Pokemon + Nobunga’s Ambition CoroCoro Leaks [UPD6]

CoroCoro has officially leaked from multiple sources! Here’s the lay down on Pokemon + Nobunga’s Ambition, coming out in Japan on March 17th!

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  • -The ‘Link’ ability allows you to befriend Pokémon from your own Province.
  •  Generals are like trainers, whilst General Leaders rule over provinces like Gym Leaders.
  • – There are many Generals which you can recruit.
  • -Once you defeat the General Leaders of each of the 17 castles (One for each type?), You will have succeeded in uniting the country.
  • -New way to battle, but the same 17 types with their weaknesses and resistances remain
  • -Each General has their own special ability (such as restoring a Pokémon’s HP etc)
  • -You can battle friends over WiFi and wireless
  • -The game features 6vs6 battles. Each General uses one Pokemon, but there can be several Generals in each area
  • -You make new friends with Pokemon and General Leaders by increasing your strength in the game
Character Bios:
  • Mitsuhide & Articuno
    What is he staring at with those cold eyes? He is a General of many mysteries.
  • Motochika & Dewott
    The General Leader of the Izumi (spring) Province who fights against the times with his hot soul.
  • Motonari & Servine
    The General leader of the Aoba (Green leaf) province. He dislikes disputes.
  • Nobunaga & Zekrom
    A fearsome General leader who is called the demon king of Ranse.
  • Kenshin & Mewtwo
    The strongest and most renowned in Ranse. What is the secret to his strength!?
  • Hideyoshi and Monferno
    The general leader of the Kaen (Blazing) province who is burning to unite Ranse.
  • Shingen and Groudon
    A red garmented master of resourcefulness. Rival to Kenshin?

Check back frequently for updates!

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EDIT: Phantom translator Kriffix here. Yes I’m still alive!
Just added some corrections and new translations. Enjoy!

  1. I’m disappointed in the design of the character who uses my favorite water Starter line…

    Oh well, the game looks amazing.

    1. lol We were all translating the same thing, so, you know, it should generally all be the same info. :p

  2. Quick reminder to everyone: Dae asks giveaway is delayed due to the massive storm of Nobunaga news.
    We’ll continue it when the news gets slower (end of the month/beginning next month)

  3. hmm… I have played the Samurai Warriors games (made by Koei) and I wonder if all of the charcters will be in it or only the main characters who act as the head of the clans…?

  4. Not taking this game really serious.
    I hope gamefreak is doing something amazing instead, far away from whoever made this.

    I mean.. this is supposed to be feudal japan right?… one of the characters has a Mewtwo.. the single poke that was specifically designed to look like it came out of a lab. This is bad, even for a spin-off.

    1. I’m a bit of a Japanese history nerd so personally I’m really looking forward to it. I could be Bias though heh.

      I’m sure gamefreak is working on something else big though as we speak. Late Feb/early March is a promising time for Grey news.

      1. Yep, something is gonna blow soon. There is NO way they wouldn’t promote the game with Kyurem on the box alongside his movie. Especially when that’s exactly what they did with Giratina lol.

        Not to mention they’re kind of running out of time for another DS game when its not even announced yet.

        1. CoroCoro usually only focuses on one Pokémon game at once. So once this spin off is done and out of the way, many signs point toward the next reveal being grey (such as the movie, as you have said).
          By running out of time for a DS game do you mean that you think the 3rd instalment will not be on the 3DS?
          Thats’ interesting. What makes you think this?

          1. Ah! Sorry, I don’t mean to intrude, but I’d be happy to explain why the next main series game has to be on the DS rather than the 3DS. The hypothetical 3rd installment in the Unova region, which I guess would be called Grey Version, has to be compatible with Black and White. The only way to do this is to release the game on the DS; if Grey were a 3DS game, you couldn’t trade with Black and White or battle with Black and White, you’d only be able to transfer Pokemon from Black or White into Grey, which is, for obvious reasons, very undesirable. It’s important to understand that, while the 3DS is Nintendo’s biggest new system and they want to show it off as much as they can, they’re also trying to extend the life of the DS as much as they can, as well, in hopes of earning as much money from it as possible before the 3DS becomes the undisputed norm. As such, they’ve relegated the Pokemon franchise to a longer stay on the DS family of systems. That’s my theory, anyway. The whole “connectivity” thing is sort of important in games like these, where being able to communicate holds such high priority.

          2. The odd thing would be to expect a 3DS release.

            By all means it will be on the DS.
            Not to forget it will get them more sales.

          3. @Similarity
            3DS uses 802.11 for Wireless Communication just like DS. If they want, they can downgrade the strength of the signal to be compatible with DS.
            And their main aim is improving sales of and supporting the 3DS. They already let loose of the DS. The sales of the DS crashed hard, and 3DS is selling like hotcakes (especially in Japan).
            More good games for 3DS -> More interest in hardware -> More hardware sales -> Other titles on 3DS sell better.
            So, Gray would indirectly increase sales of their other titles, earning them more in the long-term, instead of selling millions in the short term. I don’t expect many people to pick up a DS titles 2014.

    2. When it comes to video games, gameplay counts.
      Punching things to turn them into smaller blocks that can be picked up? Being shot by bullets and only need to wait back a wall to recover? Who cares?
      I’m not going to nitpick about an awesome appearing in a time it shouldn’t be there. Metagross smarter than a supercomputer? The boxes still have a small amount of memory…

  5. Why the Dae’s thread is gone? It was a very hard question, so that was the reason for not receiving comments. People were thinking, i guess.

    1. Well, we decided to delay it to a less busier period.
      It’ll reappear when Nobunga news calms down and when the gratitude giveaway is done. I’ll explain a lil bit more in the next dae asks (tomorrow/Saturday)

  6. I don’t understand one thing:

    “The game features 6vs6 battles. Each General uses one Pokemon, but there can be several Generals in each area”

    A battle against a General with, for example, Kecleon, will be our 6 pokémon against… 6 Kecleon?

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