It was Serebii, in the Internet, with Item names

Not to be melodramatic or anything, but SPP has posted a full list of English names for B/W items.  True, it may not be the most interesting thing in the world… but it certainly is worth a look over by fans hardcore enough to care.  Here are some highlights:

  • Sweet Heart – Chocolate heart that restores pokemon’s HP by 20
  • Eviolite – The “prevo stone”
  • Air Balloon – Because it isn’t for keeping your pokemon afloat in water
  • Cell Battery – Take it out of your Droid and toss it over to your pokemon I guess
  • Lid Fossil & Plume Fossil – Could’ve sounded more scientific IMO

Don’t really have any more sarcastic remarks to make I guess :s

<3 pokejungle

    1. I guess it just popped into my head. Kind of satirical title referencing pokemon information leaks.

  1. The fossil names are good. They fit in well with the names of the other fossils, basically just describing what they are. Hahaha

    1. Still trying to figure out which fossil to take. Both look great, but not really on my planned team either…..

    1. no i think they didnt have it because they had to use action replay on the game to get it. and its not out in english yet to use action replay on it.

  2. Hi I have a question and wanted to post it out there and see if anyone else was getting the same problem as me. I tried to load a celebi from gamestop on both my HeartGold and Diamond but the screen told me that the mistery gift thind was maxed or something like that. Now I know you can’t load the same pokemon with the mistery gift more than just once, I loaded all three Legendary Beasts in both my HeartGold and Diamond I don’t know if that’s an issue. Anyone know something? Please Help?!

    1. You say that you downloaded all three Crown Beasts on HG and Diamond, correct?

      Check your menu screen to see if you have 3 Wonder Cards. Since you downloaded all three Crown Beasts with no problem, both your Diamond and HeartGold games should have 3 Wonder Cards on it right now. If you do, you cannot obtain more pokemon in those games via Mystery Gift. With each Mystery Gift you obtain, the game will add on a Wonder Card. You don’t download the pokemon at GameStop; you download the Wonder Card that allows you to consult the man in the PokeMart for the Mystery Gift. After obtaining the Pokemon at the mart, your game will still retain the Wonder Cards from the event but you cannot obtain more pokemon from it in the same game.

      Go to the Mystery Gift menu, delete all 3 Wonder Cards, and go back to GameStop to download the Celebi’s Wonder Card before the event ends.

      Even if you choose not to, you can still transfer over one of the Crown Beasts from either one of your games over to Black and White. It does not matter which one; all three beasts will activate the Zoroark event in the Lostlorn Forest. Catch the Zoroark and breed it with something else to get Zorua. I suggest doing this; Zorua has a lot of good egg moves.

      The Celebi event in HGSS really is not major. If you don’t care about having a battle with an underleveled Giovanni and seeing a completely butchered up dialogue scene between the rival and Giovanni (the international games never reveal that the rival is Giovanni’s son),

      Of course, I would still get the Celebi anyway because it is one of the rarest, most exclusive pokemon ever, but you don’t necessarily need it to obtain Zorua/Zoroark nor is the event associated with it in HGSS really worth much.

    1. I didn’t know anything about Wonder cards that come with the beast. I just loeaded them and put them in my pokemon inbox and that’s all I did. Where can I delete those things. And will I be able to then upload Celebi?

      Thanks for your help.

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