Hosting is PAID!

Just two days after asking for help paying PJN’s hosting bill the community has successfully raised the $134!  Thank you to ALL of you.  Whether you donated money or simply gave us support through comments and messages it meant a ton.  The staff, and I especially, are extremely grateful for the generous support we have been shown.  This thank you post is the least I can do to share my appreciation.  I try to do the best I can by updating with news and encouraging active discussion here and it is very gratifying to see that so many people care about the continued existence of the site.  Since relaunching PJN I’ve always maintained that it’s all of us that give this site a unique quality, not just the way that the staff and I try to present news and keep you updated.  These people donated to the site and deserve recognition for that (I tried to match names with usernames in comments, but otherwise I used first name):

  • Kholdstare89
  • Sponge
  • Marko
  • James
  • Christopher
  • (Go visit! Never thought a fellow site would donate :D)
  • Lisa
  • Patrick
  • Ricardo
  • Camden
  • processr

Once again: THANK YOU EVERYONE! I run this site because I love all of you :3

<3 pokejungle

ps- If you donated and don’t see your name please leave a comment.  It was tricky trying to match up some of the names.  Also I realize that if you used a parent’s account then I need your commenter name.  Just leave a msg on this post and I’ll fix it ^^