so far are previews of a battle system that has yet to be fully explained.

        1. I’m sorry, I still don’t understand. As far as what I’ve gathered, each of the warriors look like they grow as your character grows with what’s on the box being possibly the bosses.
          But if we’re going to make assumptions about competency of gameplay as correlation to box-art, then B2W2 is an atrocity.
          We don’t know how battles are handled, how they’re calculated or other aspects of the fights other than what we can assume about tactical RPGs.
          Personally I think Pokemon battles are a no-brainer in a tactical RPG scene. Gym Battles would be fantastic!

  4. Hideyoshi’s Reshiram Event is for our b/w import rpg game or is it for the new ambition game?

  5. Sorry its not what I was aiming at.

    Let me rephrase that. The choices of what kind of pokes have more important roles are imbalanced. I don’t actually mean this in a competitive way.

    It’s like, starters and legends, I get that..
    but the next thing you see, out of the hundreds of pokemon, Jigglypuff?

    1. Remember the early videos of B/W? We were lucky if we saw any footage past Pinwheel forest or the desert. Certainly nothing of Route 9/10 leading up through victory road were seen that much.
      I’m sure, that because we’re seeing evolution is included, that there will be some sort of level system and pokemon recruitment system to allow us to choose and change up our team as the game progresses, just like any other pokemon game so far.

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