Kalos Gym List & Elite 4

Kalos Pokémon League

Pokémon X & Y, like all previous main series games, feature 8 Pokémon Gyms whose leaders must be defeated in order to earn badges and progress to the Elite 4 and Pokémon League Champion. Winning at a gym will earn the player a badge and TM.

Gym List

viola1) Santalune City

  • Leader: Viola
  • Type: Bug
  • Awards: Bug Badge
  • TM Gift: TM83 Infestation

grant2) Cyllage City

  • Leader: Grant
  • Type:  Rock
  • Awards: Cliff Badge
  • TM Gift: TM 39 Rock Tomb

clemont5) Lumiose City

  • Leader: Clemont
  • Type: Electric
  • Awards: Voltage Badge
  • TM Gift: TM24 Thunderbolt