12/15 Anime Preview (Kami Trio Special!)

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhg99Qq9w-w Also, if you want the Winter Deerling C-Gear Skin, the password is B8XME69W!  <3 pokejungle Featured Thread: The Food Club by Zalck

Autumn Deerling C-Gear

Pokemon.com has updated with the Autumn Deerling C-Gear password!  If you’re into cute little deers decorating your game, you can go to the Global Link website and input the code AD3H7SN2 to download. Have fun 🙂 <3 pokejungle ps- I plan to work on the layout some more today so please give me your thoughts and … Read more

Vote to Befriend!

US Gamers can now vote which Pokemon from the first four generations they’d like to see as a download from the Global Link!  This includes #001 (Bulbasaur) through #493 (Arceus) so there are a LOT of possibilities in there.  Each person gets one vote, so choose wisely 🙂 The pokemon that ends up being offered … Read more