Mamoswine US Download!

Anyone want this beast?  It can be yours now for the low, low price of FREE!  Just go to the Pokemon Global Link and enter the password POKEMONDOTCOM 🙂 Pretty good deal, eh?  It comes at level 34 with the ability Thick Fat which halves the damage from Fire and Ice type attacks. As far as … Read more

European Mamoswine Download!

Please read the following as an infomercial product pitch: WHO wouldn’t want to download a FREE MAMOSWINE?! LOOK AT THIS GUY! Huge-ass tusks? CHECK! Big brushy moustache? CHECK!  Blue-effing-eyeshadow? CHECK, CHECK, AND DOUBLE CHECK! Now IS the time to DOWNLOAD this LIMITED EDITION pokemon at NO COST.  What?  No cost?  YES, NO COST! ABSO-LUTELY FREE! … Read more