Hoopa debuts in Pokémon UNITE

The latest character to be added to Pokémon UNITE‘s expanding roster is none other than the Mythical Mischief Pokémon, Hoopa! You can check out a preview of its gameplay below. Besides Hoopa, are there any other Mythical Pokémon you’d like to see added to the game? I’d like to see Shaymin added; I feel like … Read more

Last Chance to get Hoopa!

For those in North America who missed the McDonald Event, you have a second chance to add Hoopa to your collection! Simply input the code 2016HOOPA into any XY or ORAS game via the Serial Code option and voilà! But be quick, because this event ends on October 9th! This Level 50 Hoopa, holds a Smoke Ball … Read more

Take a Look at Unbound Hoopa’s Signature Attack

Hoopa’s new Unbound Forme is undoubtedly terrifying and its signature attack Hyperspace Hole is too! What do you think? Any guesses about whether or not Hoopa will be starring in the 2015 Pokémon movie? This footage isn’t exactly new, but why not look at an unreleased Pokémon while we wait for some fresh news? 🙂 <3 … Read more

Hoopa to Get New Forme, Not Mega Evolution

We reported earlier on the new information discovered about Hoopa, the as-of-yet unrevealed Legendary Pokémon, and originally called it a Mega Evolution. Through further work by the team at Project Pokémon it is now known that the new sprite is a Forme for Hoopa. There’s also a YouTube video of them testing this, although the … Read more