BW2 Elite 4 Untamed: The Champion!

Good day, everyone! Mr. Bojingles here bringing you another article of the Untamed series! Now, we just finished up the gym leaders. So naturally we’re going to start on the Elite 4, right? Since we only covered the BW Elite 4 a few months ago, we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re going to skip … Read more

BW Elite 4 UNTAMED: Alder

안녕하세요 (an-yang-ha-say-oh, or “hello”)! 저는 저수틴 이에요 (my name is Justin). Impressed by my Korean skills? Thought so 😉 How’s everyone holding up? Are you all playing Black and White 2? I sure am, and let me tell you, it’s amazing! So far I’m through the third gym and my team is all in the … Read more

BW Elite 4 Untamed: Marshal

  Alas! I’m finally updating with the final Elite 4: UNTAMED article! I apologize for the lack of updates over the past week. I had “open classes” at work (the one day a year where the parents come in and watch you teach), so I was staying in late all last week to plan. Not … Read more

BW Elite 4 UNTAMED: Caitlin

  Happy mid-week, everyone! It’s that time again for another fabulous article of BW Elite 4 Untamed, written by yours truly. I hope the past week has been a good one for all. Mine was fair up until this past weekend when I started feeling under the weather. I missed work on Monday to go … Read more

BW Elite 4 UNTAMED: Grimsley!

Hello, Pokejungle followers! I hope everyone is having a great day. I sure am as today is a national Korean holiday, so we have the day off! We don’t get many days off in Korean private schools, so we take all that we can get. I’ll be heading out in a bit to a vegetarian … Read more

BW Elite 4 UNTAMED: Shauntal

Good day, everyone! Mr. Bojinngles here bringing you a brand new follow up article to the recently ended Gym leaders: Untamed! series. What series of articles, you might ask? Well the only logical step is to discuss an overview of the Elite Four! I’ll be providing an overview of Pokemon Black and White’s own Elite … Read more