Starters Untamed: Sinnoh!

Hey all my apologies for being super duper inactive with both the articles and the forums. I’m still here in Germany and will be until May 7th. I’m student teaching at an elementary school and now that I’m five weeks in, I’ve completely taken over all of the planning. Let me tell you, while teaching … Read more

Starters Untamed: Hoenn

Hey Pokejunglers! Mr. Bojingles here. My sincerest apologies for not updating sooner – its finals time and of course my instructors are all swamping us with last minute assignments while prepping for exams. I guess it wouldn’t be college without all nighters and and test cramming [PJ’s Note: He sent this in early December, so … Read more

Starters Untamed: Johto

Good day PJ readers! I just want to start off saying thank you for such great feedback that was given on my previous article on the Gen I starters. It was more of a success than I initially thought, and I’m very grateful of your insights! And due to some requests I’ll be completing the rest of the starters and go from there. Each Pokémon has their own sets of uses in competitive play, so the amount of talk and debate surrounding this topic is pretty in depth.  Read it all after the break!

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