In the newest issue of Famitsu, it was announced that the Japanese Dream World will get another expansion! The expansion is called ‘Old Mansion’, and comes with many new features. Inluding: a new exclusive mini-game called Candle Blow Out (details unknown), a new furniture set, some new items and berries that were previously unobtainable, and rare Dream World Pokemon such as Spiritomb and Chimecho. The expansion is set to go live on September 28th.

peace – ozymandis

P.S. Wouldn’t mind an Dream World expansion in the US. :p

    1. We generally always get the same stuff that Japan does, just wayyyyyyy later.

      And if you’re from the US, believe me, people in Japan wish they got half the stuff we have. Take it from a person who has lived in Asia for years it SUCKS to not be in the US when it comes to almost everything else that’s not Japan related. We get the games *first* (depending on the game…), we get all the TV shows first, we get all the movies first. It just so happens that we never really get Pokemon things first. So errr be happy, because you don’t know how lucky you are where you can just turn on the TV/record the newest episode of 30Rock or Glee or something whereas people everywhere else have to wait several days and find a streaming or download link.

      If you’re from Europe, then er….congrats, you get Doctoer Who and Coronation Street before the rest of the world. ><

      1. If you look at events from past generations, Japan got a lot more. And if you look at this gen’s event, the Kanto starters for the Dream World have been out in Japan for over a year…

        We get stuff later, and at a slower pace, so in the end, we do miss out a lot of stuff.

        The problem is that there’s no reason why it should take so long. Seriously, Japan made all the work for the c-gear skins and Dream World area, all what is left is to translate a few sentences… Same goes for event pokémon, they are extremely easy to make available on the Global Link, there’s no reason Japan could get the Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh starters, as well as Croagunk/Mamoswine/Arceus/Porygon and not us, and that’s not counting the pokémon distributed via wi-fi 🙁

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  2. “Old Mansion” and “Candle Blow Out”… hmm…
    Sounds like my dear ST Chandelure is around the corner! 😀

  3. Hmmm, looks a lot like the Haunted Zone’s mansion from Pokepark 1. 😛

    And dang, sure wish I could crack the code to the Halloween Banette. 🙁

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