After an immediate one week hiatus (oops), we’re back with another P2 Cast!  This time Ozy’s hosting and talks about his experience sitting down with a high ranking Nintendo employee 🙂  Also covered: Mr. Bojingles’ new series, Nobunaga, etc.

We’re going to start a new thing where I give Ozy a Pokemon to critique on this weeks, and he’ll give me one to critique on mine.  Stay tuned for next week with ME!

<3 pokejungle

  • Ozy sucks at this. PJ is so much better.

  • Mark

    Nice vid 😀

  • This is gonna be random…, but is that a Pikachu I spy on your shirt? :9

    • Yer, it is. What’s sad is that I didn’t purposely wear it. 😡

  • Dylan Lowden

    Nice vid. Oh, and I like your shirt!

  • Aww. Ozy looks soo much different! XD. We were the same age. IM UR NUMBER ONE FAN OZY!!! XDDDDD

  • EWETjokal

    what does this have to do with pokemon?

    Pokemon is not just has nothing to do with the subject site

    ozzy is a “BichoOOOOOOOna”

    • I’ll tell him he’s a bitchona all the time, he knows it 😉

  • bojingle

    ozy’s a cutie <3

  • Ampharos2551

    Well that was the last p2cast