Pokemon + Nobunga’s Ambition CoroCoro Leaks [UPD6]

CoroCoro has officially leaked from multiple sources! Here’s the lay down on Pokemon + Nobunga’s Ambition, coming out in Japan on March 17th!

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  • -The ‘Link’ ability allows you to befriend Pokémon from your own Province.
  •  Generals are like trainers, whilst General Leaders rule over provinces like Gym Leaders.
  • – There are many Generals which you can recruit.
  • -Once you defeat the General Leaders of each of the 17 castles (One for each type?), You will have succeeded in uniting the country.
  • -New way to battle, but the same 17 types with their weaknesses and resistances remain
  • -Each General has their own special ability (such as restoring a Pokémon’s HP etc)
  • -You can battle friends over WiFi and wireless
  • -The game features 6vs6 battles. Each General uses one Pokemon, but there can be several Generals in each area
  • -You make new friends with Pokemon and General Leaders by increasing your strength in the game
Character Bios:
  • Mitsuhide & Articuno
    What is he staring at with those cold eyes? He is a General of many mysteries.
  • Motochika & Dewott
    The General Leader of the Izumi (spring) Province who fights against the times with his hot soul.
  • Motonari & Servine
    The General leader of the Aoba (Green leaf) province. He dislikes disputes.
  • Nobunaga & Zekrom
    A fearsome General leader who is called the demon king of Ranse.
  • Kenshin & Mewtwo
    The strongest and most renowned in Ranse. What is the secret to his strength!?
  • Hideyoshi and Monferno
    The general leader of the Kaen (Blazing) province who is burning to unite Ranse.
  • Shingen and Groudon
    A red garmented master of resourcefulness. Rival to Kenshin?

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Just added some corrections and new translations. Enjoy!