Hey everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood Daigo here again and I’m gonna update you all on some newly announced English names for Pokemon Black/White.

  • Shikijikia is now Deerling.
  • Miruhoggu is now Watchog.
  • Basurao is now Basculin.
  • The abilities Healing Heart, Victory Star, and Herbivore are now called Healer, Victory Star, and Sap Sipper.
  • The attacks Gale and Acrobat are now called Hurricane and Acrobatics.

Discuss what you think in the comments!

Until next time,

  • TalKeaton

    What’s the source on this? It does seem to match the leaked list from a few weeks ago. Did this set come through official channels?

    • Gerudo_Prince

      I believe it’s IGN

    • ayeathatguy

      But it matches it exactly. Thus confirming the leaked list was accurate. Or someone is really good guesser.

  • Daigo

    I got the information directly from an IGN article.


  • Gerudo_Prince

    hehe, sap sipper 🙂

  • Adelaide

    sap sipper? catchy.

  • Belmad

    OMG, i knew that shikijika will be called DEERLING!

  • Porygandrew

    SAP SIPPER!? WTF’s wrong with “Herbivore”??

    Crap like that is why I hate this generation.

    and guess I’ll have to rename my fan-made attack since Hurricane is now used. Maybe I’ll call it “Gale” ;p

    • nikohesus

      You hate this generation because of the names? Are you kidding me? It’s not like this hasn’t been done before. This is ridiculous.
      Herbivore sounds a bit boring to kids who might not even know what a herbivore is, sap sipper is catchy, cute, and sounds like a Pokemon ability.

      • Porygandrew

        Naw. This generation as a whole, and not just the translation development team, in my opinion, is pretty bad. I understand what they were trying to do, and I give them E for effort in trying something new, but it just goes to show why the Pokemon formula is what it is.

        “Sap Sipper” made me immediately think of Heracross. Guess who doesn’t get the ability? Bug types! 8D

        • Imoru Imiti

          Thats so ironic and silly. Not your comment but the fact that Herbavore changed to Sap sipper. However it does make sense, because sap is a fluid that curculates through out plants and also carries plant cells.

          “Plant blood” Sounds like vegetarian vampirism. * punch line drum snare.

        • Daedardus

          Oh, no, there we go again. A sequel doesn’t change enough and it’s called bad. When it introduces something new, that’s also bad because it isn’t like the game before it.
          If you want to play the old style, play the older game. Don’t keep bashing the others.
          I think this discussion comes up over 9000 times a day.

  • Darkcalibur1

    Sap Sipper? lmao thats great
    I’m Glad its called Hurricane, instead of Gale
    And Acrobatics just feels better with the 3 extra letters
    the names are pretty good

  • Number

    On one hand, Sap Sipper is not an accurate translation and didn’t really need a witty rewording like Big Pecks needed.

    On the other, the mental image of Baffuron sipping sap is too great to pass up on. It’s kind of Ren & Stimpy-esque in a weird way.

    • Imoru Imiti

      Laugh at thought* I concur.

    • M

      wait a second…you’re saying Pigeon Heart needed a “witty” rewording…like….Big Pecks….?…..

      • Number

        Yes. It has to do with the Japanese name, really.
        はとむね, Pigeon Chest (not Pigeon Heart) is a term referring to someone with a broad chest like a pigeon, so giving the ability to a bird Pokemon was a fun little gag.
        But just translating it as Pigeon Chest would make it lose its double meaning, so that the reworded name retains this gag is impressive, if not clever.

        • M

          Pigeon chested means the same thing in English :\ I love silly puns but this one just doesn’t sound right to me.

  • Imoru Imiti

    I think the names are catchy.

  • PD

    Also these names proves the list was real. Some sites, like Serebii and Bulbapedia, just won’t accept that it was real ;b

    • Sponge

      I think it’s more a case that they’re uptight about anything not 100% confirmed, even if it’s painfully obviously the real deal.

      They believe it all right…

  • sam

    Deerling- Too generic.

    Swanna- Same as in Japanese.

    Basculin- “Bass” + “Masculine.” I thought Basslao have an equal gender ratio? Female Basculin must be called something else now.

    Healer- I don’t care either way. Both this and Healing Heart reflect a type of ability. Granted this ability name is more generic, but this is the way we roll with abilities and moves.

    Victory Star- Same as in Japanese, which is always a good thing.

    Sap Sipper- Why am I thinking of Ash’s Heracross? Of course, silly me; these localizations are for the kiddies who won’t know what “herbivorous” means. There is definitely “sap” in moves like Energy Ball and Solarbeam. I can tell the localization struggled coming up with a “kiddy” name for this ability. To tell the truth, I didn’t know what the word “intimidate” meant until I started playing Pokemon Ruby. Nintendo of America, let a kid learn a new word from your video gaming.

    Hurricane- Windstorm/Gale… One of those translations that really did not make a difference whatsoever. The localization was consistent with the move’s 100% accuracy during a rainstorm.

    Acrobatics- Another one of those names that really does not make too much of a difference whatsoever.

    Watchog- “Watch” + “Groundhog,” or “Watch” (translation of “Miru” which is “to observe”) + “Groundhog.” Almost perfect translation from the original name. I begin to wonder why we have stupid puns or generic names like “Deerling?”

    • Daedardus

      That’s a thing I don’t understand. The games up the target demographics with a year of two in comparison to the older ones but they give them names that every seven year old can understand.
      The respellings are seriously retarded, it’s like the translation team had no inspiration.

      • EmpoleMew

        Pokemon still is a kid’s game after all, so they have to come up with things kids can understand. Though it makes me wonder what they’ll translate “Purgatory” as.

      • nikohesus

        Does it seriously matter? Honestly, try looking at the entire list. I highly doubt a seven year old can understand the etymology of some of these things.