NOA Rumor 3 + tidbits (FALSE)

This is rumor territory and should NOT under ANY circumstances be counted as fact until it is PROVEN. Please enjoy it for what it is.  Below are some more tidbits that the “NOA contact” has sent me, but remember that NOTHING has been proven about what he has said thus far.  Here goes:

  • Mijumaru has a fairly stoic disposition, it’s not frowning because it’s sad.
  • Munna is NOT related to drowzee and has a powerful evolution ala Magikarp/Feebas
  • Giaru (Gear) has a “special relationship” to another pokemon that could be controversial.  Not sure exactly what this means, but we have had Shellder/Slowbro… Remoraid/Mantine sort of stuff.
  • Chiramii, Hihidaruma, and Shimama do NOT evolve
  • Mamepato’s “Pidgeon Breast” ability is rather reflective of it’s “defensive” nature and goes along somewhat with its evolutions which are replace normal with another type.  It has 2 more evolutions like most starting bird pokemon.
  • Meguroko’s name is actually derived from the “me” (eye in Japanese) and it becomes apparent in its evolution which features a very Egyptian-ish design for the eye.
  • Moguryu has two evolutions, so there is one in the middle before it evolves into Doryuuzu (the drill mole pokemon we saw earlier)
  • Dunchura (the tarantula) is a second stage evolution
  • Serufiru does NOT evolve… directly.  It could be a form changing pokemon ala Rotom
  • Gizajemu is not related to Nosepass and he Sugimori art actually has yellow gems instead of Red, so there could be a color-changing aspect in its lore, if not in the game itself
  • Goshikkuro is an evolved pokemon with opposite typing
  • Koromori because less like the “new zubat” people have been describing it as when it evolves (I think this was just the catchall term people have been using because it’s the new bat-like pokemon, possibly something you’ll encounter early on.  So this could mean that it is stronger than Zubat line or less bat-like)

Alright!  That is it for that!  Buuuuut a Japanese blog has also written up an interesting new rumor!

  • The video chat for up to 4 players using DSi or DSi XL systems (which was mentioned in a rumor previously) will be called Live Caster (or Live Cast) and will be accessible mid-way through the adventure from the C-Gear.

That’d be cool 8D

<3 pokejungle

  1. Interesting stuff, thanks!
    But it’s disappointing that Shimama supposedly won’t evolve. & another but.. I thought Mamepato’s new ability was called “Pigeon Heart”..?

  2. Could you clarify the information on Koromori? I’m having trouble understanding what it means. Thanks.

  3. Sounds very interesting, nothing here that’s too out there either. Although Shimama not having an evo would be quite surprising but not impossible… just seems like something that would evolve.

    Gizajemu sounds interesting now…..maybe when the gems change colour it’s typing changes too? Or perhaps the colour of it’s gems changes with the weather? If this is true then it’ll make Gizajemu better than I thought it was (which wasn’t great in the first place)

    I’ve decided I’m going to call the unnamed pokemon Serufiru, Gizajema and Goshikkuro for now anyway because I’m sick of calling them things like Green Jelly and Black Dress now. :/

  4. I certainly dont like that Shimama and hihidaruma wont evolve… i know that this is a rumor, but the simple thought of it, gives me goosebumps… I really want them to evolve… wont it be awesome?

  5. FAILURE. I hate these rumors. LOL j/k
    But if my electric zebra doesn’t evolve I will be VERY upset. Sooo…I want this set of rumors to be FALSE. XD Though some of them do sound awesome. But my electric zebra better evolve.

  6. All of this is Bull Shit!
    Why the hell is this guy from NOA giving away information without even proving it!
    I belive you are making all these damn rumors up!
    Have you even tried asking the guy for proof that he works with NOA?
    because if you haven’t, then anyone might aswell say they work there, register, and pm you some more shit.
    Tell me why this guy as anymore credit than me saying I work with NOA and giving you some rumors without even proving I work there, will you post my rumors on the main site?
    Rumors are nice and all but you should not make them up!!! Go look for some more rumors in 2ch or something.

  7. Didnt the NOA say that Koromori’s name was Kouromi or something? Doesn’t that prove that these rumors are more false than true now?

  8. According to the RUMOR Munna does evolve.

    Shane: No, that wasn’t this guy.

    Wolly: Yes, technically it’s extremely hard to discern who anyone is on the internet. The only thing that gives these rumors some sort of credibility is the Japanese mastery which you would have to have to create the names. Since I speak at a conversational level I can appreciate that these Japanese names that he has provide do make sense and even 2ch has picked up some of them. So for a native English speaker to create such a farce would be very difficult. That said, it is FAR from impossible, so that is why this is to be considered a RUMOR RUMOR RUMOR RUMOR RUMOR until we get anything proving otherwise.

  9. Wolly, you’re exactly the reason why he wasn’t going to share these rumors in the first place. If you actually cared enough to read his entire post you would know that.

  10. I think this is the best batch of rumors yet! 8D Thank you so much for posting them! <3

  11. Wolly, you seem a little butthurt. Don’t get so worked up over some rumors, just wait until next week when the new issue of CoroCoro is leaked. Then we can know if these rumors are true or not.

  12. Munna being like Gyarados is cool.
    Wonder what Gear has in store.
    Hihidaruma doesn’t evolve? Dang it!!
    Mamepato is another Starly hmm.
    So Meguroku and Desukan are egyptian based.
    It’s cool Moguryu is 3 staged.
    Dunchura is a second stage??
    Serufiru is like Rotom, INTERESTING!!
    Gizajiemu with color changing crystals hmm.
    Goshikkuro is evolved?? So is the pre emo??
    Koromori will not be like Zubat later on? Hmm.

  13. The tarantula is final evo of a 2 stage line according to the rumor.

    And frankly I think Hihidaruma will have good base stats even if he doesn’t evolve and I can’t wait to use him <3

  14. I think these rumors are interesting, but I didn’t need someone to say that Mijumaru was sad or that Gizajiemu (or whatever it’s called) wasn’t related to Nosepass.

    I enjoy those rumors nonetheless and I hope actual stuff comes out soon.

  15. Pokejungle, make sure you don’t listen to people like Wolly too much.

    There is no way to be sure whether these rumours are true or false. However as you say the japanese names when translated to english do sound like things that would describe the pokemon (such as Goshikkuro being a mixture of Gothic and Black)

    and as long as there is even a shread of a chance that these rumours are true then they should be known about.

  16. I, for one, appreciate the rumor posting. Even if it turns out false or to be some conspiracy formulated by yourself, it’s interesting to me to hear other people’s ideas. And if it turns out true, well, lucky you for meeting the guy and getting new information way before many people even believe you.

    The Meguroko thing seems like sort of a stretch, though. The design has nothing to do with eyes as it is, and it wouldn’t be named as such even if its evolution does. After all, Tsutarja didn’t have anything to do with electricity in its name despite the rumor stating its evolutions would be called Tsutawire and Tsutatesla.

    This set of rumors, overall, seem pretty disappointing after the last ones. A lot of depressing things, like Hihidharma, Chiraamii, and Shimama being said not to evolve, and Mamepato turning out to be of a defensive nature. I just hope its secondary typing later neutralizes its Rock weakness at least. I also really hoped Pigeon Heart (personally, I feel this is the intended translation– after all, the marking on its chest resembles a heart, but it’s not unlikely that’s just coincidental) didn’t just negate Defense decreases, since that’s awful situational.

    Munna evolving is no surprise, but I don’t think it’s really supposed to be like Magikarp -> Gyarados, who has a reason for it, or Feebas -> Milotic, who are just parallels of Magikarp and Gyarados, but rather it’s just a diminutive Pokemon evolving into something surprisingly strong.

    Gizagem having different color schemes sounds interesting. Not really much to say.

    And this is just really nitpicky, but “Gear” is probably not the most correct romanization for Giaru– something like “Gearu”, which is how I refer to it personally, seems more correct. Gearlu is probably even more correct, but that sounds dumb.

  17. Goshikkuro is an evolved pokemon with opposite typing…

    Alternative evolution of Smoochum being Ice/Dark? I´m remembering than in the video where it appeared, it was hit by a Fire attack. And it was Super-Effective.

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