Shiny Hydreigon and Golurk Wi-Fi Details

Details for the upcoming Wi-Fi event have been revealed on the Japanese official Pokemon Series homepage!


  • Hydreigon Lv.70 (Shiny) Levitate
  • OT:カリータ
  • Cherish Ball
  • Hyper Voice/DragonBreath/Flamethrower/Focus Blast


  • Golurk Lv.70 (Shiny) Iron Fist
  • OT:ジャンタ
  • Cherish Ball
  • Shadow Punch/Hyper Beam/Gyro Ball/Hammer Arm


I think that both of them look amazing, it’s a bummer Hydreigon doesn’t have Dark Pulse 🙁

  1. first beezysss btw where is the preview for the next poke episode?! archeops one

    1. @Joe Everybody If you want a shiny Hydregeon with the same movesets and level in the US version (since these will most likely have that ribbon that prevents trade on GTS), you have to have Black version, and spend a LOT of time (like hours) in Victory Road to find a Shiny Deino (it only appears on the first and third floors), level grind a LOT in the Nimbassa Sports Domes/Pokemon League, have TM35 (Flamethrower) and TM52 (Focus Blast) on hand, and a few Heart Scales to use at the Move Relearner in Mistralton City (since Deino does not have Dragonbreath when you encounter it in Victory Road, where it is level 38-40, and Deino has it at level 17), good luck!

      On the other hand, if you want to have shiny Golurk, play White version, spend hours on the first floor of Dragonspiral Tower finding a shiny Golett, level grind a LOT, have TM15 (Hyper Beam) and TM74 (Gyro Ball) on hand, and a few Heart Scales (Because Golett is at level 30-33 in Dragonspiral Tower, and does not have Shadow Punch because it learned it back at level 13), this one will be harder to find because the event Golurk has the Iron Fist Ability, and unlike Hydregeon, which only has one ability (Levitate), Golett has two Abilities, Iron Fist and Klutz, and you need the Iron Fist Ability.

      To make things even more fun, you have to name your character Carlita in Black Version, and Janta in White Version (Bulbapedia has the translations for the moonspeak listed above in the details), although that’s completely optional, so you don’t have to start a new game at all (well, unless you WANT to).

      Unfortunatly, you have to catch the two Pokemon in regular Pokeballs (as in Ultra Balls, Quick Balls etc.), since the event Pokemon have the Cherish Ball, which is only used for event Pokemon.

      Have FUN!!!

  2. if you breed a abrok (male with dark pulse) with a female Dweino. you have a Dweino with dark pulse.

    Gif the TM darkpulse in the 4GEN games to arbok.

  3. If Hydreigon had Dark Pusle combined with its’ STAB and high Sp.a, Hydreigon would be waaaaayyyyyy more powerful then Golurk so a Dark Pulse Hydreigon would mean that Golurk has to get some insanely strong Fighting/Ghost attack to level it out… 🙁

  4. Hydreigon is a pseudo – legendary so its a lot more stronger than Golurk,since I have Pokemon White,I will have Golurk, i’ll just go EV train it and bring the best of it out. Well more interesting is its shiny FTW.

  5. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalaaalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Someone give me a shiny hydreigon plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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