4/12 Anime Preview(JP): The Axew Rescue! The Durant Den!!

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJpBlO7tyg4 w00t! Looks like Swadloon might finally evolve!  Go Leavanny! Plus… Durant is a pretty sick looking Pokémon, so I’m thinking this episode will be awesome.  Definitely going to watch it this week! 🙂 (Frankly I’m glad the Don battles are over…) <3 pokejungle ps- I LOVE LEAVANNY

Unova Gyms UNTAMED: Castelia City

Hey there, everyone! I apologies for the lack of updates from yours truly as of late. I recently sold my computer and only just got my laptop. It’s been pretty hectic between that and packing up for my move to South Korea. I leave in two weeks! Craziness, I say!

So, for this next article of Gym Leaders: Untamed, we’re going to be discussing Black and White’s third gym, Burgh. This particular leader uses Bug -type Pokemon. To be quite honest, I’ve always found this particular gym to be quite easy. Bug types were never known to be that strong. Black and White, however, has introduced a slew of new and strong bug types. Regardless, Burgh is not too tough.

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