Receive Liko’s Sprigatito with new Mystery Gift code

Owners of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet can redeem a new Mystery Gift code to receive Liko’s Sprigatito in their games as part of a Pokémon Horizons anime tie-in! Instructions and code provided below. How to get Liko’s Sprigatito Mystery Gift Receiving the Sprigatito can be done in Scarlet and Violet through the following steps: … Read more

Pokémon Horizons anime now available to watch on Netflix

American fans have patiently been waiting for Pokémon Horizons, the new Pokémon animated series featuring Liko and Roy, to be available since its debut in Japan almost a year ago on April 14, 2023. Luckily, their time has finally come as Horizons can now be watched on Netflix (affiliate link)! The first twelve episodes are … Read more

Pokémon Horizons coming to Netflix in February

The new Pokémon anime, Pokémon Horizons, will be released to American audiences in English through Netflix and will be available from February 23. You can watch the trailer below. The series follows the adventures of Liko and Roy on their adventures. A new adventure is beginning within the wide world of Pokémon! Arriving at Indigo … Read more

New trailers released for upcoming Western anime series

Following a Pokémon panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, new public trailers have been released for Ash’s farewell in Pokémon Journeys and the English release of Pokémon Horizons. Ash and Pikachu finish their televised adventures Part four of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys, subtitled To Be A Pokémon Master, will cover the end of Ash and Pikachu’s … Read more

Some new details and images shared about mysterious new Pokémon

The new Pokémon that appeared in the animated series Pokémon Horizons last week in Japan has been revealed in official artwork along with a few details. Artwork and details for the new Pokémon It has been confirmed that players will get to meet and uncover the mystery surrounding this new Pokémon in the Pokémon Scarlet … Read more

New Pokémon Horizons anime gets additional English details

The upcoming Pokémon anime, now officially known as Pokémon Horizons, has had new details released about its English debut. The protagonists Dual protagonists Liko, whose partner Pokémon is Sprigatito, and Roy will encounter many characters during their journey, including a group led by Friede and Captain Pikachu called the Rising Volt Tacklers. The Rising Volt … Read more