Lechonk and Oinkologne | Origin of Species

In this recurring series, I’ll analyze the origins of Pokémon designs and their allusions to Mediterranean culture from Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. Lechonk Lechonk was one of the first new Pokemon revealed for the Paldea region. Its name is a combination of “Lechon”, the Spanish word for a cooked piglet, and “Chonk”, a slang … Read more

New Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer: Everything that was revealed

The new Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer is almost here and will be added to our post below when it is live! We’ll also be adding the information revealed in a text format as well. New Scarlet & Violet details Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will have different Pokémon Professors; Scarlet will feature Prof. Sada and … Read more