NOA Rumor 3 + tidbits (FALSE)

This is rumor territory and should NOT under ANY circumstances be counted as fact until it is PROVEN. Please enjoy it for what it is.  Below are some more tidbits that the “NOA contact” has sent me, but remember that NOTHING has been proven about what he has said thus far.  Here goes:

  • Mijumaru has a fairly stoic disposition, it’s not frowning because it’s sad.
  • Munna is NOT related to drowzee and has a powerful evolution ala Magikarp/Feebas
  • Giaru (Gear) has a “special relationship” to another pokemon that could be controversial.  Not sure exactly what this means, but we have had Shellder/Slowbro… Remoraid/Mantine sort of stuff.
  • Chiramii, Hihidaruma, and Shimama do NOT evolve
  • Mamepato’s “Pidgeon Breast” ability is rather reflective of it’s “defensive” nature and goes along somewhat with its evolutions which are replace normal with another type.  It has 2 more evolutions like most starting bird pokemon.
  • Meguroko’s name is actually derived from the “me” (eye in Japanese) and it becomes apparent in its evolution which features a very Egyptian-ish design for the eye.
  • Moguryu has two evolutions, so there is one in the middle before it evolves into Doryuuzu (the drill mole pokemon we saw earlier)
  • Dunchura (the tarantula) is a second stage evolution
  • Serufiru does NOT evolve… directly.  It could be a form changing pokemon ala Rotom
  • Gizajemu is not related to Nosepass and he Sugimori art actually has yellow gems instead of Red, so there could be a color-changing aspect in its lore, if not in the game itself
  • Goshikkuro is an evolved pokemon with opposite typing
  • Koromori because less like the “new zubat” people have been describing it as when it evolves (I think this was just the catchall term people have been using because it’s the new bat-like pokemon, possibly something you’ll encounter early on.  So this could mean that it is stronger than Zubat line or less bat-like)

Alright!  That is it for that!  Buuuuut a Japanese blog has also written up an interesting new rumor!

  • The video chat for up to 4 players using DSi or DSi XL systems (which was mentioned in a rumor previously) will be called Live Caster (or Live Cast) and will be accessible mid-way through the adventure from the C-Gear.

That’d be cool 8D

<3 pokejungle