PJN in JPN: ガチャガチャ

My boyfriend and I were out and they had the little capsule vending machines [ガチャガチャ – GachaGacha] at Tsutaya (DVD Rental) so when I saw Pokemon Black and White ones I had to give it a shot :3  Sadly I ended up with a crazy-eyed Minezumi and his older brother Miruhog.  Was really hoping for Munna/Musharna 🙁  Just thought it was cute so I wanted to post it <3  McDonalds (which I also went to yesterday) has Pokemon toys at the moment as well, but I won’t be getting any of those :p

<3 pokejungle

ps- Just short post to update because of no news :3  Ozy has randomly selected the winners for our Xtravaganza so expect those to be announced soon!