CoroCoro Leaks (UPD1)

Ok, finally we get them. (My computer just locked up, restarted, then got a BSOD so sorry about the slowness here)  Looks like the rumors that appeared on 2ch (and the ones which Serebii subsequently posted) turned out to be true:

  • Mamambou – “Nursing Pokemon” Type: Water | Abilities: Hydration or Healing Heart [Plz note: it’s not ‘Greedy Heart’]
  • Kurumiru – “Sewing Pokemon” Type: Bug/Grass | Abilities: Swarm or Chlorophyll | New Attack: “Bug Resistance” – Attack hits two pokemon
  • Moguryuu – “Mole Pokemon” Type: Ground | Abilities: Sand Artillery or Sand Power [New ability “Sand Artillery” will raise attack power during a sandstorm]
  • ——Since those were correct, the following information is also assumed to be correct——-
  • Miruhoggu – “Lookout Pokemon” Type: Normal | Abilities: Keen Eye or Illuminate
  • Swanna – “Swan Pokemon” Type: Water/Flying | Abilities: Keen Eye or Pidgeon Heart
  • Shikijika – “Seasonal Pokemon” Type: Normal/Grass | Abilities: Chlorophyll or Herbivore

UPD1: If you guys are wondering why I haven’t updated anything it is because my power went out =[  So now that its back *on* I can finish what I was writing.   Like the details on the other pokemon, here is some more information that is assumed to be correct.  Some of which I originally posted with my first ‘CoroCoro Leaks’ post, but later deleted because it wasn’t confirmed.

  • Dento is the 1st Gym Leader of Sanyou City.  Aloe is the 2nd.
  • Battle Subway works similarly to the Battle Tower where there are 7 consecutive battles and at the end you can earn BP.
  • Rotation battles are exactly how they looked in the trailer.  You can switch your pokemon from side to side OR attack.
  • Miracle Shooter is that ‘Shooter’ option seen during a battle screenshot.  You accumulate points each turn and can use them later in battle to do something.

Full scans might come out tonight, sorry about the lateness.  Right now I’m working on verifying the translated information.  Serebii and PokeBeach both use the same translator apparently so sometimes they will both print small mistakes.  Just double checking everything.

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’m tired