Pokemon XY Demo in Seoul, Korea

안녕하세요! Annyeonghaseyo!   I had the great pleasure to experience the demo of Pokémon XY here in Seoul, Korea. Nintendo was showcasing it at the COEX mall located in the Gangnam area. I arrived on one of the final days of the showcase, which initially lasted about a month. I arrived that afternoon expecting huge … Read more

Pokémon Town in Seoul, Korea

Hello, everyone! Mr.Bojingles here. It’s been quite some time since I wrote an article! However, after I came across these suckers, I just had to. . . A friend’s school was giving away tickets to 포캣몬타운 (Pokémon Town), and he happened to get his hands on some for us and a friend to go! I tried … Read more

Dream World’s New Area: Rugged Mountains

Posted on the Korean Pokemon site earlier today was a story about a new Dream World area that was previously unannounced! It’s called Rugged Mountains (translated from Korean) and you can see the above picture shows a new mini-game with Sableye and the ability to catch a Larvitar (I love that line!). This could be great … Read more