Sun & Moon Ultra Beast List

pj-sm-headerUltra Beasts are Pokémon that came from from an alternate dimension called the Ultra Space via Ultra Wormholes.

  • 1122UB-01’s true name is Nihilego and is Rock/Poison-type
  • 1126UB-02 Beauty’s true name is Pheromosa and is Bug/Fighting-type – exclusive too Moon version
  • 1124UB–02 Absorption’s true name is Buzzwole and is Bug/Fighting-type – exclusive to Sun version
  • 1125UB-03 Lighting’s true name is Xurkitree and is an Electric-type
  • 1128UB-04 Blaster’s true name is Celesteela and is Steel/Flying-type (Exclusive to Moon version)
  • 1127UB-04 Blade’s true name is Kartana and is Grass/Steel-type (Exclusive to Sun version)
  • 1123UB-05 Glutton’s true name is Guzzlord and is Dark/Dragon-type
  • 1110Necrozma is Psychic type and does not have an Ultra Beast number or code name. It has an incredibly odd Pokédex entry compared to the other Ultra Beasts that suggests it came to Alola from the Ultra Space back in ancient times and has been residing underground on Earth ever since. Ultimately its considered a regular Legendary Pokémon, not an Ultra Beast