Community Spotlight: Johto Redrawn

Though the Pokémon news cycle can quickly swing from a state of hibernation to a whipped up frenzy of information, one thing remains consistent in the Pokémon Community: the creative talents who put in hours and hours of work to share their work for all to see. As we were all busy raving over whether … Read more

Starters Untamed: Johto

Good day PJ readers! I just want to start off saying thank you for such great feedback that was given on my previous article on the Gen I starters. It was more of a success than I initially thought, and I’m very grateful of your insights! And due to some requests I’ll be completing the rest of the starters and go from there. Each Pokémon has their own sets of uses in competitive play, so the amount of talk and debate surrounding this topic is pretty in depth.  Read it all after the break!

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