The Global Link has been updated with yet some more furniture! Well, in this case, dolls. These dolls are all based off important Pokemon in the anime, such as Togepi, Axew, Pansage and Meowth! Here’s a full list of all the new dolls and their prices:

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Charmander Doll – 50 Leppa Berries
  • Jigglypuff Doll – 50 Watmel Berries
  • Meowth Doll – 50 Watmel Berries
  • Togepi Doll – 50 Durin Berries
  • Wobbuffet Doll – 50 Belue Berries
  • Croagunk Doll – 50 Belue Berries
  • Pansage Doll – 50 Watmel Berries
  • Scraggy Doll – 50 Belue Berries
  • Emolga Doll – 50 Durin Berries
  • Axew Doll – 50 Leppa Berries
None of these dolls have an “expiration” date, but be sure to save up those berries and buy them ASAP! I’ll be saving up for a Pansage one myself. :3

P.S. I was going to remind you to vote in the Pokemon Power Bracket for today, but the website has mysteriously pulled the page…. Weird. :s

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