BW Demo in the wild?

httpv:// That video just recently showed up on YT… a battle during the BW “demo”.  So that means it is out folks.  Nothing new was revealed by this, but what we have now is the hope that more screenshots and better video are to come now that Nintendo is testing these demo games.  :3  As … Read more

Small updates~

The demo that I announced over a week ago has finally gotten firm dates. August 7th – September 12th special buses will be touring Japan offering demos.  Maybe I could put in a special request for one to stop in Minnesota? Also SPP has 3 new screenshots that are not really anything new at all, … Read more

Black/White Demo Coming

The official site has been updated with details about a special event where there will be playable demos for Pokemon Black and White happening mid-August through mid-September (tentatively).  If you remember there were demos available for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl as well, I played one in a local game store before the release.  More details … Read more