US Gamers can now vote which Pokemon from the first four generations they’d like to see as a download from the Global Link!  This includes #001 (Bulbasaur) through #493 (Arceus) so there are a LOT of possibilities in there.  Each person gets one vote, so choose wisely 🙂 The pokemon that ends up being offered for download will come with its dream world ability if it has one.  VOTE HERE

As you can see in the picture above, I chose Shaymin.  Mainly because it’s adorable 😀  Share your vote and reason in the comment section!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Japanese Black and White owners can download a new Deerling C-Gear skin as well!  So check that out if it applies to you!

  • I voted for Manaphy because it’s one of the six event legendaries I don’t have but I can get two from it because it breeds Phione! And it’s terribly cute.

  • Reece

    voted for Arcues so that if I need to trade a Pokemon that I don’t want, there is Arcues (I transferred my Event Arcues from HG-the one with Judgement, Shadow Force, Spacial Rend and Roar Of Time)

  • I chose Deoxys because the last time it was available was about 2007. And it’s the only one i don’t have.

  • I voted for Dunsparce <3 Not because its DW Ability is any good, but I'd love for some international recognition 😉

    Also, a tip: Vote, clear browser cookies, vote again, repeat! 😀

  • Airederu

    I chose Heracross, because… well it’s a beast. My fav pokemon.

  • ame

    I voted Ditto.

    I’ve wanted Imposter Ditto since the day I realized what Imposter does. Besides, it’s UNRELEASED. If it doesn’t win, it will likely never see the light of day for a long, long, long, long, long, long time, if ever.

  • I chose Arceus due to its rarity…
    then again, the same can be said about the other legends which are event only…

  • I chose Torchic, because the US probably won’t get a DW Torchic otherwise at this point… and it’s one of my favorite starters! :<

  • Not

    I am jumping on that imposter ditto campaign.
    I will do something for the awesome dreamworld ability over a arceus any day. But I also want the starters for their dream world ability.

  • I voted Tropius. Because of N.

  • I voted for Rayquaza because the Koreans voted for it, but I didn’t know you could only vote only once when I did vote. If I could vote again, I would choose Arceus because I missed out on it in the 4th Generation games.

  • I voted for Rayquaza because the Koreans voted for it, but I didn’t know you could only vote only once when I did vote. If I could vote again, I would choose Dragonite because I love its DW ability, and I really hate training Dratinis. I just hate training them.

  • I voted for Ditto, as I would love to see its DW ability released. Many of the pokemon I’d consider to be favourites have bad DW abilities (Metagross) or are out already (Crawdaunt). Or Both (Milotic).

  • Rikuo88

    i chose torchic …funny thing about torchic is that i havent ever trained one because i was too much of a wuss to fight my friends for it (we all picked a different starter) ive always wanted one but settled for mudkip whose really cool too but speed boost Blaziken? i mean thats a no brainer
    i mean other than the fact that if it does win it will be soo effing overused in online play….uhh maybe i shuda picked sharpedo 🙁

  • Janter22

    I went with Bulbasaur. It’s my favorite Kanto starter and its DW ability gives it potential as an offensive sweeper when it evolves.

  • Aaron

    I voted for infernape. Sableye would be a second choice.

  • cwas

    vote for a ditto!!!!!! with his DW ability maybe you could breed for Dw abilitys with other pokes!

    • Orianth

      Hidden abilities only work for same species pairings.

  • Airederu

    Voted for Heracross two more times… CHEATIN’

  • 50 votes for Latias. 50 more and I’ll be done for today. 100 more tomorrow and so on ^^
    I really want a Latias….

    • Rikuo88

      no stop cheating!

    • Ivyon

      Really? You feel the need to go that nuts for a pokemon with no DW ability that isn’t even an event legendary? PLUS you can get pretty easily from a copy of HG or via trading I’m sure

      • ;=;

        • Ivyon


          • Ahahaha. I get comment updates in my email so I didn’t know you were replying to someone. I thought you were talking to me with my choice of Shaymin. :p

          • Ivyon

            Ah. No way. I’d love a shaymin~

  • I picked Shroomish because Technician Breloom would kick so much ass

    • ame

      No guarantee for Bullet Seed though… D:

      • Considering the past 2 Pokemon have been Genderless

  • I voted Zapdos, which looking back was probably a mistake.

  • Rikuo88

    OMG the Lati’s are so damn cheap stop cheating to get a cheap pokemon be original please
    sorry i have lost to those pokemon too many times its so frustrating to see the same pokemon with the same moves getting a win off of me, who actually puts some real thought and care into the pokemon that i use

  • Reuniclus

    I voted Metagross. 🙂

  • Ivyon

    I voted for Ditto. Looking back I should have voted for Raikou though. Volt Absorb would be so much fun on it. Ah well.

  • Missingno. Master

    I voted for Ditto. Waaaaaay more than once. And so should you! All of you!


    Vote for shaymin/deoxys!
    They are awesome, plus, you can change their forms to let them be stronger!

  • Amazing_Person

    Go for Meloetta! XD