So this turned out to be real huh?

I had actually not posted this because I thought it was fanart lmfao.  Guess not.  If Serebii thinks its real… probably is.  I pointed out the new pokemon.  All the names are too blurry to read besides Koromori, which incidentally bears a striking resemblance to koffing if it grew wings.  “mori” can mean “forest” so I am certainly curious as to whether or not it may be part grass :3

*sigh* More news that comes while I’m asleep.  Sad.  I’m going to sleep.  BTW- I do like that little pokemon next to the new anime girl, and the grass starter evolution s’alright.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Notice how they show Mijumaru, Tsutaja, Pokabu … then the Miju and Tsuta evos… and then UMBREON?!  Could it be that Pokabu actually evolves into Umbreon?  I’m guessing YES.