CoroCoro Leaks (UPD1)

Ok, finally we get them. (My computer just locked up, restarted, then got a BSOD so sorry about the slowness here)  Looks like the rumors that appeared on 2ch (and the ones which Serebii subsequently posted) turned out to be true:

  • Mamambou – “Nursing Pokemon” Type: Water | Abilities: Hydration or Healing Heart [Plz note: it’s not ‘Greedy Heart’]
  • Kurumiru – “Sewing Pokemon” Type: Bug/Grass | Abilities: Swarm or Chlorophyll | New Attack: “Bug Resistance” – Attack hits two pokemon
  • Moguryuu – “Mole Pokemon” Type: Ground | Abilities: Sand Artillery or Sand Power [New ability “Sand Artillery” will raise attack power during a sandstorm]
  • ——Since those were correct, the following information is also assumed to be correct——-
  • Miruhoggu – “Lookout Pokemon” Type: Normal | Abilities: Keen Eye or Illuminate
  • Swanna – “Swan Pokemon” Type: Water/Flying | Abilities: Keen Eye or Pidgeon Heart
  • Shikijika – “Seasonal Pokemon” Type: Normal/Grass | Abilities: Chlorophyll or Herbivore

UPD1: If you guys are wondering why I haven’t updated anything it is because my power went out =[  So now that its back *on* I can finish what I was writing.   Like the details on the other pokemon, here is some more information that is assumed to be correct.  Some of which I originally posted with my first ‘CoroCoro Leaks’ post, but later deleted because it wasn’t confirmed.

  • Dento is the 1st Gym Leader of Sanyou City.  Aloe is the 2nd.
  • Battle Subway works similarly to the Battle Tower where there are 7 consecutive battles and at the end you can earn BP.
  • Rotation battles are exactly how they looked in the trailer.  You can switch your pokemon from side to side OR attack.
  • Miracle Shooter is that ‘Shooter’ option seen during a battle screenshot.  You accumulate points each turn and can use them later in battle to do something.

Full scans might come out tonight, sorry about the lateness.  Right now I’m working on verifying the translated information.  Serebii and PokeBeach both use the same translator apparently so sometimes they will both print small mistakes.  Just double checking everything.

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’m tired

      1. That’s what the Master Document sounded like to me. A consolidation of most of the information revealed so far. Though don’t forget, that quite a few of these Pokemon present in the scans, while known to the internet fandom due to leaks, are new to those who read only Corocoro.

  1. fake fake those are fake. i dont believe in anything now, thanks to yesterdays fiasco lol

    1. The Mamanbou artwork is the same as the silhouette revealed in Pokémon Sunday, so this is surely real.

    1. I think the boxarts are the same but when you “rotate” it or something you can see the tails illuminated.

      I SAID THIS FIRST (lol)

    1. Don’t forget that neither Mantyke, nor Electivire were confirmed to be related to Mantine and Electabuzz until much much later, after their reveals. So Mamanbou could still be an evolution.

          1. Until AFTER the national dex. No reason for it not to be like D & P and have evos of old pokemon after the storyline.

        1. Yeah Weavile, Porygon-Z, Electrivire, Magmortar, Froslass, Gallade, Lickiliky, and Mamoswine (might be more cant remember) didnt appear till you got the national dex

  2. I think they’re “holographic” as you see on certain DVD slip covers and such. It just looks different if you look at it from different angles.

  3. “The protagonists leave from their hometown Kanoko Town and meet Team Plasma in Karakusa Town.
    Dento is the first Gym Leader – you fight him in Sanyo City.”

    So Brock 2.0?

    1. Wait, where’s everything else? On serebii, there’s some new pokemon, isn’t it real?

      1. I don’t quite understand what you’re asking. The scans are real, and there is information regarding the beginning of the game, and the first couple of Gym Leaders. Confirming Dento, AND Aloe are both first and second Leaders respectively.

          1. Basurao? If that’s the Pokemon you’re referring to, the information is here in one of PJ’s earlier posts. I don’t see any other Pokemon that haven’t been mentioned here. It’s just odd that you replied to my post when it’s not related. That’s why I’m confused.

          2. Ya sorry bout that, i originally didnt mean to click reply, didnt realize it till after 8D

    2. ok im guessing the third town u visit is Karakusa Town because thats where you meet Team Plasma and that town is right next to the ruins where theres pics of Team Plasma there. Then the city just west of Karakusa is Sanyo City. You know the city thats on the other side of Sky Arrow Bridge. Im pretty sure thats Sanyo because i think i can see the Pokemon Hotel there, which is where Dento resides. I think Dento uses ground type and has a Mogoryu on his team. I think Aloe is the leader of Hiun City and uses grass type and has a Kirumiru on her team. That would make sense because i believe her gym is the honeycomb one, and since she would have a pokemon thats part bug on her team that could sorta make sense. Well thats just my predictions. Tell me what you think.

  4. I personally think that, this is just the beginning. It is just a review of all the pokemon that were previously revealed, yes (including Mooguryu, Mamanbou, Caterpillar, Swan, Shikijika, Miruhoggu, Gigaisu) probably just a review introducing those 7 pokemon in the parenthysis above. Now I personally think that there will be at least 3-5 more pages with a whole bunch of new pokemon. It’s the master list and they said, “and a whole load of NEW pokemon”. Okay, well 7 isn’t a load, and they already released the others, this is what I think.

  5. Just a heads up, Swana’s name is actually spelt ‘Swanna’ with two ‘n’. The Japanese katakana for its name reads ‘Su-wa-n-na’. Serebii and Pokebeach mistranslated it too. Just thought i’d let you know ^_^

  6. I’m very exciting about the appearance of Mamanbou I like the type , the ability and the classification but the appearance I kinda don’t like it.


    (Sori about my wrong grammar I’m a FiLiPiNO) PEACE

  7. This can’t be all of the scans? Really? Granted it revealed a couple leaked Pokemon, but I was hoping for more info than this. This is pretty disappointing.

      1. Yeah, but there probably won’t be any more new Pokemon, or they would have shown them on that one page where they put all of them.

          1. Then why did the leaker take a picture of the page tat had all the old pokemon and not the one with all the new ones?

            Face it, we got gypped. There’s no more new Pokemon in CoroCoro.

  8. Hey, did anyone else but me notice that the pokemon fighting moguryuu (the mole) seems to be a possible new pokemon? it looks similar to a pokabu but it doesnt match up!!

    I think it might be a Pokabu evolution, cause of the color patteren/match.
    Or even possibly a new fossil pokemon, maybe a triceratops, cause of its shape.

  9. Nice!!! I stayed up most off the night waiting for these..hopefully by the time I get out of chruch we’ll have more!! =D

  10. doubt it. i think WPM over at pokebeach confirmed that that 1 scan was all. no new ones revealed in the whole magazine

  11. I just want desukan! They did all the other pokemon except for desukan and moguryuu’s evolution.

      1. I have come to conclusion that the 4 remaining Oha Suta’s aren’t going to get revealed until the games come out otherewise they would have talked about them by now. Probably because they’re “late” game Pokemon and most of the pokemon that’ve been opfficially revealed look like “early” to “mid” game ones.

  12. Hhmmm Interesting how there’s no mention of luvdiv in mamambous portion of the scans……. Coro coro always mentions evolutions…

      1. well they said no new old pokemon until u got the national dex so maybe its not related to luvdisc. i bet it is though

    1. sadly i think so. it was called the master document but it had less info then previous corocoro’s. pj was right we shouldnt have gotten our hopes up

  13. so thats it…..thats the grand master document huh? what a waste of time the only new things we got were new abilities and pokemon classifications. we already knew about those guys.we did learn dento was a gym leader though and we learned the name of the starting town. still not that exciting. i was hoping it would reveal who team plasma was and where the pokemon league was located but ive been let down

          1. This picture:


            You can see here they are showcasing all the Pokemon they’ve revealed in CoroCoro. We know the ones from this issue are included because we can see Shikijika, Swana, etc in there. And if there were another page that had more Pokemon on it, they’d have to be new. Why would the leaker choose to take a photo of the old Pokemon page instead of the new one?

        1. Just because that picture shows all of the pokemon revealed from CoroCoro doesn’t mean the Master Document will not revealed anymore new pokemon.

          1. IF it had revealed more Pokemon, why would they not be on that page with all the others? And even if there were more new Pokemon not on that page, why did the leaker take pictures of old stuff instead of new Pokemon?

            I’d say at this point it’s looking EXTREMELY unlikely that there are any more new Pokemon in this month’s CoroCoro/Master Document.

    1. Yeah I hope either Desukan or Denchura will be revealed tonight where the full scans of CoroCoro leaks will be shown probably.

      1. No, there is a very good chance there aren’t any more Pokemon in this CoroCoro besides:


        That’s it 🙁

        1. Well its called the “Master Document”, so it’ll probably show much more pokemon by tonight, right you guys?

        2. But Gigaiasu shouldn’t be in CoroCoro because more information about it( Type, Ability, Height and Weight) is already revealed at the Demo Bus tour along with Emonga.

          1. It dosen’t matter; CoroCoro would still show it off. Plus, you can see the sticker for Gigaiasu

        3. he’s actually kinda right, all of these pokemon were not suppossed to be revealed officially until corocoro but we had the leaks of many other things.
          so technically we kinof allready had all these new pokemon in our heads. :/

  14. I just noticed a white spike-like thing below Moguryuu’s foot, It might be the hair from Mijumaru’s evolution or probably Miruhoggu’s tail fur tip.

      1. Lol I don’t think you can base something like “it’s Mijumaru’s evo” on just one little white triangle. It’s proabably just Miruhoggu’s tail, if anything at all.

        1. Yeah, it’s probably Miruhoggu’s tail, but will see what it is probably tonight.

          1. Basurao is in the demo bus, not CoroCoro.

            It’s just a little speck of white, people. it might not even be a Pokemon at all.

  15. Information:
    – Basurao (バス ラオ), shown in B & W Demo It is used by Cher and knows the attacks Aqua Jet, Uproar and Headbutt.
    – A new attack called Thunder (ぼう ふう) affects the accuracy of the user depending on the weather.

  16. That something that you do with miracle shooter is use an item which you normally cant do in a battle with a friend over wireless/ wi-fi.

  17. ohh blahhh! my smexcy ♥ waiter is the first Gym Leader i would have preferred him to be a sort of pokemon Musical rival ohh wells

    i still love you Dento♥ ♪

  18. Just checked online that Kanoko means “fawn”, while Sanyo means “three oceans” specifically the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. Cool.

  19. Wait a second, im confused. How does You First work? Because say if youre in a one on one battle and your minezumi uses you first well now Minezumi has gone first. And if pokabu uses nirto charge on minezumi and minezumi then uses you first it was pointless. is it only good in double battles? someone please explain.

    1. I think there is a set rule w/in the game, that categorizes attacks as high priority and low priority (determining which attacks go first), I don’t know how the speed of the pokemon calculates into all this though.

    1. I guess it’s not absolute 100% confirmed this is it, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. The chance there’s anything else is very, very, slim.

      -We got a page showing all the 5th Gen Pokemon CoroCoro had shown. Mamanbou and company were there, but no other new Pokemon. Any other new Pokemon would have been on this page.
      -If that “New Pokemon compilation” thing continued onto another page, or if there were any more new Pokemon in it, why did the leaker take photos of the old stuff and not the new Pokemon?

          1. No, we don’t know that for sure, but it’s very unlikely they are, for the reasons I’ve already stated.

        1. I’m with you Boarbeque, the Ona Suta’s haven’t shown yet, I really want to see Desukan and Denchura’s front sprites, artwork, and types. Also I want see Doryuzuu and Ononokusu revealed as well.

    2. I think we need to be paitient about the new pokemon thing, because I think they’ll have more new pokemon in a different page.

      1. As I just said, if there were new pokemon on another page, why did the leaker take photos of the old stuff instead of them?

          1. I’m with Hejiru on this.
            As for that preview in the bottom left: it’s just the pokemon that are compiled above. If you use something to zoom in you can make out Wargle, Shimama, Hihidaruma and co. So I honestly doubt there’s any new ones to come from this months mag. Except maybe Miruhoggu’s art and info (still not new though) which isn’t leaked yet, but is visible on the compilation one.
            Last month’s Corocoro had 18 pages (9 double if you like) devoted to it. I can’t understand the lack this month. :/

          2. Well there might be more pages, but they’ll probably focus on game features and not actual new Pokemon.

          3. Yeah I saw it too, I really hope it have either Desukan, Denchura, Ononokusu, or Doryuzuu.

      1. Im sorry but I zoomed in and cant see any familiar looking pokemon at all except for Zekrom. They all look new.

  20. Wait. I thought mamambou had a gem on it’s head? That’s what it looked like in the back sprite… Or am I just crazy?

    1. A gem? I don’t one see on the scan of its art or in the oha suta video… Are you sure that wasn’t just from the fake scan from a while ago?

  21. Well remember this, Corocoro may have showed us nothing but dead hopes but the official Japanese Pokemon Website gets updated with new Pokemon from Corocoro on the actual release date, (11th August), so we’ll probably see clearer art of Swana and Miruhoggu etc. then and maybe over the next month the website will update to show us some more Pokemon. THIS MAY NOT HAPPEN, BUT I AM SUGGESTING IT COULD HAPPEN!

  22. I’m a bit confused about Moguryu’s abilities. The one you call Sand Artillery I assume is the one Pokebeach and Serebii call Sand Throw, right? Well is it Sand Power of Sand Throw/Artillery that raises power in a sandstorm? You, Serebii, and Pokebeach all have conflicting reports…

    1. *steps in*
      Kriffix here, PokeJungle translator. (thats gonna take some getting used to saying!)

      Pokebeach and Serebii use the same translator, hence what they have is the same.
      First off, the ability to raise power of attacks is by the first ability (Sunakaki/Sand artillery).
      This can also be translated as “Sand firearms” or basically anything to do with having ammo lol, its very flexible.
      When I first looked at Moguryuu’s “sunakaki” my initial interpretation was “Sand scratch”. With this single name alone its impossible to have a single translation , even for a Japanese person, because the “Kaki” part of the word could be a number of things. (Since theres no Kanji we can’t tell that way either).
      HOWEVER! *and heres the clever part*
      I strained my eyes until they almost bled reading the tiny text containing the effects of “Sunakaki’ and this was to power-up attacks and in general create advantage in sandstorm. Hence narrowing down the possibilities to just one; “Sand artillery/firearms etc” (we went with “artillery” here on PokeJungle!)

      I don’t have a clue how Serebii and Pokebeach’s translator came out with “Sand throw”. At first Serebii made an easy mistake in calling it “sand scratch” but now seems to have changed it and taken on a whole different word. I genuinely have no idea how they came to that one. But being big sites they know that no one will question them, so I doubt they’re worrying too much.

      I wouldn’t worry about it too much though. The English version name of this ability will most likely be something entirely different, its effects its what worth noting here!

      Hope that helped.

    2. Ok I think I’ve figured out why they came to that conclusion.

      When an animal knocks away/kicks aside sand this too can be called “Sunakaki”.
      Like a kind of burrowing motion that launches it.

      Theres no solid proof of it being any one of these over the other though. Time will tell.
      The ambiguity and its multiple possible interpretations is no doubt part of the cleverness of the ability name.

  23. Didn’t Masuda say that that the games need to feel fresh and new, like the first gen? We don’t need all the pokemon and information at one time. wait till the games come out.

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