1000 Pokémon and the Thieves (とうぞくと1000びきのポケモン)  has been shown in CoroCoro. It will be a free download for Nintendo 3DS owners and is a tie-in to the upcoming Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction movie. It will be released on June 5 in Japan. The StreetPass feature will allow you to gather more Pokémon which you can use to battle the thieves. The download will be available for only a limited time.

The game’s art style seems to feature Pokémon sprites which look like paper cut-outs. We’ll get clearer shots when it is officially revealed on May 15th.

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  • simkenno

    Did I hear free ? My cheapness is kickin in. I’ll have a bit of that 😛

  • Reece

    This game confirmed
    Welp it’s free and Pokemon (two of my fave words) so I hope it comes to the UK…only downside is that I don’t really get many Streetpass hits cause people in my area are lame and have lives

  • TheAverageJoe

    Here’s my coverage of it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDBLmAYrfQc

  • Shiny-Omega-Noivern

    Free??? Getting it.

  • Ah yes, what better way of introducing little children to ancient cultural Zerg Rush tactics, than with their favourite G-rated characters. Blizzard acquisition of Game Freak confirmed.

  • MissMilotic

    Did somebody say FREE?

  • UberMawile

    I guess this Coro Coro wasn’t so useless afterall. Sounds great!

  • Timo

    Why did the good info come out so late… 🙁

  • MenacingCascoon

    Eh i don’t want it