BW2 Gym Leaders Untamed: Virbank City!

Heya everyone! Mr.Bojingles is back for another weekly article of BW2 Gyms: UNTAMED! I hope everyone is having a great summer break. For those of you in school, enjoy your summer off! For those of us who work. . .well, I hope you manage to find the time to take a vacation. Korean private schools … Read more

Homika 1 Hour Special Airing

Was debating if this needed a post, but I guess I’ll err on the side of putting it up 🙂 Right now the 1 hour special is airing; “Rocking the Virbank Gym (Part 1 & 2)”. There may be some clips of Black 2 and White 2 at the end, so we’ll see. This post … Read more