Community Spotlight: Johto Redrawn

Though the Pokémon news cycle can quickly swing from a state of hibernation to a whipped up frenzy of information, one thing remains consistent in the Pokémon Community: the creative talents who put in hours and hours of work to share their work for all to see. As we were all busy raving over whether … Read more

Amazing Pokémon Logos Created by Fan

A fan going by Sindorman (check out their deviantArt account!) has created a series of amazing logos based on existing places in the Pokémon world along with some original ‘businesses’. I was too impressed not to share them with you guys 🙂 My favorites are the Cherubi and Musharna ones! What do you think? Any favorites? … Read more

Fanart Gallery: Gen V

FINALLY it’s time for me to present you with some of the AWESOME work of talented PJN viewers!  This first gallery’s topic was anything pertaining to Generation 5.  Got lots of art, so I limited it to 2 pieces by each artist if they submitted more than one. Looking forward to do more of these! … Read more