Pokémon Sword & Shield: How to get the Lucky Egg guide

Since Generation 2, Lucky Egg has been a valuable item to have. It doubles the Exp. Points that could be earned, making training a bit easier. In this guide, we will do a side-quest that shall lead us to our precious Lucky Egg. This quest is only available after defeating Leon in the Champion League, however.

How to begin the Lucky Egg sidequest

Go to Hulbury. That is where you fought the Water-type Gym Leader Nessa to earn the second badge. Do you remember the Seafood Restaurant you dined with Chairman Rose after defeating Nessa? That is called the Captain’s Table. Go inside and talk to the chef in counter to the right.

The chef will request you to deliver food around the city. Upon doing each, you will be rewarded with some treasures that can be sold for good prices.

Delivery #1

The chef does not know exact address of the delivery. At least he left with something to ponder on, a “clickety-clack” sound. It’s kinda mechanical—metallic to be exact. And the only place to hear that sound is up the hill, near the train station.

Directions: From the restaurant, turn left and take the path that leads to Nessa’s Stadium. Instead of threading further, turn left to climb the stairs up the hill and enter the last house. Deliver the food and receive Exp. Candy L. It’s an easy way to give Exp. Points to weaker Pokémon.

Go back to the chef and confirm that the delivery is done. He will reward you with five Nuggets. Talk to him again to initiate the next delivery.

Delivery #2

The only hint given is a cry of a Pokémon. It comes from the Fairy-type Pokémon Slurpuff.

Directions: To get to the house, thread the same path you took earlier. Instead of climbing up, go to the second house before the stairs.

For that, you will be awarded two Big Nuggets. If you need money (for useful items and… you know… fancy clothes), remember that you have some fair reserves of money in your bag, waiting to be sold. Now talk to the chef again to do the third and final delivery.

Delivery #3

For the final quest, the chef will give you the hint that the delivery needs to go to somewhere with a “green roof”. Unfortunately, there are no houses with a green roof in Hulbury.

Directions: Go to the market area just south of the restaurant. That is also the place where you can find useful Incense items.

Now that you have your Lucky Egg. Farming for Exp. Points should be a breeze. Go visit the Wild Area because Pokémon there will be stronger than ever. Raise those Exp. Points with your newly acquired Lucky Egg!