Official Pokemon Site Update (UPD2)

The new information we got in CoroCoro has now been added to the official Japanese website for Black/White.  If you wanna see some clear screenshots head on over to the site. Very little new information, but some confirmation on a few things:

  • Moguryuu’s abilities BOTH activate when sandstorm is active ‘Sand Scatter’ raising speed and ‘Sand Power’ raising the base attack for ground, rock, steel type moves.
  • Kurumiru’s ‘Bug Resistance’ attack hits two opponents and lowers Sp Def.
  • It appears that ‘C-Gear’ has a feature that allows for you to participate in polls similar to the channel available on the Wii

They have also added a new video feature Global Link information which has not been previously seen.  Here’s a quick summary:

  • Items you get in the dream world can be transferred over, the video showed a number of berries and Fresh Water being obtainable.
  • The Dream World also features short maps that you can traverse by clicking arrows (forwards/backwards/right/left) and encounter items/pokemon.
  • Your berry garden needs to be watered and I can’t help but be reminded of FarmVille.
  • Interior of your house can be decorated.
  • You can add your friends and visit their houses over the internet and your pokemon can “hang out”.
  • ‘Global Battle Union’ is the name of the site portion which houses Rankings.  They are updated continuously as you battle people and will show the results of your battle.
  • GBU battle video shows off Desukan and Doryuuzu again in a single battle against each other.  Been waiting to see their animations :3
  • You can also add your friends to communicate with them through mail and access ‘Fun Menu’ which seems to have various stats or information about your friends on it.

UPD2: A small amount of official information has come out from the Pokemon Daisuki Club.

  • Video was put up showing Vaporeon with ‘Hydration’ ability (cures status ailments during Rain) in which Munna put it to sleep with Hypnosis and it woke back up.  The animation for vaporeon slowed while it had the sleep condition! Cool 8D
  • Glaceon’s ability is ‘Ice Body’ (heals 1/16 of your pokemon’s max HP while it is hailing)
  • PGL is where you will download new C-Gear skins and Pokemon Musical songs
  • You can create your own profile.  Things displayed include playtime on B/W, badges earned, time spend in Dream World, and Friend List
  • You can gradually expand the area you have for planting berries
  • The house appearance is customizable as well as your yard… not just the furniture inside.

<3 pokejungle