Rumors on 2ch…

Since we’re waiting for CoroCoro to leak, why not look at the current rumors?!  Below are 100% unconfirmed and probably baseless rumors:

* Several posts on 2ch have said that Araragi ( アララギ ) is the new professors name. In Japanese that is a type of Lily… female professor!?

* Reshiram is rumored to be an Ice/Dragon type.

* Zekrom is rumored to be an Electric/Dragon type.

* Reshiram and Zekrom can change types during battle?

* The three legendary silhouettes will be revealed… One looks like “cotton” (lol wtf?), one looks like a dog, and one is standing on two legs.

* Looks like an upside-down version of Honshu (the main area of Japan, map here if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

* The main character’s father (your in-game dad) is supposedly an archeologist.

* May stray from the traditional 8 badges…

* Might expand upon some good/evil either with Pokemon or for storyline

* Zoroa can be obtained in Hiun City by looking through garbage cans and you must chase after it to start a battle. It will be male, lv15

* Some new pokemon are going to be revealed… A kappa-like one (mouse-ish as well?), a praying mantis, a bird with tufty-wings, and an orange colored dog pokemon.

This stuff is just conjecture, but might as well get some discussion spurred on as long as we’re waiting for hard evidence!